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fighting back (exec)     17 November 2013

In dv cases. on whom does the onus lie to prove

Dear All, 

Just wanted to know, since DV case has been filed on me by my wife

on whom does the onus lie to prove innocence or voilence. i mean should the husband prove his innocence or should the wife prove her accusations.

i have couple of documents on which i can prove my innocence, however i was thinking if she should prove her accusations, and i remain silent

or should i present my evidence in counter to her allegations only, without she presenting any evidence of harrrassment from her side.

so the basic question is: who should remain silent and let the other partner prove it

the husand as the accused

or the  wife as petitioner.

Thanks everybody


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AjayKumarSharma (Anon)     17 November 2013

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Best of luck my bro.

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fighting back (exec)     18 November 2013

so do you suggest, i keep my mouth shut, dont reveal the evidence, and let the complainant prove her complaint? would it be a wise thing to keep the evidence of my innocence hidden, instead of revealing it in court. or just let the accuser bark and bark, and prove her points...thanks


Her accusations she has to prove with the evidence that she has against you.

Your accusations you have to prove with the evidences you have against her.

All these to be done when cross examination starts.

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AjayKumarSharma (Anon)     18 November 2013

What I meant is that there is a right time for showing your proofs to the court. You also need to get your lawyer go through your proofs before the cross examination date and consider his/her approval of if they are valid and when they should be used. Hope your lawyer is upto the mark otherwise you should be.

Proof would be in two categories:

1. Proof of her lying.

2. Proof of you saying truth.

In general, proof of her lying in the DV accusations would be more meatier than proof of you saying the truth (depends on what and how you say it). So going by this, if I were you, I would wait for her to come up with proof of her accusations and then provide my counter proofs either per accusation or at the end of the accusations and her providing the proof.

Go thorugh the process here:

You would be providing your proofs at this stage:


-Evidence–evidence of defendant by way of filing affidavit and exhibiting the documents.

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