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manindersingh   15 April 2016

Fight/contest your own case ? how



I want to fight/contest or represent my case on my own. I need court judgements that can be shown in the courts to get permission for representing my own case by my self.


I need the proper way/information how to proceed. Please guide.


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Ok what about person operating himself.. If it is that much easy why would anyone choose a lawyer....or why there is farm advocates in courts.... You can be party in person but its not advisable if there is smthng serious... Yea u can appear in consumer forums...

I mean doctor operating himself

antony JP (teacher)     15 April 2016

In most family cases advocates are real troublemakers....

I have missed the conversations with you respactables of forum...a person whose work is only to learn laws and update himself every second of the day with new authorities by hon'ble courts of India mist have some potential of getting the best from the worst of his one knows what is the inner story.... Sons of man are not blindfolded...I agree with you people catches fish non washer man washing there every one knows what there remedy is...what they an get out of courts...I am advocate and I don't know what your profession is... You can study law and I bet you can't beat me... Its the hon'ble courts to be fair and reasonable and if they miss nobody will get might not be advocate... Exactly doctor can say y eat that saridon farm u r more serious and need proper medication rather to treat your own... Its good to take the appointment If I want to c u guilty I would start in that you own guily ,even you are innocent...

Sir f u think people can fight for themselves my question to you is y u r here in lawyers club. Let the people help themselves...


If a person fights his own case, he will have greater grip than that of a lawyer over his case, as he is the person who has suffered or not suffered, he can put across his plight to the court in the right way, provided he knows the art of putting across, which I dont find in many lawyers.  However, if lawyers were honest, why would the discussion of a person fighting party in person would come up?  Perhaps there might be financial problems for the question asker as lawyers advice do not come free and they charge handsomely which have not been discussed here,


But if the question asker wants to fight his case party in person, he may well go ahead, he will atleast be responsible for the outcome of his case as Mr TGK Reddi suggested above, instead of blaming a lawyer if he loses the case.

Blaming or appreciation is the two sides of same I think no one is charging of anything.....why it always comes on advocates fees..... I mean u r doing business what if someone comes and says to u y r u earning.. How will u feel.......

One cannot escape from his own acts.... Rather to be judgmental here and advocates are what people want them to be... They are not public servant who can be blamed corrupted... Lawyer is determined to there work..honesty is always not best policy to have justice... Lawyers are just extension of the society....over smart people mist understand the real facts of case and before giving there view they have to be ENLIGHTED no accused has been escape from murder...states shows more then murder and loot cases there are much much more cases of dowry rape and s*xuak harassment of women...leave women alone if you want justice mam...I often say talking here is much easy get one day in court and live life of advocate you will know wht it s all about... The dress the patience the respect...THE ADVOCATE

Reddish sir u don't remember me... We have a tlk before.... Like 2 or 3 months back this year....if you are person of that intellect you should had already realise there are some good man and some bad.... But they always fight for same... For money sake....yea I choose too... Are you really talking about standards...why don't we meet in person..?? How about having a small conversation with a dinner??

Don't take me wrong can you say me what and where I can find your stuff...I really want to read your articles...

I mean reddi sir..that's auto dictionary function on my gadget..

Yea sure I would love too...and a source where can I find you on web world..if you can...m send u my email In your inbox

Even though farmers for there own benefit and to gain more and more of money from their product, articially grow the crops with the dangerous chemical which are bsnned ... Chemicals much hazardous to human life... Farmer to feed there tummy is playing with the life of peoples..... Like me do organic farming in my little garden... Why about ur words on devil farming by famers mr. Reddi sir??

Sidharth   16 April 2016

Dear All,

If anyone decides to fight his own, one must be mentally prepared to face criticism,  because mostly lawyers hate them and will try to demoralise them for their personal benefit.  It is constitutional right of every one to represent himself/herself. No need of any judgement. 

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