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Kalyan Chauhan (n/a)     18 September 2011

How to stop my sister from getting my mother's pension?


My mother is living with me. I am giving her shelter and food. but the problem is , my mother hates me. and I sometime think my sister is behind all this.

now, my sister is taking my mother's pension and I am taking her abuse. she abuse me daily.

it is not fair at all. and they are doing it openly to irritate me more.

my sister and her husband can do anything for money and since my mother is getting pension of Rs 5000, they are fooling my mother and taking the pension.

can I do something about this. can I complain in bank or pension office?

if anything can be done, please tell me. I can't take it anymore.

any law which can help me in this context?

thanks in advance.



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Out of Court (Consultant)     18 September 2011

the pension is meant in favour of of ur mother till she alives .... however it is her interest that what she do with the pension amount,i.e. either she spent total amount in her self or she can donate or distribute to anyone , including ur sister ... however as per the law provisions a married daughter or married or unmarried son who have attained the age of maturity is not entitled to recieve the dependent pension .. please throw some light on the nature of the pension which ur mother has been entitled .. 

Kalyan Chauhan (n/a)     18 September 2011


thanks for reply.

My father was in plumber in Air force. he was a class 4 civillian. the pension is because of him. he died 6 years ago. so my mother is getting the pension now.

my sister is married and doesn't care for anything other than money. she come every month nearby my house and my mother give her pension to my sister.

she tells me that she gave her pension to my sister. she tells that she can't see me happy and can do anything to create problem for me. yet, she is staying with me and abuse me daily.

I am only silent because everyone will say that I am a bad son, no one will look at her. but, now I have no more patience and I can use any legal thing I have against my sister.

please tell me if there is anything in the law which can help me.


Out of Court (Consultant)     18 September 2011

You have no legal remedy if ur mother willfully passes her pension money to ur married sister either in whole or in part, unless u are below 18, physically disabled or lunatic.. 

james bhatti (Advocate)     19 September 2011

I  agree with the OUT OF COURT CONSULTANT.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     19 September 2011

You want to have your cake and eat it too! You want to keep your mother for her pension. Either throw her out and forget her pension. Or keep her and forget her pension. Normally, in a situation like this, the daughter for the love of money takes away the mother and keeps her with her. Yours is a classic case where she is torturing you and also taking away your mother's pension and you can't do a thing. Sometimes, hard decisions have to be taken in life. But, at the end of the day, remember that she is your mother.

Kalyan Chauhan (n/a)     19 September 2011


can I do anything. I don't want my mother's pension but I can't stand her abusive behaviour.

can I force my sister to take my mother along with her. anything can be done in this context?


Kalyan Chauhan (n/a)     19 September 2011


I don't want my mother's pension. she can keep it but her abusive behaviour is going out of limit now. why my sister will take her when she is getting the money without taking care of her.

this is because I am unable to do anything in this matter and they are getting bold day by day.

Out of Court (Consultant)     19 September 2011

If the behavior of theirs are reason for ur panic .. u can simply ask for resolution through a healthy convetrstaion by placing ur problems before them ... if no resolution arrives therein u can simply part ur ways and can ask for partition of  ansecstral property  whereby u are entitled, if there is any ....

Kalyan Chauhan (n/a)     21 September 2011


what kind of partition? the house is built by me , by my own money.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     21 September 2011

How will you force your sister to take the mother away? Do you have some magic wand?

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