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how get free from 498a and crpc125.

my wife had file 498a on me and my family members who leaves in mumbai from delhi on Dec 2015 and also 125 crcp on me.she leaves in delhi.
we got arranged marrage at my neative place himichal pradesh on nov 2009 and started leaveing in mumbai ,we have 5years daughter.
i work aborad for 9months and comes on leave for 3months. whenever i went to work i left her in delhi for 3years /2012 it worked, but after she started leaving in delhi,so i purchsed a flat on jan 2014 on her name and went to work when i came back she refused to let me go abroad and started working at delhi in 2015.
but after 3 months on some agurement on family she filed a 498a and 125 crcp.
i response i filed 9a case hindu marriage to join me back on dec 2015 but she applied for transfer at suprem court but got retected on jan 2017.
now i have an fir 498a against me and my parents and all and 125 crpc in family cort.....
please tell me what to do .....she not comeing on any date in mumbai.....
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Share the copy of the FIR and complaints, let me see what can be done. 


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can i go a haead with 482 and 91 crcp against her.....just to know it will work.

Prepare for 4 to 5 yrs of battle and will be freed.


i am feedup with in this two years.......dont know whether to apply divorce by myself or wait for her.......

If reconcile is possible then go for it for better future of your daughter , because after divorce you both can remarry but what about your daughter. If last option is divorce then negotiate her and go MCD.

i have done three concileing since now , one from women cell ,distict court and another from supreme court.....but failed.......what is MCD.

You must be clear that you can not force your wige ti live with you. Coolect all materials which may be help ful to you. Contest the case filed by your wife and also file divorce petition against your wife. Consult a lawyer with all details.


Let me not be misunderstood for providing this reply which might sound as fiction. Tact  is required than truth in  dealing/ handling human relations now a days. Expectations are growing in log proportion in wife and husband relationships, essentially borne out of never ending greed for quick wealth and material possessions which has almost replaced real love. 

In this context Lord Krishna's life depicted in Mahabharata with special reference to his consort Satyabhama who wanted Parijata tree from heaven to be gifted to her by Lord Krishna inlieu of a flower Parijata given to Rukmini his wife and subsequent humiliation faced by Satyabhama is well known or can be known via website. This episode serves as an excellent lesson for life in handling marital relationship. I exhort the

importance in being cleaver, shrewd and tactful in maintenance of wife and husband relationship independent of times. There is no point in opting for judicial remedies as they are never ending particularly in India. In this context, successful s*xual relationship mutually satisfying will go very long way in marital management. Sex does not mean always intercourse but it could be a simple fore or after play. 




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