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sanjeev001 (executive)     28 March 2012

How to prove that dv act slapped is false

Dear members,

kindly advice on this topic, my wife is planning to slap a DV act against me and my parents which is entirely false, there has been no voilence at home whatsoever, hence if this act is eventually slapped upon us, how can we prove that there has been no voilence whatsoever. kindly guide, your inputs will be highly appreciated.

thanks and regards


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Manav Kalia (Arguing my own cases..)     28 March 2012

In my view DV act is more dangerous than 498a,


Dear Mr.Sanjeev,

Have you applied for a divorce.Can't there be a reconcialation between both of you.These acts have come in handy even to the innocent,who are being misguided.They are spoiling their entire wedded life.Opt for a councelling.Some remedy could be sorted out.


Dear Mr.Sanjeev,

Just earlier your have queried the below mentioned.



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Dear members,

           kindly guide me on this query of mine, i am filing  a divorce petition on grounds of cruelty, in brief i would say that my wife had left home after which i had lodged a missing complaint, after which they summoned her and conselled both of us, here, during our statement taken by the police there was no mention of any domestic voilence at home by my wife in her statement to the police, later on after a few months, things again turned ugly, hence i myself took her to the womens assistance cell to counsel her so that i dont end up with false cases against me, here too, in her statement she just mentioned that my husband does not come home since the last 2 months, is not giving me money to spend and all blah blah.......here too there is no mention of any domestic voilence at home from me or my parents, now i understand that she plans to file a case of DV against me and my parents in retaliation of me filing a divorce petition, which she wants to contest fiercefully.

dear members kindly advice how to deal with a false DV act slapped against me in the backdrop of the above mentioned scenario. thanking you all and awaiting your kind reply




What was the need for you to post two diferent contrasting queries on the same issue.

Ranee....... (NA)     28 March 2012

let her file the case..then contest it..if there is no dv then u no need to worry..if she decides to file you cant stop her unless you talk to her and discuss what she wants from the relation.


Dear Sanjeev,

Without fire you can't expect smoke.If you are pure and serine,even god will not punish you.Don't keep on assuming things  and spoil you life.Go for a compromise with your wife with good councellors.Don't take any of your  or her family members.Ups and downs are very common in human life.We have to overcome them.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     29 March 2012

It can be prevented by sitting across.


Otherwise it would need to be fought on merits.





Shonee Kapoor


stanley (Freedom)     29 March 2012

Remember Truth prevails .The onus is on her  to prove that violence has taken place .Try to reconcile the same if possible . And if your wife is the hard headed type be prepared to fight back tooth and nail . Visit www.498a.org and mynation.org it would help you a lot .

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Vishwa (translator)     29 March 2012

This DV act is a humbug because only mental or psychological violence can be filed under this law. If there is bodily injury, such as bloodshed or attempted murder then there are other sections of IPC where the husband would be arrested immediately. It turns around money and property because what women want is maintenance and house. Unfortunately such women also never keep their words and enjoy litigation and their pleasure in humiliating the husband. It is the reverse of rape in more ways than one.

There are women's cells and counselling etc but these are ineffective as they are in the hands of police, very much prone to corruption. Their intervention invairably, sooner or later leads to rupture or continued misery for at least one of the parties. Perhaps reputed social welfare agencies, the Ramakrishna Mission, the Jesuits, or whoever should be allowed to take up the possibilities of reconciliation. Or, one should train more social workers with special training in family relations. In fact, one would require an army of such workers.

I am also very happy to have come out of a very complicated DV case where the woman's claims were totally rubbished. There is now appeal, since my property of 50 laks is being illegally occupied. But this long fight has given me a lot of insight. I have started an association in Dehradun for helping men in grip with these problems.

Please do not hesitate to congratulate me because I owe a lot of my success to this forum.



Bonjour la vie !


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dr.pawan rajyan (member and secretory)     30 March 2012

congrats viswa..............presently no case............do not worry.

MS (CEO)     30 March 2012

Congratulations Mr. Vishwa, like you even i am a victim of  a shameless and characterless woman's greed who is neither willing to leave my house, nor give  me a divorce and still carrying on her illicit adulterous relationship of 14 years and harassing me, my son and my family. We have tried all means to bring her to mutual consent, but she has been fooling us since 5 years everytime.

shiv shiv shiv (unemployed)     12 July 2012

Dear sir

 need to appreciate you, for taking on the monster called dv!, basically counselling does'nt works for the dv inflicter, her intention is only to ruin the happiness ofthe man & live on his hard earned money,only in giving them a fitting reply & by not succumbing to their pressure you can win , either you run away from the monster & you take it head on !,

sridher (system analyst)     17 August 2015

i will not agree with manav sir

for Both Dvc and 498a  evidense is required if i am right.

only loss is maintanance in my opinion

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