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How to remove my name in rowdy sheet and how to get passport

Hello sir,

I was 27 years and I am about to marry when I was arrested in a murder case in 2019. I am working as an employee in a govt company on contract at that time. Due to this i lost my job.

After my arrest they opened a rowdy sheet on my name.

After 1 year they submitted chargesheet.

In dec 2023 i found not guilty and the case is closed.

I got case closure documents in mar 2023.

Now i am 31 years.

But the rowdysheet is still open and the police are saying closing rowdy sheet will take 5 years.

Due to rowdy sheet i am unable to get passport.

Due to rowdy sheet i am unable to marry. With the past case only i will not get married even it is closed.

But with the rowdy sheet the effect is more on marriage because it is in opened state.

I lost many software jobs in MNCs even if I got selected with a salary range 50k-1lakh per month due to this case.

So i am doing software job in small companies with small salary range of 20k-30k per month where these police verification will not be done.

The situation is same after the case is closed with the effect of rowdy sheet.

How will my life change?

How to approach to close this rowdy sheet.




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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     07 May 2023

Rowdy Sheets Can't Continue Where Accused Is Acquitted & No Criminal Case Is Pending.

In many cases it is noted that even the rules and procedure prescribed in Standing Orders are not being followed and that the Rowdy Sheets are being opened and continued mechanically without any application of mind and without any basis or material in support. It is also stated that the periodical review, which is stipulated by the Police Standing Orders, is not being followed and rowdy sheets are being continued ad infinitum. Even after acquittals in the solitary cases the rowdy sheets are being continued.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has held that when an accused person has been acquitted of criminal cases pending against him and no more criminal cases

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has quashed multiple rowdy sheets, suspect sheets and history sheets in a batch of writ petitions without going into the merits of the case, in view of the recent common order of the Court in Udathu Suresh vs State of Andhra Pradesh & Ors.In Udathu Suresh, a single bench of the High Court had found that the actions of the police amounted to a violation of.fundamental rights.

You may file a writ petition before high court seeking relief and remedy accordingly.

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P. Venu (Advocate)     08 May 2023

Yes, you may approach the High Court in a Writ Petition.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     19 May 2023

Yes you can move ahead with advise of Mr Venu.  It is basic violation of human right.



in aug 2023 i tried to meet Superintendent of police to get my rowdy sheet closed but the police officer from that police station denied me to meet her and he lied that he will give a clearenence document stating that i have a good behaviour. So i went to police station and the police officer created a bindover case on me instead of giving that clearence document and they didn't gave any document of the bindover copy and they took it away.

Every time i visit that police station i have to guve them 500-1000 rupees to that staff.

The police station staff where the rowdy sheet is opened lied that there is no rowdy sheet on my name and they lied that they didn't called me several times to police station for appearence.

i tried with my police friends, lawyers, and politicians also but they denied to give me details of rowdy sheet file number inorder to file writ petition and lied that there is no rowdy sheet on my name.

i tried 1 year to get this number but no luck.

they lied in all the ways which i tried.


finally I applied for a passport there it gone with the police verification. There they mentioned i have a pending rowdy sheet on my name and got no clearence report.


they are ruining my life.

Below are the things I lost in my life.

1. My marriage life is not started no one is interested to marry me.

2. defamation in society still society is saying i am a murderer rowdy.

3. new persons includes police, my relatives and society is frightening me to demand money or they will put false alligations where my complaint is not valid and their complaint is valid.

4. I lost many dream jobs in private and public sectors even i am selected.

5. Unable to apply for govt jobs

6. unable to apply for passport, visa, foreign jobs.

7. 5 years of my personal, work life is ruined and still ruined When i tried get out of these.

7. unable to participate in vote in elections as i am restricted by police from participation

8. I have no freedom and everytime i am getting fear from society and i felt india is not safe for me if i stay here this torture will continue on me.

9. i have no human rights finally.

10. The police officer is saying i am a murderer, rowdy, and laughed that rowdy sheet will not be cleared in your lifetime as there are some other guys who are facing from 20 years. They don't have got any chance to close it why will i give a chance to close it on your name?

11. i got concluded myself that 27+25 years(as per police officer rude words) = 53 years which is my lifetime without marriage and dream jobs.







they lied all the time.



P. Venu (Advocate)     19 March 2024

As already suggested, hte remedy is in approaching the High Court. Inthis context, there are judgments of various High Courts laying down the legal principles to be followed in by the authorities concerned.

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