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Husband is asking me to join him now? what to do tell me pls

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Gaurav (consultant)     19 March 2013


Originally posted by : LAW STUDENT

Mr 498a i know when husband is cruel and asking dowry then he is good for nathing, if he is cruel then why RCR, and judge also understand everything.

metter may be anything, now a days husband thinks wife is his personal  property ,he is having all the rights to do any thing with her.  he can use her any time and he can throw her any time. no wife will like to spoil her life and her relation it is husband who always try to use her  and wann throw her out.

wife feeling this irrecovereable loss, and pain. and due to this resulting as 489a.





You jolly LLB :-P

You said : no wife will like to spoil her life and her relation it is husband who always try to use her and wann throw her out.

Ooooh. But why so? men are from mars and women are from venus? Is that your logic? Please clarify which wild thought made you say so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Please share your college name, I would like to visit and for making movie sequel of JOLLY LLB PART 2 :-P


LAW STUDENT (NILL)     20 March 2013



Gaurav (consultant)     20 March 2013

You jolly LLB :-P

satya prakash (Clerk)     21 March 2013

@498aweddinggift I do support him as he put proper points.

@LAW STUDENT I really urge u, kindly dont give suggestions to anyone just like that unless u find someone is really in trouble. Because thinking of someone is abala nari u might be supporting her to torture her husband & hhis family legally.


u r giving baseless arguments she is no where abala nari, she is doctor & gud earner as well. She have enough brain to think on this issue byherself or with help of seniors in her home or with her lawyer.

If she is correct she can decide depends on her previous experiences with her husband, anyhow she kept 498a & if its true let her deny RCR & give Divorce.

But why she came here to lawyers Club the point is she is 100% wrong. Now she dont wants to loose her good husband as well as she wants to make sure this gud guy should not be able to lead his remaining life happily if she deny RCR.

Else the questions asked by her are straight forward for which she have answer. If fire burns at ur home no one seek for help outside on road by shouting instead everyone try to control it as much as possible by themselves.

I hope great ppl who tried to help her to torture her husband more should think on the issue & put their thoughts once again.

Gaurav (consultant)     21 March 2013


    JOLLY_LLB aka

LLB from a galley ka college

LAW STUDENT (NILL)     23 March 2013


@ law student I want to share with you the real practical thing in life. Please understand this and it will help you in reading your clients in future. Lady client : 1. She is really tortured by husband and in laws for dowry or mentally whatever...will like to punish the fellow and will never agree to join him back. She can even choose to part peacefully leaving him to almighty god. 2. Tortured by husband but wants to continue the relationship....will not file criminal cases. May approach CAW or police and may not take the matter to advocates. 3. Nothing happened to her and only in laws and husband not dancing on her tunes...will go astray and pretend that she has been tortured.Files all ugly cases and later on regrets. But by the time its irrepairable. 4.Lady is educated and working and self made....she has some compatibility issues with husband or just wants to be herself. May file false case if husband is not at fault and she is desperate to get out of the relationship. 5. She has extra marital affairs and husband got to know about it...bechara could not get evidence ...then also file false cases to make him shut his mouth and leave her. 6.Last but not the least.... some tiffs and troubles in married life.she loves her husband and has respect for him and towards the relationship. Will not agree to file any case...but she might contest the divorce case to give one last try by way of mediation or counselling... and if she feels the relationship is broken beyond repair...then she will let him go and part ways. Now lets come to the counter parts: 1. Few men do torture wifes, for money or for satisfying their male ego. They comment on girls parents and will put conditions on her working outside, cooking and always listen to his good for nothing sisters and mother and spoil harmoney of their married life. Girl will not bow...she will go to her matrimonial house ...he will file divorce...becoz boost is the secret of their energy...girl will inturn file some false cases...now they will get agitated..run here and there...though they accept the fact deep inside their heart that initially wife was not that bad....they will get offended with 498a and DVC and finally the relationship turns into a garbage. 2. Real man no fault just ...kismat kharab... married and wrong lady will suffer due to her tantrums and bow to 498a and dvc and leave her emptying their pockets. 3. Adulterous husband will file for divorce and inreturn accept gifts of 498a and dvc. 4. Really tortured wife but still not facing any case. wife is hell bent to teach him a lesson...she might not file 498a and dvc but make him wander like a injusred soldier in desert to get divorce.Remote chances of uniting also possible here. First ask your clients what they want? dont introduce them with 498a and DVC and maintenance. Because, as a counsil you must know what your client wants and whether they deserve what they are asking. Here either the author was confused at the time of filing cases.....or she has confused her lawyer. Becoz, seeing the merits of the case her lawyer should have told her before she files the cases...as to where she stands in terms of evidences and what will be the best and worst outcomes of the cases. If she is a genuine victim, then she should have filed her criminal cases first.... lets take the worst case here...she is genuinely tortured...but wants to give a chance..then should forget about filing 498a and dvc cases after filing RCR. Now that she filed RCR....and suppose decree is in her favor..her husband would not have won the divorce case if any filed by him. And may be after some rounds of counselling they both would have patched up and things would not have turned soo ugly between them. Can she forgive herself now? she will have the guilt in her for the rest of her life...if she has some emotions left in her. Even if husband was at fault .... marriage is not about teaching lessons and making lifes miserable. Either you live or part. Dont prolong the fights. Just yesterday i got to know through my lawyer that 2 out of 3 girls who filed 498a and DVC cases against their husband few months back...now they are regretting and crying and pleading him to get their husband's back. Now they want sindoor it seems.....pehle bole torture kiya ye kiya wo kiya...mujhe mera sona hona paise hona ...punishment dena etc etc...in few months tables have turned around. Now my counsil said ..... that these girls dont have common sense and lack clarity. How can i repair the damage of 498a and dvc now? Soo please....be it anyone wife/ husband please think twice ....court cases are not like some cruise.
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Reformist !!! (Other)     27 March 2013

Well said Charu.

She is just introducing every girl to file 498a/DVC.....She is really very Jolly, very funny....

Without knowing the case facts, she just wanted everyone to go for Brahmastra(498a) in 1st go and then she does not know that other client is having KAVAJ and Brahmastra will go back to her own client without harming the other one.


Rahul Mendiratta (na)     27 March 2013

Dear law student,

Dont you read between the lines and try to make out what she has meant to do since she got separated from her husband.

Hi all

Please help me to take a good desicion.

there was lots of differences with me and my husband, 

and we got seperated 4 years back, as all the mediaitions filed with elders, 

She admits that there were differences and they both decided to get separated. Fine.....

 then after one year of seperation i had filed Restitution of Congugial rights askeing my husband to take me back and  also asking for maintanence under HMA24. 

What made her to think after one year that those differences could be sorted. Why suddenly her desire to live with her husband arose inspite of issues. She must have realized that she should not have separated.

and after 2 months i have filed 498A on my husband & his family members.

After 1 year and 2 months of separation she files 498a case. That too after filing of RCR. What the hell. Which stupid can ignore her intentions of trapping her husband.

after one year of 498A i have filed Domestic violance on my husband and my family members and   Crpc 125 claming maintnanence from my husband. 

 After 2 year and 2 months of separation she files DV (498a already going on). There can be no violence since they separated long back. All lies.

now after all these now my husband is comming back and saying that you can join me , but he is asking me to  with draw all the cases and allegiations that i have filed agains him and his family members.

 Husband (and family for sure too) must have been tortured (physically and mentally) by her, her parents, law, judiciary, police, relatives etc.. I sympathize with him as he was not too strong to stand against the false allegations.

1)Since i have filed RCR asking my husband to to take me back, and since he is calling me to join him, can i join him with all the cases pending agains him and his family Members. if  he will not agree for this what can i do here ?

Please spare him and his life. Take all cases back and you also be happy in your life.

2)Previously he was staying in a Big city with a very good job with good salary, it seems he lost his job, and now he is working in an very small city with very very less salary.

Yes he would have lost his job. No wonder. What can a poor husband do in this situation. 

3) now i am doing my PG, and cannot leave in between and join my husband, can i ask my husband to join me to the place where i am pg.

You do you PG in medicine and whatever but leave him to breathe at least. Let him live.

4) will the court force me to join my husband by withdrawing all the cases & join him to the place currently where he is working ? 

Court will not force you but have you not humanity left for husband.

5) he has said the same thing in DV and crpc 125 cases that she can join me after with drawing the cases  agains him ? will the court force me to withdraw these cases also, and will not pass any maintanence to me. 

Poor fellow...he is willing to join with you. You must withdraw all cases and leave him.

6) what are the othere implications that will arise if i like to withdraw the cases and join my husband.

You also spend some time in luxirious jail for all the false cases you started.

7) what will happen if i tell the court that i will not join my husband and continue fighting the cases ?

 You are thinkinh about what will happen if I tell truth to h'nable court.

please suggest me to take a good descition about my life.

If you had a heart you would think about good for others and not only for you... 



No thanks.. Do good. Live and let live. You all have a choice..

Reformist !!! (Other)     27 March 2013

Girls like these dont want to live and let live.

Enemies are far far better because they did not back stab .....but 498a women are those who backstabs u after getting to know abt ones family very well.

LAW STUDENT (NILL)     28 March 2013

Dear charu mam

Thanks alot

it may be good thoughts,

She can even choose to part peacefully leaving him to almighty god.

Even if husband was at fault .... marriage is not about teaching lessons and making lifes miserable. Either you live or part.

thats  what all 498a husband want. it may be very easy  for some people, but not for all.

but i am realy sorry i think it cant be practical thing in life. if we will leave evrething on god , and will not try, then god will also not help us.

Thanks again

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Dear Law student,

I know you are a very young girl and i dont oppose your thoughts. See if a thief snatches your gold chain and runs away...you should shout and try to alert people , may be run after him if you can or call the police and file a complaint. If the thief is not traceable then you dont get your thing back.

But you should do something atleast. And on top of everything next time we need to be careful with ourselfs. I am not saying that we should leave everything to god and keep quite. Efforts we need to make for ourselfs. But god helps only those who follow the right path and sometimes we need to leave few things on him. We can only teach such real 498a victims small lessons ...may be 7 years jail. But god will punish them for all the next births.

Karma is something that no one can escape. But we need to do your duties. And always follow the right and virtuous path. If husband is not taking his responsibilites and hurting his wife or vice versa. Do you think he/ she will escape god?




Have a great career!!!!! and always encourage others to do good and be good.

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Gaurav (consultant)     28 March 2013

My advance sympathy with futute LAWSTUDENT's husband

Originally posted by : LAW STUDENT

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LAW STUDENT (NILL)     28 March 2013

Right mam
i realy respect your thoughts if everybody will think like this, then there will be no crime , no case. because god ferring person will naver hurt any one.

Thanks :)

Those who believe in GOD dont hurt anyone. GOD fearing people will only hurt others and file cases against innocent people.

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