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casedivorce   20 July 2018

False dowry case 498a filed by my wife

we got married last year in March , i came to USA just 7 days after marriage, then my wife come to USA after 3 months, she stayed here in usa for 35 days and ran back to india telling i used to trouble her which is false, she filed false case here in USA and it got dismissed,

My wife and her family few days back (after 1 yrs after separation ) went to women cell and filed dowry case against me telling i tried to kill her in USA, asking 10L rupees to get from India, I have never did so not hurt her, it was there game plan before marriage to get money out of me, we did not even ask 1rs dowry, nor they gave any gift, before or after marriage, my family is completely salaried people so we have everything in bank, all marriage expenses we have track of our ATM card used and CC card used, we never took money nor asked them, i paid my wife for passport and USA flight ticket, while returning she went to some guy house and he booked her ticket with his cost. she filed false complaint when i was in office and ran to India. 

DV case in USA is dismissed. In india written case states different and in USA its different. 

now back in india she and her father filed complaint in women cell telling i asked her money and went to kill her, 

police now asked for consouling for both family they have not registered any FIR , so need expert advice what would happen if you are my lawyer and what would you do if you are her lawyer, 

I do have all evidence like bank transaction and CC card details which i used to spend on her, we went lot of sight seeing in USA we have lot of photos, 

we never fought nor she called at home and complained that i ever fought with her, they do not have any evidene that i did anything wrong, 

before and after marriage i had good account balance more then 10L and i am earning good amount here in USA so i never begged money to anyone, 

me my family no one asked for any money ever, we do have sufficient proof also,  


please advice what would you do if you are my lawyer and if you are her lawyer.






 5 Replies

swetharani (s/w)     20 July 2018

no matter what evidence u have, a wife in india can file any number of cases she wants and the case gets dragged for years. there is nothing much u can do. she utlimately wants u to come to india and give her the money she wants or she will do whatever she can. like file cases on your family in india , make them run around courts, get your passport impounded, or even cancelled (happening theese days in hyderabd). u either sit in USA and not give in to her demands and do not go to india or just forget abt your USA dreams and go to india and fight for yourselves, request case be expedited (still might take 4-5yrs).  

casedivorce   20 July 2018

I am ok to give her money if its under limits, for that they have to talk and deal face to face, they are just running away, they dont want later we to spread news that we gave them money , so they are hiding , they not even coming for discussion. i just want them to get lost from my life, they need money they need to come and ask openly rather then trying indirect way so that they will be spared in public and society . 

Siddharth Jain   20 July 2018

you can contact me at for a detailed discussion over this issue.

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     21 July 2018

Talk to your wife and her parents face to face. Face-to-face communication also boosts collaboration and creativity through the ability to share ideas more freely. Communication is more than just words. Meeting in person helps you detect body language, feelings, tone, and reactions, which can often be misinterpreted through digital means.

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     22 July 2018

When you have understood game plan of your wife (for extortion) you should put social pressure on your in-laws and wife for an amicable settlement and buy peace for you.

You can consult and engage a local prudent lawyer to help you professionally.

Best wishes.

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