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munni (house wife)     18 August 2013

Husband harassed me

Hi all,

 We got married since last two year and stayed together for less than 6 month. During this period he scold me quite often for no reason.. He tortured me (both physically and mentally), He neglected me during my pregnancy and he used to record my conversation (some time he blackmail me)...and later for small talk with my past boy friend he create a big violence.. Even few time he threatening to father and insulted to my mom, in front of everybody with no reason..we have telephonic record on this.. Many time we asked him to come to our house and seat for a settlement (By letter), but he keep silent and filed RCR..3 notice period finished and as I am fedup with this relation, so I did not attend court..

He tortured me and now asking for reunion? what is this?

My query:

As he spoiled my life, so what option should I take?

More over we are separated since more than 18 month, in such case can I still file 498a or DV against him? As we are already separated for a while, so in such case hope he will get arrested? I want justice who ruined my life..

In such case what should I do?

Please suggest me in this regards.. Thank you..


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adv.raghavan (Advocate,9444674980)     18 August 2013

if u have decided not to get along with this person, u r free to file for divorce under section 13(1) of HMA 1955, with regards to filing for 498A, it is your call, if u feel u r so harassed u can go for that, PROVIDED IF U HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT  IN THE COURT OF LAW, even if u leave out RCR without contesting, after getting expartie he may file for divorce after a completion of one year time, in that time ur job will come easier.

NGOKC (pm)     18 August 2013

madam last time u raised this query , facts stated by you were that you left him as he was keen on pursuing his career abroad, please keep one version on forum as you will end up with same set of people who reply and wwill end up harming ur own credibility and would not gain by means of any proper advise

munni (house wife)     18 August 2013


  This is also one reason for which I did to join with him.. Thats why I need suggestion from expert..

munni (house wife)     18 August 2013

@ raghavan,

if u have decided not to get along with this person, u r free to file for divorce under section 13(1) of HMA 1955, with regards to filing for 498A, it is your call, if u feel u r so harassed u can go for that, PROVIDED IF U HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT  IN THE COURT OF LAW,

If some body will ask then how can I prove the matter which happened in our badroom.. How his cruel things can be proved? How I will get prove which ocured before 18 month? we have some voice tapping where he insulted to and argued to my father (that after 1 year of our separation). where he put some rude word..Can  that be open for DV cases..So in such case if I will file cases of 498a or DV than I must prove it or what?

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     18 August 2013

Munni is back. @Munni, if you feel that your husband has tortured you a lot, but in your past stories you do not want to discontinue your relation of husband-wife, now it is something different...what is the correct story? why do not you file a divorce case and rid off from your husband? m sure your husband would also been seeking separation from you. Who would like to live with you? Its only your boyfriend with whom you have affairs till. better you go and file divorce case and your husband will definitely give it to you without any hesitation. All the best

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     18 August 2013

@munni, do not bother your parents. Do not waste your life. Just go and file divorce. Do not listen anybody and just go for divorce. You will not get anything by harassing your husband. Just divorce him.

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     18 August 2013

@munni, a sincere advice to divorce your husband. Your boy friend would be looking for you desparately to make you a mother of his child. Divorce your husband quickly.

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     18 August 2013

@munni, whether you were interested in extorting money from your husband or your parents or you all. you knew that you had a boy friend in your life, then why didn't you marry to your original boy friend than to your husband. For harassing him and extorting money? be aware that, if you will try to harass him more and more, it can reverse on you too in someother way. He may try to kill you and your lovely parents baby.

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     18 August 2013

Just divorce him munni and live with your lovely bor friend happily.

munni (house wife)     18 August 2013

Here I requested for advice, when I am in a trouble..ut what I understood that instead of getting some suggestions, here some peoples are for only put comments..

This is proves about our gender biased society..

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Do whatever you want..........!

Because suggestions are either accepted or withdrawn but you are failed in doing both since you have joined the forum.


Next Bhagwan hi Maalik hai....!

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     18 August 2013

Munni would have extorted money from her boyfriend now his boyfriend would have seen what has happened to her husband by seeing that he could have ended the secret relationship. Now she is transition to find a new one or trying or hoping to go back to husband where husback has shown his back. Now coming to reality she thinks that by filing DV case and 498 case she csn win the heart of husband such a foolish lady in this forum asking whether she has to prove those cases? Experts have already suggested her for divorce now the problem is who will take the role of social husband or name sake husband? By thinking thinking she will end up doing nothing but beating around the bushes.

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     18 August 2013

@munni gender biased no way, in yhe eyes of law everybody are equal. If you have solid proofs about your hubands atrocity then go and file cases, if you retract then get prepared for prejury and defamation cases against you. If you are smart sit and go for MCD or do whatever you feel like doing in your life

Reformist !!! (Other)     19 August 2013

she do not have any proofs, one cant be judged based on what she says only...................There are 98% false cases and 2% the true one.........A lady already saying 2 different stories, already accepting abt his boy friend wants to do 498a..............really i dont know where our society is heading, a pitiful and sad state of affairs for Indian citizens.

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