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fighting back (exec)     30 March 2012

How to prove in court that there was never intercourse

Dear sir,

i will be filing case on grounds of mental cruelty and denial of s*x by my wife, in my one year of marriage, we never had any s*xual relations, always due to quarrel within us, this act never took place, now to prove this in court of law, how do  i prove that there was no s*xual relations between us , she flattely denies this in front of her relatives, and says that we have healtlhy s*xual relations, but the reality is that we never had any s*xual intercourse. \

kindly guide me how to prove this point in court.

thanks and regards


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V R SHROFF (Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152)     30 March 2012

Only your statement on oath. 

Though Medical Reports  confirm  for abt a month , the absence of your sperm in her v**gina, you cannot compell her to undergo the tesat. 

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V R SHROFF (Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152)     30 March 2012

Su[ported by no pregnancy. 

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**Victim** (job)     30 March 2012

Sex is very important in matrimonial life and if she denies then jst put this word in court basically it's your word against her word. The only way to prove this would be by medical path.

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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     30 March 2012

Anything is proved in court by Statement of Oath, which is not impeached in cros--examination.





Shonee Kapoor

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Dear Rajan,

There is no other evidence to produce to prove that there was never s*x since your mariage.Its only oral oath and clicical examination that has to be the evidence.No woman will agree for clinical examination.


What was that deleted member trying to say,replying to a senior member.Such things must not be encouraged by the forum.Nobody has a right to criticise any of the member's remarks.The replies are given only after careful study of the query.Another point I would like to mention is that membership should not be given to those people who just wish to pass their time here,by vague questions.The experts here are busy advocates in their own capacity.

Hence rubbish quering should be stopped.

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     30 March 2012

shame on you@member account deleted..i wish i cud teach u a lesson..sainath jee is very right in scolding you.even i got utterly crossed when u made fun of Ld. senior advocate Mr. ShroFFFF




i agree with you sir.people like member account deleted dont know how to behave in public forums and make fun of sensitive issues like this.


but i am not clear sir about a few things u wrote above.u said that member acc. deleted has no manners as he made fun of Ld. Shroff sir.but u also said that members posting vague questions like the one posted above must not be allowed in LCI.


So are u against member account deleted,or against the author who raised this question???please clarify...

V R SHROFF (Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152)     30 March 2012


"Mohan Kumar

It is clearly evident from your wife's side that she is taking revenge, Neither she wants to settle nor she wants you to settle in life.. Do you have kids?

Share with me your number,"

If Member "A/c deleted  stated this to Mohan Kumar, I will like to share with u Mr. A/c deleted. 



Originally posted by :V R SHROFF
Only your statement on oath. 

Though Medical Reports  confirm  for abt a month , the absence of your sperm in her v**gina, you cannot compell her to undergo the tesat. 

Jackie Shroff ke nanaji...whatttttt a funnny reply...



Rajan joshi want to prove : No Sex" 

I guided. Oath, as that is the only Evidence available to him, no other, It is a closed room fact, no one knows except h-wife. 

2nd Suggestion is Medical Report, as in Rape case also, same test apply to prove there was s*x or not, 

Wh u  feel it is funny reply?? 

Then u provide a better reply to Joshi, as u sailed in the same boat of Joshi & Mohan Kumar. 

I appecciate ur reply to Mohan Kumar,Its very wise,. covered both the sides, joining & breaking, VERY NICELY GUIDED BY YOU.


 Then why u think funny here?? NOR U GAVE PRTACTICAL ADVISE. After all , all of u three are harassed husbands!! All Sailed in same boat, all experienced terrible years of sad life!!!


Pl let me know that FUNNY,, 

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fighting back (exec)     30 March 2012

@adv shroff,

 dear sir, would, i would like to thank you for your kind advice on this matter. i really appreciate your advice.

fighting back (exec)     30 March 2012


dear sir, with all due respect to you, i am not here for passing time, i really respect the members on this forum and have high regard for them, including you, i really asked a serious question here, as i am experiencing it in reality. i really dont want to do time pass on this forum.

fighting back (exec)     30 March 2012

@member (account deleted)

i request you not to make fun at senior members on this forum, especially mr Shroff. they are indeed very informative and helpful here, your comments are really inappropriate here considering that they are giving straight and right suggestions here, such comments only take away genuine members from this forum, and this forum will be reduced to a joke, hence pls dont pass such comments here, my query was a genuine one to which wanted to seek their help.


Dear Rajanji,

Don't misunderstand my views.We are here to provide the requisite solutions to different problems encountered by querists.We are spending our valuable time with the forum.What I anted to mention is none can criticise the experts here for their answers.Everyone is well versed in providing their answers in their capacity.

Comming to your problem,I have great concern for your query.You are the sufferer.But you have to  prove it in the court of law with valuable evidence.If your wife does not comply for the medical examination,the case is helpless.Hence don't get depressed .

fighting back (exec)     30 March 2012

dear sir,

with regards to your response, i wanted to know that if the wife denys to go for a clinical examination, then does the case be rendered useless, i mean to say, that the oath which is taken is not important at all? is there any other way to prove, if the oath is not considered and also clinical examination is denied, i mean, is there no other way out?

V R SHROFF (Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152)     30 March 2012

If for no reason, I will quit  looking at "Forum "
As we have no time for time-pass, that u do
Ask where u need help, why ask who is who? 
Concerned person whom we reply knows who is who, as he might have replied that person, where u r unaware, 
& I cannot make all such persons aware, who r unaware to me too. 
Not a way to ask such things. 
& if u want only FUN & FUNNY, 

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