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A Question: Suppose X publishes a math text book with many tough exercise problems for students to solve. X (obviously) owns the copyright to his math text book. Does he also have the exclusive right to publish the solution book for his text book? In other words: If Y publishes a guide book to X's text book with solutions and explanations to the questions in X's book, has Y infringed on X's copyright?

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 It quite simply means that the original author or creator of any creative work (writing, images, music, software, etc. etc.) has the sole right to copy (distribute, publish, sell, copy) that work for a set period of time (which is long, decades) unless he or she explicitly hands over that right to someone else. In your querry, Y is copied to his work for some extent. so he infringed copy rights of mr. X

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Agree with ramacharya ji,

but can he use in his tex book questions which are used in the X book as a sample questions as the text book have copy rights but not questions have copyrights




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