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Krishna (Employed)     22 December 2012

Hdfc credit card dispute


I had a credit card dispute with HDFC five years back. I was late by one week for paying the credit amount and had informed them that I am in hospital. I was nine months pregnant and on THE DAY when I was gace birth to my daughter at 11:31 PM 3 july 2007 they kept calling me. I picked up the call after being shifted to my room and informed them that. And they used foul langauge detailing that I was lying about it. That time they apologised and stopped calling or sending me statements cancelled my card. Now after 5 years they are calling me again and asking me to pay them 8 times more amount than I owed them. I informed them about the 5 years back incident and they said that they have apologised for it and now I have to make the payment with 5 years penalty summing to 2 lacs 40 thousand. I found this unfair and was trying to the lawyer for this. Meanwhile in the span of 2 days they called my office managers and my husbands managers informed and spoke rudely with them.

Then they called me and said pay the amount or they will have to call my office and my managers also. They even came to my house when I was alone with my daughter but they wrote their wrong name in the security register and also wrong flat that they were going to visit. I have had enough now I would like to file a case against this harassment. Please help me.

My Managers are also ready to be witness that they were called many times and were spoken rudely.







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Advocate Rohit (Advocate)     22 December 2012

if you have the name and mobile number of the person who had called up or visited your premises then lodge a police complaint against the said person. no one has a right to recover the dues by taking law in their own hand.

The company needs to file a case against you to recover the dues, if any.


you would also be required to send a legal notice to the credit card company against their unethical means of recovery mode.



Advocate Rohit Dalmia



Kumar Doab (FIN)     22 December 2012

This bank and its agencies are famous for indulging in such activities.

The person who contacted you is for sure the recovery agencies and they are under impression that it shall be easy to coerce, intimidate a lady. A female shall be easily frightened, shall not lodge any complaint and cough up the money.

You may not give anything in writing.

Possibly the dues are time barred. However your lawyer shall give final opinion on it.

The agent or even bank employee whosoever come to show has to wear I Card of the agency which has employed him and a letter from the bank. The ID card should declare that his company {agency} is authorized agency of the HDFC Bank. You may check front and reverse of the ID Card. The banks are under obligation as per RBI guidelines to keep list of its agencies on its website.


All people have to be trained and have to pass training and are to be issued a certificate.

Yu shall be surprised that none of these agents are issued appointment letter by bank/agency and even salary slip although this bank and its agencies are covered under SE Act of the state.  

If this man has written wrong name in security register then your security, society, and you, and persons called by him can lodge a criminal complaint against him and proprietor of his agency for criminal intimidation, impersonation to loot and extort.

Tame and shame the bank. They are notorious for so many years.


You may keep a copy of the ID card and ask him to sign it with date or if he misbehaves you may keep the original. Keep Secretary of the society, security well informed and as the agency and this person has been calling people other than you who have nothing to do with the matter to malign you; you may also lodge a police complaint for attempt to extort and lift your belongings. Your lawyer would know the exact language which shall move the police. Lodge a complaint with women police station also. Convert every act and word of this man, agency, and bank into written words.

You may also approach BM of the nearest HDFC bank and thrash him and submit a letter in writing about attempt to extort and malign the modesty of women by calling here and there and let the witnesses also sign the letter and obtain acknowledgment from the bank under original seal and signature. Ensure that some of your near and dear ones close HDFC banks a/c under protest writing the incidence that has happened with you and various complaints against this bank which are there at online consumer complaint portals.





www.complaintsboard.com/.../hdfc-credit-card-c467791... - United States

and many others.

Some are enclosed.


You can access consumer court decisions against this bank by Dist, State, national Consumer Forums at



You may be surprised to note that this bank is habitual offender.

Now onwards all phone calls to you and your near and dear ones may be recorded.

Anyone visiting residential, official premises may be handed over to police.

Build pressure on police and obtain acknowledgment of complaint under seal and signature of Munshi and with complaint number as per entry in register.

 Demand and obtain apology from this man in writing declaring that he has called on dated……….from phone number……..at phone number……enter the premises at address…..on dated……..entered wrong name in security register………on instructions of Mr/Ms……….name of company…….{his owner/manager in agency} address/phone number….…….designation…. dept…..address and HDFC bank official name/address/phone number….…….designation…. dept…..address……

This man shall immediately call his masters and their masters in the bank. Record call data from his phone.

Do not spare them.

Aditya Puri the MD of the bank has not put in any meaningful, substantial, tangible, prudent effort to check the nuisance being littered by his bank as it is evident from ever increasing complaints and it can be construed that the bank is habitual offender, despite having been and being punished and penalized by courts of law every year. Interestingly Puri was said to hold majority of the shares of the bank.

Attached File : 604546868 credit card operations of banks rbi circular.pdf, 604546868 master circular on credit card operation of the banks.pdf, 604546868 rbi recovery agents of banks.pdf downloaded: 341 times

Kumar Doab (FIN)     22 December 2012


--recovery_agency as on its website on dated 22 dec 2012
Reviewed guidelines on selection/appointment of recovery agencies of the banks by RBI

Some of the consumer cases on


involving HDFC bank are enclosed.

Attached File : 604546868 recovery agency dated 22 dec 2012.pdf, 604546868 rbi recovery agents of banks.pdf downloaded: 227 times

Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     22 December 2012

Report this matter to the police immediately, if there is no case not yet been filed then this suit is time barred.... And Why didnt you pay them the amount that you owed them??? Or did you???






Samar Garg (Trader)     22 December 2012



At the outset, as per the RBi Guidelines, a credit card issuing company is supposed to convert your account into a dormant/non-performing assets once you have stopped making payments for the 6 months. Further any conversation/intimation will be commenced on the amount marked on 180th days since your last payment. you can write to bank for your concern and can ask for a detailed account statement signed and sealed by liable authority. Rest on the criminal activites performed by the recovery agents dont lay back to reach the police station in writing with signs of witnesses.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     23 December 2012

You have posted that:

--“I was late by one week for paying the credit amount and had informed them that I am in hospital.”

“I was gace birth to my daughter at 11:31 PM 3 july 2007 they kept calling me. I picked up the call after being shifted to my room and informed them that. And they used foul langauge detailing that I was lying about it.”

RBI has issued guidelines and it is expressed that during certain situations banks/CC companies can not call or visit.

The bad conduct of this HDFC bank is unpardonable.

Some o f the consumer court judgments involving HDFC bank are enclosed.

Aitya Puri MD of this bank is aware of the malpractices of the bank but even if you write to him at


you shall see that bank shall start indulging in cover upoperation.



Remain firm approach your lawyer obtain clarities, build your case as suitable to you and thrash them.

Take a stand that you shall instruct and they shall obey. At the most they can ask for a service charge. But they have to obey. Punish them for their offences.

Did you receive the bill?

The RBI guidelines are to supply the bill 15 days before the due date.

The HDFC bank claimed in many of the cases the bill is to be sent by ordinary post and their customer care executives speak that bill shall be sent by ordinary post only. This bank does not agree to supply the bill by redg. post. This bank shall never supply guideline of RBI that bill shall be sent by ordinary post. HDFC bank/CITI Bank and others shall print in T and C or MITC that bill shall be dispatched by Physical mail or email {what is this physical mail? They shall never state it in writing.}

Look at other situation. HDFC bank collects money for FD in all branches and then FD is sent by centralized branch at Mumbai by a courier which does not bring airway bill with courier but takes signature against receipt on run sheet of the courier. The cost it pays to courier is not more than the cost it shall incur on ordinary post. The mobile phone companies send their bill by their own courier {of course without any AWB and they also pay the cost of ordinary post}.

Why can’t it send Credit Card bill by courier? Reason is already explained. IN case of default in payment bank levies sky high charges.  

World over the moment a new rule/guideline/policy is passed by the regulator {like RBI, BCSBI in India} the companies get busy to find ways and means to circumvent the policy flout the norms. All this is because the income from this Credit Card is highest.

When you swipe the card the bank gets 2.5% of the amount. If you do not get the bill bank shall levy interest to the tune of 3.75% per month accrued on daily basis + finance charges, late payment charges, penalties…..etc. Whereas if you make an extra payment or bank collects extra payment or by error you end up making extra payment bank shall not agree to pay you interest to the tune of 3.75% per month accrued on daily basis + finance charges, late payment charges, penalties for the time period bank hold on to your money.

The bank/CC company shall claim that the extra amount shall be adjusted against next purchase in coming bills. Why???

All of this is happening because the banks are blue eyed boys of regulators like RBI.

The citizens have not launched scathing attacks and sued the regulators and ministers and ministries in a manner that they are affected and forced to close a bank.

In case of ICICI bank a customer harassed by recovery agencies committed suicide and Supreme Court penalized the ICICI bank {attached} by fine of few thousand rupees. The manager MD…..of the bank, proprietor of the bank was not hanged or imprisoned hence the loot, harassment of the citizens of India goes on.

You shall be surprised to note that RBI has washed its hands by replying to RTI application “that it does not know the interest being charged on CC by banks.”


The CIC {Chief Information Commissioner} declared that SBIPCSL {SBI Card} fall under the purview of RTI. Thanks to the efforts of some concerned citizens.

Alarmed and shocked State bank of India rushed to High Court to obtain stay of the order. The case is being chased by concerned citizens. {Attached}

The reason why it ran to HC is simple it the Credit Card operation of the State bank of India falls under the preview of RTI it won’t be able to conceal information and hence it won’t be able to continue with its loot. The employees of State bank of India were issued SBI card { to increase its number of issued cards and market share} and as per many of the employees they { the employees of the same bank} were subjected to harassment and nearly all of them were coerce and forced to go for settlement and pay the charges. Settlement is adverse entry lowers the credit score……in CIBIL…..

Let us support these citizens who are fighting these Credit Card wallas and  create a wave.


Attached File : 818336822 4 4 private bank harrasment.pdf, 818336822 consumer cases on confonet.doc, 818336822 judgment on credit card 2.pdf downloaded: 389 times

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