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How to throw her out ?

Page no : 2

LAXMINARAYAN - Sr Advocate. ( solve problems in criminal cases.     12 May 2014

She is working and you are also working than when you get time to fight.


As long as she is in your house do not make any adventure  of filing cases.


Either take lessons in psycology and wear her and relatives out or take professional advice which does not mean seeking it publicly.

Ranee....... (NA)     12 May 2014

Thanks victim ji! . . I liked Amit's reply. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT? :D . .

rising up again (FFF)     12 May 2014


can any expert plz reply to my queries... i know..its difficult to throw her out but there might be a way to do so... 

also,  no one has answered my three questions... plz do that....if u can !!! 



Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     12 May 2014

if u find solution, pl. do post here.

it will be the best seller.

stanley (Freedom)     12 May 2014

Originally posted by : rising up again


can any expert plz reply to my queries... i know..its difficult to throw her out but there might be a way to do so... 

also,  no one has answered my three questions... plz do that....if u can !!! 



At times it so happens when the answer is given for free it is considered in valuable . Had it been a paid query then it would have been considered valuable . 

You need firmness of mind to deal with a situtation  of this nature . 

rising up again (FFF)     12 May 2014



i understand the basic law and want a solution or atleast a serious reply to my queries. no one has replied to my three queries... and thats what i am asking for !!!! even if the answers don't favour me or help me...i need to know the TRUTH so that i can face it accordingly....




Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     12 May 2014






She stays in my self acquired property with me and my mother (in different rooms though). Now, she threatens everyday of doing something to herself and put false blames on me. As the property is in my name, i cannot throw her out.. 


she has all the rights to stay in the shared household.



1. Can i appeal in the court and request her to shift to another house which can be arranged by me and i pay the rent. Atleast, i am saved from the everyday trauma , me and my old mother faces from her... Would the court such kind of request , stating that i need to safeguard myself from her false blames ?


no - u cant do so - instead u can shift to alternate house - but again, that alternate house being shared household, u can not stop her from coming there.



2. ALSO, can i stop her family to visit our house... ????


that would amount to cruelty.



she keeps threatening to bring her mom and other relatives visiting our place and even staying over at night. Sometimes,she even calls her mother to our home and create big scenes there, bringing much harrassment and  bad name to our family in the neighborhood..


create audio + video recordings of such instances - also arrange for witnesses who will depose in court and wont turn hostile.



Is there any LAW or any RULE where i can put a stop on their visit ??? how can to do that ???? 


yes. create proofs and use them



3. As she bringing much bad name to us....even when she is staying in our house... Can i file for a defamation case against us ??? or anything else to stop her doing so....???? 


after getting sufficient proofs, u can file IPC 497 - then she will file IPC 498a ... then u have to enjoy the drama



plz help !!!


collect evidences of her cruelty and the file for divorce under that ground. thats all u can do

Saurav (Engineer)     12 May 2014

you are already so tensed up when nothing has happened (YET).


real thing will start once you file a case, then she will file a counter-case, and then you will follow up with another case.......and so it goes on and on....


and after that what?......Seperation/Divorce....You are feeling happy right now (because of your ego ) you are not being able to live with your wife and want to get rid of her at all costs.........Once divorce happens, I bet you will realize that it was not so bad after all.



Anyway I agree to one fact, Nowadays women/girls mentality has changed. After globalization Working women have begun thinking they have become masters.......Ego has totally dominated their all males are facing problems in marriage.


Thats why i have decided to be single all my life.

Ranee....... (NA)     12 May 2014

Why she behaves like this ? There must be some reason. Ask her and try to convince her for mutual consent divorce.

rising up again (FFF)     12 May 2014

Saurav, when u still ca u advice on this ????? 


Ranee - have wasted full 2 years to convince her for a MCD but the demands are way too high.. she needs around 2.5 cr.....  and i cannot even accept that !!!!! 

hence, trying for the longer and tougher route !!!


Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     12 May 2014

Laws may be pro-feminine in this country. Still things are not that bad that one is helpless and one has to endure everything. Think yourself resourcefully and get a lawyer who does not think in terms laws only but also believes that there can always be a way out. If you are telling the truth and the whole truth and if I were in your place I would have certainly found a way out.

If you move to another house and ask her also to move with you she cannot say no and that she will stay with her mother-in-law only. If and after she moves into the new house whether you stay with her only, or you shuttle between your wife and mother or spend more time with your mother only are matters of definition only.

There is a proverb " if your adversary gets under the cot, you try to get under the carpet."

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     12 May 2014

IPC 497 deals with adultery. How does it come here?

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     12 May 2014

You have been advised properly. as somebody rightly observed that since the advises given here are free of cost you do not know the value of it hence you keep repeating the same question as if having not understood anything spoken by others here.  But if you had consulted a lawyer, who might not have given even half of the advises given by many people here, you would have simply accepted it  and walked off his office by paying his fees.  First of all understand what has been advised to you if it does not suits you, look for an alternative.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     12 May 2014

my mistake - 499


When you won't do anything you will get dva and 498a with other supplementry cases then why not to do such things which will create atleast mental satisfaction to you. Look any how you have to attend courts and dates till you won't get divorce. So, its better to move away from her , sale your house on the verge of loan or mortgage. Gift all properties on your mothers name and make your mother to file dva case on her and entire famiky taking instances of death threats from her and her families.


Your query has been allready answered long back and this is your third time where you have put the same query. So, its time to act and not to sit idle if you cant tolerate her anymore.

Its your life, its your property, and it will be your act according to your conscience, nobody can entrupt your life. Let the fight goes to till supreme court. You enjoy your life. By giving 2.5 crore to her you cant purchase her extortion but investing 2.5 crore to trap such cruel wife and give, that other ladies wont get strength to think again to harass her husband will definetly give you a mental peace and satisfaction. 

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