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Prashant (team leader)     09 March 2011

House registration Stamp Paper lost by Sub Registar office

Hello Experts,

My name is Mr P Patel, I am currently living in London (UK). I am an indian national.

I have visited india during the month of Feb 2011, that time i have purchased a freshly build house in Anand, Gujarat. I have visited sub registrar office to create sale deed. My builder, Me and our lawyer have prepared all the paper work required by sub-registrar office.

We have provided thumb impression and photgraphs for registration purpose of house. the sale deed is completed now but we have just found out through my lawyer that SUB-REGISTRAR office has lost our stamp paper of land registration. Sub-registrar office has accepted there fault, but i am confused what to do now if they dont find my stamp paper back?

please guide what can be done now?



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sharven kumar (Advocate)     09 March 2011

At the first instance apply for a attested/duplicate copy from the sub registrar. At the same time seek a reply under the RTI on the status of original registered documents. In case reistrar accept loss of documents then in the second stage ask  the state govt to initate disciplinary action against the officers concerned and follow it up by RTI since you  are a Indian National govt is bound to take action and reply.

R.Ranganathan (Advocate)     10 March 2011

If you had got the deed registered with the Sub-Registrar's office, then you immediately apply for a Certified copy of the deed. Also you ask the Inspector General or the other higher authorities concerned in the Registration Department to give in writing about the loss of the Original Document in the Sub-Registrar office for your future reference and purposes.  

Prashant (team leader)     10 March 2011

Thanks for ur advise sir.

The original house sale deed is still under the custody of sub-registrar office. 

We have provided stamp paper of worth Rs 25000 during intial registration process. Please note only thumb impression and signature has been taken by Sub-registrar during registration process. When my lawyer visited sub-registrar office yesterday then sub-registrar office said that sale deed registration is done but since they have lost the stamp paper, they cant give me the rest of the sale deed back. since sale deed is incomplete with stamp paper.

they said they are trying to search it.

pls guide how can i get my valid sale deed back? also do they have letter headed paper on which they can provide me in writting mentioning loss of my stamp paper or do they have any kind of certificate to provide me ?

pls help


Prashant (team leader)     10 March 2011

correction " Since Sale deed is incomplete without stamp paper"

K S Narayana Rao (District Registrar)     10 March 2011

Dear friend,  If your document lost after scaning in the computer.  Sub registrar office issue a public copy to you this copy will be usefull for all purposes as original. If the document lost after admission and before scaning in to computer the fact should be reported to Head of the Department he will give orders to pre pare fresh document to be scanned. without paying any stamp or any fees i.e. exempting from duties. Inspector General got all powers to solve your problem. He may also order an enquiry in to the inicedent to avoid such things in future and take action against staff who are responsiable.

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