false kidnapping case

Dear   sir/Ma;m.

My ex. filed a false kidnapping case on me/my brother /Mama,  now I need your advice on false kidnapping (364/512) case in UP.

Detailed info goes like this…

My ex. flied a case on us that we three people tried to kidnap her and beaten in 2011 and she tried to every police station to file a case for that same but NO police station registered a case.

Now court asked to district police to submit their report and our bad luck police submitted the report against us after taking money.

We already fighting 498a with her and other cases in our local court and till date we have not been sammand from court, In 498a my local Thana/police (two time) submitted their final report in our favor  (In revision  police submitted report in our favor as well) and case pending in our local district court.

We have not kidnapped her but we don’t have any proof because the date of crime they are showing up that was a date of hearing and I was present in a court which has been shown. 

Now what we should do?  We don’t want/have money to take AB because not guilty of a crime or offence.

“We are innocent, save us” please.


Next date is 2nd Feb





Lawyer at Supreme Court of India



You have to take a bail, thereafter you can go the HC for quashing of the FIR. 


Kapil Chandna Adv



Get certified copy of the order, showing your presence on the day of crime and police report in 498-a and go for quashing under 482 Cr PC in the concerned High Court


As per your statement, you have solid proofs to prove that you were not present in the scene of the incident and were engaged in the court at the time of incident, this will prove your innocence of the crime however this can be taken up only during the time of trial hence it is better that you get enlarged on AB first and then challenge the case appropriately later on.


Thank you so much and your advice are novel cause for the people like us.

My concern is I am not guilty of crime so why I should take AB. If I will take AB, can I ask to police via RTI to respond on what basis they submitted final report?

If they were aware the crime then what they were doing because they produced a well written report with crime location map (well draft map the crime spot)

I had train tkt on same day (3:30PM), currently I don’t have the copy of tkt..Can I get 4yrs old train tkt from Indian railway?


Thank you as well who tried to get few customers from this forum...I know you ppl also need money to run household.


rightly advised by expert, get AB file RTI about the ticket details from railway and file that also for your defence 




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