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kush (engr)     09 June 2012

How to bring back on discussion table


I got married about 11 months back. After marriage my wife never allowed me to have physical relationship with her. She use to say she was not ready for marriage. She did not even come to my house for a day. Like this some months passed on. When my relatives called their relatives and asked them about her behaviour then they called us for discussion. In the discussion they asked for Rs. 20 Lakhs. We just listened and came back. Since we have also given about 9 lakhs worth of jewellery to the girl, my relative called her father and told him to return those jewellery. But he told that it is stridhan and he told that " jaisa chal raha hai waisa chalnay dijeyeh and what ever you want to do you do and what ever i want to do i will do", and then he cut the phone.

After few weeks my relative again called their relative but they did not reply back. I want to bring out some points here:

1) Girl's father is in very high post in government service and he is fully submersed in corruption. He also has gold bars in his house.

2) So far they have not filed any case against us.

I have following query:

1) As those people are not at all responding to us, what shall we do?

2) What advantage girl side get when they just leave the matter as it is and don't try to close the issue?




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Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     09 June 2012

Why did they ask Rs.20 lacs. What for?

kush (engr)     09 June 2012

They are asking this as marriage expenses. I also want to tell that girl is working in a top most software compant in India.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     09 June 2012

What do u want exactly:


Taking her back wid terms & conditions?

Not ready to accept her back?

>> Meanwhile explore if she wants to marry/loves another fellow

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     10 June 2012

They don't have any advantage if they keep quiet. As they are asking for money towards marriage expenses it appears they have made up their mind to break up. So the best way for you is to pass time and not involve in any heated discussions with them so that you avoid giving them reasons to file S.498A. Invite your wife to come back and be part of family through a regd.letter ack.due or Email so that you have some proof to show to the court that you have not deserted her and made efforts to reconcile while she is staying away. You say to her in letter it is not correct on her part to leave me in the lurch, if you did not want to marry, you could have avoided marrying. If regd. letter is returned keep it without opening cover as it is along with ack.due card.

kush (engr)     10 June 2012

I want to break the marriage. I have proof from her telophone records that she talks to someone whole night. Kindly suggest me any strategy so that i can call them on discussion table. " Her father being a govt. employee and having gold biscuits, can you all suggest me any strategy how to use it?

rajiv_lodha (zz)     10 June 2012

No need to keep thinking about those biscuits

involve some elders & bring them to nego-table

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     15 June 2012

:):)Gold biscuits?  How will you prove he has?  Don't think about it.  And girl may be talking to her college girl friend during nights?  Do you have proof of what she talks and the person she talks to is boy friend?  Just because she makes calls during nights does not mean she talks to a boy friend. 


Anyway I am sorry for you.  I feel the girl was not inclined for marriage but her parents convinced and got her married with you.  As they have to show their status they spent lots of money.  Now the girl convinced them that you are not a match to her.  And the parents want to recover the money relating to marriage expenses from you for no fault of yours.  That is what I can read from what they are doing to you. 


File for divorce on the grounds of non-consummation of marriage and desertion. 

rajiv_lodha (zz)     15 June 2012

File for divorce on the grounds of non-consummation of marriage and desertion.

Marriage is 11 mo old, desertion ground takes 2 yrs.???

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