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narainreddy (Lawyer)     15 August 2007

Format of Adoption Deed

[font=Arial]THIS DEED of adoption made on this _______________ day of ______________ between Sh._________ ,s/o ____________________,r/o ________________ (hereinafter called ""the adoptive father"") of one part [/font]


[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]Sh. __________________s/o______________________r/o ___________________, (hereinafter called ""the natural father"") of the other part.[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]WHEREAS[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]1. The adoptive father has no issue, male or female, and having regard to his circumstances, he has no expectation of having any issue.[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]2. The adoptive father and his wife want to adopt a child as their son/daughter.[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]3. The natural father has three children, all sons.[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]4. The adoptive father, with the consent of his wife, has approached the natural father for giving in adoption one of his sons named _______(name of the child).[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]5. The natural father has, with the consent of his wife, consented to his said son being given in adoption.[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]6. The ceremony of giving and taking in adoption has been duly performed along with other religious ceremonies customary with the parties on the day of ____________. [/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]7. The parties considered it expedient and necessary that a proper deed of adoption be executed as an authentic record of adoption.[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]NOW THIS DEED WITNESSESETH AS FOLLOWS:[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]1. Declaration of Adoption[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]The parties hereto do hereby declare that the adoptive father has duly adopted the said child as his son from the day of _________ i.e. the day on which ceremony of giving and taking in adoption has been duly performed along with other religious ceremonies customary with the parties.[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]2. Legal rights and liabilities of adopted son[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]The said son has been transferred to the family of adoptive father and shall have, from the date of adoption, all the legal rights and liabilities of an adopted son. [/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]3. Maintenance, etc. of adopted son[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]The adoptive father shall be liable for the maintenance, education and other expenses of the adopted son and shall bear all such expenses in accordance with his status.[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereunto have signed this deed this ______________day of _________.[/font][/align]

[align=left][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]WITNESS:1. _________________ [/font][/align]

[align=right][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]THE ADOPTIVE FATHER[/font][/align]

[align=justify][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]2. ____________________ [/font][/align]

[align=right][font=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif""]THE NATURAL FATHER[/font][/align]


 2 Replies

bupesh (n/a)     09 September 2007

I have attached an adoption deed for the benefit of all members.

Known (B)     06 April 2008

Don't you need mother's signature in the adoption deed?

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