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Dear friends !


Freedom and Democracy is not forever if not protected by the citizens in a regular course of action.  Till when we are alert and take efforts to protect our freedom and democracy till than only protected.  It is like; " NAZAR HATI.. DURGHATNA GHATI !!"...  I try it in english that is; Every carelessness invites the accident.  So, are we, the citizens, alert ever and takes effort to keep protected our freedom and democracy ?  If so, it is an open secret that the political party in power supported by only approxemate 12% voters.  In other words, the political party in power only represents 12% citizens.  I can describe, it if needed, in due course.


So, since the political parties know that they are in need of only 12% voter's support for which they adopts all the tricks centred to get it done.  Why they will be in fear of remaining 82% citizens ? Since they are not united.  And so, whatever the policies made by the political party in power, keeping in view the interest of their supporter class of voter.


It will be continued til when all the citizens will not take creative part in elections even to ensure their vote silently.  The main reason of this is discouraging system of elections.  One important reason is that there is no option of "NEGATIVE VOTE" or "NONE OF THEM".  Many other reason are there for such discouragement of voters that I expect from all of you to please indicate.  How to increase voting percentage up to highest extent ???  How to encourage citizens for their direct participation in Governance ???


Remember, if voting percentage will increase than required percentage for majority will also be increase which the political parties do not like since they will be in need of a big number of votes which will be difficult for them to arrange or bargain.


Please say something and come out of nutrality..... your every word is very important for all of us !!! 


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niranjan (civil practice)     13 May 2010

I appreciate your concern and I think itis concern of many.Inspite of the fact that people want change but how ?Unless and until people come above party-mindedness and start thinking of  democra y,then change can occur.However I see a ray of hope in movement of Ramdevjimaharaj and people will think rightly without any bias,then Swabhiman Manch can bring change in the system. Simply major voting is not the answer and even if 'none' is tobe voted,these politicians are not going to held elections again and again.I feel that main reason for 12 pc rulers,is the illiteracy and poverty.When the 'vote'will not remain commodity and when it will be used as weapon,the change can take place.


Correction in 2nd Para, that is;  remaining 88%

Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     14 May 2010

u ve raised a good point but do u think the kind of system we are having compels a sensible citizen to vote.


we have been divided in terms of caste and religion.


our Indian politics moves around caste, religion, money and muscle will u tackle this first?


can a common man contest election here, practically the answer is 'no'.


We have enough material on motivating citizens, but the progress has been slow. The reason being that it is easy to arrange a seminar about portection of environment in five star hotel , but we see a plantain skin or obstacles on road we pass by as though it is not our concern. In India it is time for contribution and participation by citizens." I" should bring the change and not ask what and who  is required for change. 


Yet, the following reasons can be listed as brought out in the opinions received above;


1.  IIliteracy % poverty. (Mr. Niranjan)


2. Voters are threatened by muscle power (may be for vote to someone or to restrict from voting). 

(Mr. Kiran Kumar)


3.   Motivate the people. (Mr. manjunath)


I am thankful for your valuable words.



Dear Friends,


The vote turnout is around 50%.  I am sorting THE REASONs for remaining 50% voters who are not reaching to polling booth.  We have to make THE REASONs sorted % listed so that we can focus the discussion as to how they will be encouraged by making constitutional provisions to make it easily possible for them to vote.


Please take efforts in sorting clear points with suggestion according to your thoughts.



Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     14 May 2010

where people take interest, vote percentage automatically increased.

election is best example.

in case of state and central govt elections, common people do not mentally attached, with the process.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     14 May 2010

 please read   - panchyet electionis best example.


Are the national policy matters made at PANCHAYAT LEVEL ?  Are Panchayat decisions affect at national level ?  Is the matters concerned with our Freedom & Democratic Rights being decided in Panchayats ?


Common peoples take interest due to their short sighted concerns and this short sightedness is another words called as "Selfishness".  The main enemy is this selfishness due to which there are divisions of Voters in terms of Religion, Caste etc. and the people plays in the hands of businessman politicians who bargain their vote eighter with direct money or in other forms like any special concession for their voters.


The reasons of "NO VOTE" may be in some wide range.  There are people we ever meet who are angry with the present SYSTEM.  They think that if they VOTE they will be seems in supporting the SYSTEM and hence they try to UNDERLINE IT that they are not with the PRESENT SYSTEM.  BUT who will try to understand them ??  The need of politicians is ever fulfilled even there is a minimum voting and even if they are being declared "ELECTED" by a few votes.  Why these politicians will think of NO VOTERS ???


We, the citizens, ourselves have to think about it.  Today or on another day we, the citizens ourselves, have to think oever it.  Till than we will be exploited by the DICTATORS including both THE PUBLIC SERVANTS AND PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES since THEY WANT THIS IGNORANCE BY THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE CONTINUED SO THAT THEIR ALL THE FIVE FINGERS REMAIN IN BUTTER.


Its OK !! If people like this system should continue to fulfill their short sighted benefits than THE GOD ALSO CANNOT CHANGE THEIR LIFE.


Most of the people ever raised in general talking for time pass that the systm should be changed but neither they are clear that what the change they want and what to do to get it done ??


I ever try to contribute my opinion to all the postings here which subject is familiar to my knowledge.  But, I am watching that even they are not contributing to my this task to whom I ever contribute.


Dears ! we should take initiative at our own instead waiting for any imported source. 


I think, I have to clarify here regarding a question raised by Mr. Kiran Kumar as he said that; "Our Indian politics moves around caste, religion, money and muscle power..... how will u tackle this first ?"


Please see that the 50% turnouts by using all these thing and remaining 50% who do not vote are excluded from all these things.  That's why it is necessary to sort out as to what the circumstances are due to which; (1) why the people could not reach to polling booth ? OR (2) why people do not taking interest to vote ??


What the changes or improvements should be made in election system ???


These remaining 50% are a corner of hope if we reached to understand them !!! 


It is most important for a democracy to alive that to include all the citizens in governance until & unless the democracy can not be implemented.  A half population is not responding to present election system.  It is clearly seen that there is a serious need of improvement of election system which should be easy & ensuring votes of all the citizens.  It is noticed in repeated occasions that most of the people do not like the standing candidates but they have no option to reject the criminal and corrupt politicians.  The negative vote option is very much needed.  Otherwise the criminals and corrupt persons will always come in governance and people will always crying. 



Other suggestions,

1. Call back rights should also be provided so people can call back to elected persons even if their turm is not completed in case they found inefficient or found induldged in corruption or any other misconduct.

 2. The election should be held under security of SRPF from other state and the local police should be restricted away more than 100 mtrs. from polling booths. 

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     18 May 2010

Direct election of PM or CM is the answer to some extent. Otherwise puppet PM and CM will be the result if MPs will the deciding factor. Like mayor gets elected directly. Our country always have been ruled by the Kings/Rajas or by invaders. So since begining citizen/people of this country are reduced to a mute spectator and have developed a always compalining nature . So, it will take years to develope sense.

Mr. Russy Modi ex. CMD TISCO is a well known figure, at least for the people of Jamshedpur(TATA Steel City) Jharkhand. Once he filed nomination from there for MP election and losed to wife of an MP involved in famous JMM Bribery case in Narsimha Rao Govt.

Every famous personality met the same fate.

Our country still has  great personalities but unfortunately they are not getting chance to prove their ability.

Baskaran Kanakasabai (entrepreneur)     14 June 2010

one way of improving polling percentage(although it  may be marginal) is to introduce anywhere voting(online). This will bring in the votes of people who wish to vote but because of the nature of their profession or other causes, are out of station on polling dates.

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