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VictimOfBiasLaw (Professional)     31 October 2010

Help for DomesticViolence case

Need help for false domestiv violence case....


Details are below :

1. i married in dec-2008 , but my wife and their family interested in my money

2. after marriage within 1 week myself and my wife moved to other city/state where i was working and stayed together for 10 months on rental house ( not with my parent , my parents were in my home town )

3after 10 months Sept-2009, i have to go to abroad for my job related work , before i left india , i kept ready my wife VISA and passport so she can join me after some time.

4. but in nov-2009 she asked for money for her and her family which i denied , so she put false domestivc violence case in Jan-2010 against me , my parents, my sister to put pressure on me.

When she put this case i was out of india and even today i m out of india and never apper before court as my lawyer defend for this.

5Case petition details : in case she mentioned that

5.1  I get transfered abroad intentionally and left her alone in india

And in case she submitted her visa details which i kept ready for her , which prove that i have already applied and get her visa ready before i left india. but she claiming that i am not ready to bring her with me.

5.2 during Sept-2009 to Dec-2009 (4 months) my parents harrase her , throw away from my house and ask for money , this is totally false so she don't  have any evidence

5.3 she also mentioned that during her stay with me for 10 months , i slapped her

5.4  she ask for share in parent house and 1/3 from my income , i don't have any property or house in my name

5.5 At the same time she is claimimg that she is ready to come with me. but i want divorce

Now in documents she put my bank statement with false bank stamp and signature and i have in written from bank manager that this statement sign and stamp is fake and one of the figure is altered.

another list of gold ornaments on blank paper , no bill , no details of gold shope ( these r all false)

6. i have filed complaint to same court / judge under sec 467,468,471 for fake bank statement

Till today this is the status ,

Please can u please tell me , whether my position is strong in this case ?  i want divorce , how much i have to pay and 

What if she found guilty for producing false document ? can i take divorce on this case ? 

at the same time what if she don't give divorce ? myself go to court and ask for divorce in this case ?

how much time this will take ?


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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     31 October 2010

hire a good honest lawyer. stress on fake documents submitted. wat u want from relationship : to continue or divorce be very clear and decide after taking heat off ur head  take a unchangeable stand then decide course of ur cases . has she been good during stay with u?

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     31 October 2010

decide this very fast as a 498a may be on the way.

VictimOfBiasLaw (Professional)     31 October 2010

No she was not good during my stay for 10 months,

she and  her family only interested in money and never good to me or my family.

i want divorce and i am very much firm.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     31 October 2010

ok once u made up ur mind about it dont change ur stand later as relations will be too spoiled now on .

think once more about it , if 100% unchangeable stand , file divorce without delay as a 498a is on the way to you.

dv was first step towards that end. if she wants money only definitely you will land up in 498a , dont come back to india till cases are over. fight it on a war footing . give moral and financial support to ur family to fight the cases.

stress on the fake documents produced case and ask for punishment till you get divorce, hire an exceptionally good lawyer to protect ur family in india. he shud be a criminal lawyer expert in matri too , preferably one lawyer or same group looking after ur cases. as ur stand shud be same in all cases word by word.

VictimOfBiasLaw (Professional)     31 October 2010

I m very firm and want divorce.

My lawyer saying i need not to come india  and never accept any summons from her as she knew my company address abroad, i did the same thing

What if i don't accept any summons , if i remain in abroad will it be beneficial and court will take any action if i remain abroad like passport or visa cancellation ?

i have mentioned the detail of case , there is nothing serious allegation.

Don't following circumstences also favour me ?

1. only her 4 month stay with my parents ,

2. file case when i was abroad ?

3. file case within 12 months of marriage period. ?


Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     31 October 2010

summons can be published in newspaper or there may be an expartee order. dint she summon at ur parents address?

VictimOfBiasLaw (Professional)     31 October 2010

Summon means notice that she has filed case against me that myself or my lawyer need to appear before court.

Yes my parents get this and appear before court regularly , but not myself so she stress that i  should present in court , but my lawyer always deny and defend  till today that he will not appear before court.

when she sent notice on her name to my office address i  didn't accept it.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     31 October 2010


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