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Good lawyers and election of judges in india

How to judge a good lawyer?

1.       He should love music, play the guitar or the tabla or sarangi.

2.       He should be great golfer and great chess player.

3.       He should love fishing in troubled waters and not clerical minded.

4.       He should have knowledge of all subjects and the ability to go deep into every subject.

5.       He should be very good in English and précis writing.

6.       He should excellent in oral arguments before judges and not clients.

Plus add ons. Keep adding.


A.      Judges should be elected by Advocates as intelligence clearances increase corruption and phony guys become Judges by bribing their way through. Electing judges through electoral college of lawyers bring cream of the crop to take up positions of judges since no advocate would like  judges to be corrupt and useless moles of the government. Every system has its pros and cons but in the Indian scenario this system could be the best.

B.      High Judges should be elected by State advocates

C.      Supreme Court Judges should be elected by an electoral college as follows:

i.                     District level Bar association/council heads should be consolidated into State level Electoral Colleges.

ii.                   All state level electoral colleges should vote to make supreme courts judges.


Any takers for this?

 7 Replies

Democratic Indian (n/a)     20 November 2011

Why would the corrupt and vested interests in Parliament, Bureaucracy and Corporate world like your ideas?


Well, I find that roughs like you mentioned are basically cowards and dread lawyers ganging up together. A civilized society cannot run without legal minds.

Democratic Indian (n/a)     20 November 2011

It is not a question if they are cowards or courageous. Question is how to defeat their conspiracies and games they play to keep the opponents divided and fooled. Ever thought why lakhs of crores of money is flowing out of the country and then coming back by hawala? Just to finish the trail. Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 is to fool the "ordinary" citizens. Opponents are purchased/ manipulated, votes are purchased/ manipulated, media is purchased/ manipulated, public opinion is purchased/ manipulated. The question is who can do what in spite of these odds.


They are dishonest .

" An honest politician who once purchased remains purchased forever" : Simon Cameron [Politician and Secy to State during Abraham Lincoln's times]



Churchill on Politicians:

Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.
Sir Winston Churchill

valentine thakkar (advocate)     23 November 2011

Abraham Lincolm, when lost one of his first cases, he went to the Negro woman in the night to return fees paid by her saying he had no right to keep that money since he could not win her the case. Do we have such lawyers in India? Even in the SC? When we have such honest lawyers in India, everything else mentioned in your passage about the Good Advocate and Good Judge would be secondary or of less importance. Why blame the politicians? The citizens themselves love corruption to get their work faster. As right said by many retiring CJIs that corruption cannot be banished from our country. The very Indian blood is corrupt can you transfue it and then infuse the new one? Is it possible? Can thousand Annas born in India remove corruption? In other countries rules are followed because they love law. Here advocates endeavour hard to defeat the opponent by hook or crook even at the cost of truth. Judges give judgement based on their descritionary powers by twisting and defeating the trutch. Poor litigants have no money to appeal at the higher forum and the judges are fully aware of this fact. Honest advocates roam briefless and the corrupt, conceited and cunning flourish. I have been observing this since more than 50 years in this country and no remedy is forthcoming. Statements and fiction don't help, my borther.

Kundan Kr. Singh (Advocate)     06 March 2012

Very nice opinion. I like.


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