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sam   24 April 2017

Extra marital affairs of central govern employee

My wife is working for Central Government Body (Oil and Gas). We have 3.5 year old daughter and we are still not divorced. I discovered that she is having extra marital affairs with her lovers and I have wats app messages recorded in my laptops on her dirty conversations and their secret meetings held in my home. I wanted to give her maximum punishment and I dont want to leave her lovers for destroying my family. kindly advise on what punishment Indian Law can sentence her. I do not have any video/audio recordings but I have clear evidence of watsapp messages (recorded in my laptop) that both of them used and planned to meet at my home when me and my daughter went to my native place. Now she is staying with her brother in law and when i went to their home2 weeks back at night 9.00pm only both of them where there and his wife was not there, I have a strong doubt both of them having affairs. Still we have not filed for divorce since we have small daughter of 3.5 yr old. She is a central governemnt employee. Their s*xual conversations and their planning of meeting at my home I have recorded in my laptops (wats app screen shots with time stamps). Kindly advise if I go for divorce on basis of her adultery , can she get punishment to the max...??

Can I send a mail/meet the HR of this Central Government body where she works and address this issue so that they will take serious actions against her, in due course of submitting this wats app messages lively recorded in my laptop. 


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Sir,your wife cannot be punished for the offence of Adultery though it has been proved before court of law under IPC.Only Adulterer shall be punished

Rajiv kumar (abc)     24 April 2017

Sir, your wife cannot be punished for the offense of Adultery, but you straight go for divorce on the reason. But make good records of same. you will get the divorce without any maintenance. 

But make video record with spycam of more than 30 fps.

P. Venu (Advocate)     24 April 2017

The facts posted do not suggest a case of bigamy. As such, the authorities have no case for taking action against her.

However, there could be case for adultery; but, even if proved, there is no punishment provided for the adulterous wife.

Adultery, once proved, would certainly a ground for seeking divorce. 


dr g balakrishnan (advocate/counsel supreme court)     24 April 2017

You have some halluvinations on some suspicion base; besides without solid evidence you can't divorce her; u wanted her to go for work perhaps that way public contact my cause some issues you can't question; else you shd be able enugh to sustain the family needs no woman wants r\to go out for job but male spouses force in the name economic development, obviously public contact takes place , see when you travel in a crowded compartment some people are forced to stand in compromising position, you cannot take a photo see 'i saw her standing in compromising position with other person  - might be your nr]eighbor in your society - how could yu say it is an evidence so uyou have to be prudent in complaining - altogether when u ublish in these pages itself it might enable your wife file liquidated exemplary damages that you may have to pay - law is double edged my dear friemd. tks  

A walk alone (-)     24 April 2017

You can't punish her . only thing which you can get from court is divorce. But think before filing it. One step will spoil your child future. You and your child will roam court for decade and waste money on lawyers. If you want divorce then first collect evidence and file divorce on cruelty ground. Adultery is very difficult to prove in court. But with evidence you can prove cruelty. If you send a mail/meet the HR of this Central Government body where she works and address this issue it's useless. They won't take any action. It's her personal issue not professional issue

Mukesh sharma (job )     25 April 2017

Hello you can not punish yoour wife if you have such ground and you have all proof and you cought her when her lover came to your home or other in that case you file case against her lover and she will be punshid as IPC section. 494 and you go for divorce and if you have strong proof than you got divorce easily on this ground and you should not applicable for alimoney . 


Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     25 April 2017

The conduct of your wife would amount to moral turpitude under Government Servants Conduct Rules. She can be dismissed from service.

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dr g balakrishnan (advocate/counsel supreme court)     25 April 2017

if you had extra marital affairs would you like to be punished ; or you will ensure that you are not punished that way is you need to look at yr wife - see in wartme many women were raped by military men or others did ever their husbands punished their women by killing them. 

dr g balakrishnan (advocate/counsel supreme court)     25 April 2017

Be compassionate my dear man. tks.

sam   25 April 2017

Sir, thanks a lot for the reply. I ve watsapp proof showing her lover planning to visit my apartment once I am not there. Also his name and proofs are captured in visitors register. I do not have proofs no videos or audio that they had private meetings. My wife has some s*xual disorders and she approached one more guy working in different company, but they both used to travel together en route to their workplace, he stays near my apartment, I ve proofs showing their erotic conversations during night time keeping our 3.7yrs old daughter nxt to her. Also I ve watsapp proof showing 3 times inviting her to his apartment. At a time I don't know how she keeps company with 2 guys. I have seen her coming late nite from her lovers place but I do not ve any videos. I have only watsapp evidence his invitation for her to come to his home. Can I report ''tis matter to the HR of her company.... currently we are not divorced and now she is staying with her sisters apartment. When I went their at 9.00pm both where alone at their home and I doubt she is having affair with brother in law too. His wife was not there too. Can I charge a case against her brother in law for illegally keeping my legally wedded wife also file case against her on the same grounds. As a central government employee she should be punished severely.  Also her parents support her even though I told her father about her secret lovers, even i forwarded lovers messages with her on planning to go back to blr from my hometown, both together. I don't know wat kind of parents r they,,...?.. 

P. Venu (Advocate)     26 April 2017

There are no Rules which authorise the disciplinary authority to initiate action in such cases. You can proceed against the person(s) involved for adultary.

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     26 April 2017

For violation of Government Servants Conduct Rules action can be taken against Government Servants.

Hiren Gohel   26 April 2017

G.Balakrishnan.. You're a disgrace. Instead of helping or advising someone who is helpless, you're rather guiding him towards taking some serious steps like committing suicide, by your sh*tty statements? Only Idiots like you have spolied the image of the entire law system and people like you are playing as broker of Indian legal system. Shame on you.

Hiren Gohel   26 April 2017

A guy who already has evidence against his wife's illicit relationship. If it's not sufficient to punish that b*tch, then at least you can help him or advice him, how to get rid of that fuc*ing b*tch and also putting that Rascal behind the bars who is fuc*ing his wife. But you all are criticizing him and making him realize like he would not be able to win, even if he has some evidence against his Wife. You are not lawyers, you all are businesmen and brokers. I don't understand why you all wear black blazer and call yourself a symbol of justice? When you can't even give someone a satisfactory and transparent advice. This is bullsh*t..

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