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False affidavit in the court

My case is a marriage nullification case under spl mrg she has filed a proof afidavit with false statements which can be disproved easily and i shall.THERE ARE NO EVIDENCE WITH HER TOO ONLY STATEMENTS.WHAT SHOULD I DO AGAINST THIS FALSE AFFIDAVIT.WILL THE COURT TAKE ACTION?

My sister has given a wrong statement  and given a affidavit in the court. I have filed a Purjery Case section IPC 340 against her. I have documentry evidence that she has given a wrong statement and an affidavit in the court , nothing has been done by the court till now, it is pending. My sister has taken a stay from the court in this regard against the fake affidavit. Indian Law is such t. I have no faith in the legal system of the country since facing problems . My case has been dragging in the court since last 6 years and is a property matter. I have a will of my father and the witnesses have been produced in the court and their statements have been recorded. The Judge says why we are relying on a will which is not Registered and he is telling after  6 years , all this time has passed in producing the witnesses in the court and the statements not recorded for one reason or the other. The witnesses are over 80 years old  .I have no faith in the Law system of the country. I am sorry to say this. I dont think my case will be solved in the court even after next 6 years . I have tried to compromise by mediation twice but all invain. The mediation system is also eye wash. The court has no systematic method  which can convince either parties to compromise.Rather then telling the facts of the case to the  either parties, telling them the weaknesses so that they compromise they are telling me to increase the compromising amount. . I have offered the amount which is asper the Hindu Law, considering that the will is not accepted by the court. In case the will is accepted by the court , she has no right to the property at all.I have to depend upon my destiny now.



The compalint of Mr. Agarwal is unfortunately  the experience of almost all the litigants. So   many justifiactions are ebing offered for the delays, which do not redress the grievance of the parties for the undue delays in rendering justice. Valuable time and money is lost in the process without any end result. Hence parties should consider alternate methods of resolving their disputes through arbitration or mediation by perosns in whom parties to the dispute  have faith and confidence.




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