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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     07 December 2010

Good looking spouses more likely to have daughters..

Good-looking couples likely to have daughters

Houston: Wish to have a daughter? Marry a good-looking partner as attractive parents are likely to have girls more often than their homelier counterparts, according to a research.

Beautiful women and men tend to have girls more than those who are less blessed in looks, a study published in the journal Reproductive Sciences said.

Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, analysed data from a survey of 17,000 babies born in Britain in March 1958, and tracked them at various points in their lives, including at age 7, when they were rated as attractive or unattractive by their

teachers, and at 45, when they were asked to record the age and gender of their children.

Good-looking couples likely to have daughters

After taking into account social status and wealth, Kanazawa found that while the children who were rated as attractive -- 84 per cent of the sample -- were equally likely to have a son or a daughter as their first child, the unattractive children were more likely to have sons.

The average "unattractive" child had a 56 per cent probability of becoming the parent of a boy. "Physical attractiveness is one of the strongest determinants of women's mate value," Kanazawa said.

He believes the trend could be driven by the relative value of attractiveness in men and women.

Men tend to rate attractiveness in women as important when seeking both long-term relationships and casual affairs.

In contrast, women tend to rate physical attractiveness highly only for short-term relationships, ranking traits such as wealth and status as more important in the long term.


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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 December 2010

now the luck of ugly girls are open.

Mohit Attri (lawyer)     07 December 2010

 agree wid roshni's research

Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     07 December 2010

That means we both  are beautiful, having two baby dolls of 8 years and 20 days. Ha! Ha! Thanks Roshani Ji.

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Wish to have a daughter, find a good-looking partner.:P

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     07 December 2010

Nice Info, Let us see the success of this research.



we too have two daughters...

Vishwa (translator)     09 December 2010

The good looks of a woman are a cultural notion and open to interpretation. With my inbred French chivalry, I will never stoop to imply that there are women who are NOT good looking.

In any case, it is better to have girls. Girls are born in roses while boys can be found in cauliflowers!


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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     09 December 2010

Agree with Vishawa.

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

I  also question this research on a scientific ground. We all know how s*x of a male and female is determined. A man is responsible for the birth of daughter:


XY he gives X - therefore girl

XY if he gives Y - then boy


A woman can give only X and it needs XX for a girl to be born. 


So how so called good looks are related to this scientific fact? 


Plumpness is considered to be beautiful in African countries but thinness, thanks to Barbie culture, driven by commercial interests to fool women and  girls, in other parts of the world !


Interestingly enough in Indian context explaining this term to people have done wonders in some cases where daughter in laws are taunted for not giving birth to sons. When these facts are explained, there is an expression of disbelief and a sense of relief among grassroots men and women! Women say this knowledge has proved very powerful for them to counter answer if they are taunted for not giving birth to the male child.  I am talking about both urban and rural scenarios!!


BTW, I too have one daughter :)


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