Icici loan collection agent harresement

How to protect my family from harressment.

I have a Personal Loan with Icici bank from 2014 , which I have paying my EMI without delay from then on the ECS date that is the 1st of every month.

- I had been laid off from my company last August 2017, and I had updated the same to Icici bank.

- I have been continuously paying my EMI even when I had my parents surgery and I too had to undergo surgery though with some delay in the date of EMI due to lack off funds. I would do some online documentation work and as soon as I get my payment for the same I would make my payments for the Loan.

- Last month I called up the bank asked them the details to pay and paid my EMI on the 7th of May 2018 on my own.

- I joined a new  job on June 1(which I had informed the bank).

- I am  Single Mother living with my very parents who are 80+. I have been getting harassing calls from loan agent from 6th June 2018. The Loan agent was using indecent languages (things like name calling and cat calling me since I am a women).I had continuously tried to make him understand but with no success. Yesterday I called the customer care number of ICICI and informed them of this harassment and also of the delay in payment.

- Today the same  came home when I had gone to office . Though my parents informed him I had gone to office. He started to shout and threaten them. I spoke to him over a call during that time and the same mode of speaking continued. So I asked my family to close the main door and the agent kept on ringing the door bell continuously.

I have never told agent or the bank I am not paying I have only requested time since there is a delay in money coming in.


you can move ahead to lodge a complaint against the agent in his individual at your local police station since he is using langauge and behaviour which does not qualifies as professional. 

if you have installed cctv @ your home, get footage of that person appearing at your place, if you receive calls, make sure to record the calls, make sure to keep any message that you receive from agent or ICICI in this regard. . 

under no circumstances can it be said that the banks have been authorized to conduct their business in such way. 

what has been stated to you by the customer care once you submitted your greivance in this behalf? 

since you are willing to make all the installments, and have been making consistently and in the event of failure to pay, you informed them before hand, nothing gives bank the power to harras their customers. 

I am sure other experts here will pour in to provide more effective advice. 

A legal notice to the bank should help you. 

nonetheless, you should consult a local lawyer who deals with matters pertaining to loans, insurance.  


Dear Sir ,

Thank you for the response.


You have borrowed and lender wants to recover.

You have assured to pay soon and since there were defaults lender wants to recover in one go/as much as and as fast as possible.  The recovery agents become over-zealous to earn.

Despite the judgments involving M/s ICICI Bank and other banks the conduct of agents is not regulated so as to comply with essence of judgments and regulations.  

The Banks act upon complaint.

GO thru the publication at website on M/s ICICI bank on Conduct of recovery agents and regulations by RBI…


Pay whole debt and close the matter.

The lender may agree to reschedule also, as per your communications.

You may try.

Hope you have the irrefutable evidences (audio/visual/minuted/witnessed etc ) of all that has happened and posted by you.

For harassment you have the discretion and option to approach MD, CEO of the lender to stop the misbehavior/harassment/nuisance/abuse/disparaging comments-defamation-intimidation, regulators and code forming agencies; RBI, IBA, BCSBI, state/police, courts of law…

Choice is yours..as suitable and deemed fit to you.


There are many threads on similar matter and you can pick up relevant points;







If you act properly you may succeed.

If you are unable to resolve on your own then you may lean on your own very able LOCAL senior counsel of unshakable repute and integrity specializing in Consumer matters and well versed with latest citations, LOCAL applicable rules/laws and having successful track record…. and worth his/her salt…..

Check at LOCAL DCDRF..


Thank you sir for the advice. I have currently raised  complaint and also recorded all the necessary proofs on the agent. 

I had already started taking mesures to get money for preclosure of loan. Yet there is delay in the same. I am taking all measures to get things in place. It would take me atleast two months to complete it. This I have already informed the bank. 

Now the issue is only this one agent . He is neither revealing his name has no ID card and only visits my home when I have left for office. Therefore its only my parents at home. Since they are not very well versed with smart phones I am having this issue. 

My worry is only their safety.




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