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helprequired (Sr. Engineer)     03 August 2011

Help required on fake dowary case.


I was married on 6th July 2008.

I am a Computer engineer & working in a reputed IT company in Pune.  I have my own row house in Pune.

But my wife committed suicide on 7th Oct 09. My wife was from richer family.

She was short tempered & hyper person. She was insisting me to leave separately from my parents.  My father is working in a manufacturing company & my mother is a handicap person. She is gone thru very serious leg operation 30 years back. (66% handicap)

My elder sister is married 7 years back & have 5 years daughter.  She was in the US with her husband for 6 months.

My in-laws have applied a fake case on me.  They have written in statement that,   we were asking for 1 Lac rupees for doing a business & to run the house.  They have written that, they are “poor” people & cannot give 1 Lac to me.

Other side is they are rich & having 2 Bungalows, 2 shops & Scorpio car. They were asking me to sign on 1 Lac Fixed deposit amount that was on my wife’s name.  I denied that & have returned all “Shreedhan” to them in a legal way.

In my family, no one is doing business & even not have time to do that.  On 7th Oct, my bank balance was more than 1 Lac & I have all bank statements & all salary slips for my father & for me.

I have returned all” Shreedhan” to them & have done it in a legal way by taking their signatures on stamp papers with 3 witnesses.

My wife’s parents & her brother & her 2 friends have intentionally done this to harass my family.

I was in jail for 55 days. My father was for 30 days & my sister & mother was for 22 days.

My sister was pregnant that time & as she is married, she was not living with us but still intentionally they wrote her name in this case.

Due to this, she had a miscarriage & lost her baby.  

My ex-company asked me resign or to look for other job or to take written statement from my in-laws that they will withdraw the case, which is not happened till date.

Fortunately, I have got very good job in Pune. Now case is going in session court.

Now in this case, Government (Sarkari) lawyer has added 304-B IPC on 22nd Feb 11. Wife’s mother & brother are coming for each court date.  

Sometimes I show my mother’s handicap certificate in the court & not taking my handicap mother to the court which is difficult for her as well for me.

My marriage was a arrange marriage & my wife’s aunt is given in our family. (She is wife of my uncle)

My wife’s family knows us from last 27 years.

Relatives/ friends from our society have asked them to take back the case.  Wife’s father is ready but her mother is very arrogant & rude person. She is not ready to take back the case.

My aunt has a statement that my family is good but that girl was angry person.

Even, I was ready for giving divorcé to my wife because of her bad attitude & behavior towards my parents.  She used to say wrong things to her mother about my family.

I told her father that I am ready to give her divorcé on 5th Oct 09 & by listening this,  her father was very angry on her & said, you have got such a good family & husband but still you are not living well & he used offended language towards her & tried to bit her.  

In this meeting, my uncle, auntie, my parents & her father & brother were present.    But her mother was not present.

Due to that my wife was in depression & on 7th Oct, she committed a suicide by hanging herself to the fan.

That time her brother & mother were present when I opened the door as I called them that she is not opening the door & not answering the mobile phone calls.

Her parents live 45 mins from my home. There is no suicide note & postmortem report is normal.

Her mother lodged a fake case on us to save their name in society & to avoid bad reputation. But now everyone knows the situation very well, my family is treated very well in society & all friends & relatives are helping us.

My lawyer is saying that we will win the case but do not have any idea how long or for how many years this case will run.  Now from last 3 months, Sarkari Lawyer is not coming & in-laws are in Singapore for 10 days to enjoy their vacation time.

My parents are traditional & very good people.   Members from our society are trying to avoid contacts with my wife’s parents.

 Even my aunt has stopped relationships with her brother. (My wife’s father).

Those guys are arrogant & have lots of money & think they can harass me every possible way they can.

So could you please guide us or help me on this case.  How long this case will run.

I am ready to share all the information with you.




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salim shaikh (designer)     07 August 2011

dear friend,

Its not in our hands to stop this misuse of laws.

I am also victim of false 498a case. i also in jail for 1 day.  so i can understand ur feelings.

now gather all the proofs that she arogant and short tempered person.

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