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Chetan Singh (SE)     13 January 2012

Ex-wife wants to enter forcefully


Dear All,


Toady was 3rd mediation date for mine case since my ex-wife filed me 498a,125 etc on me.

As she was earlier married with her ex-husband and had a son of 10 years so,I filed null and void case and got judgement that our marriage is void. but this is ex-party judgement.So she is saying in court she is not aware of this case and it was rape case thats why she had a son. 

So our case was in medaition. But we were not able to do compromise there since she was stick in words that she will live with me.

I was agree with condition that if she will give me divorce or permit me that she will never oppose my next marriage.

So finally no compromise was done in mediation centre. 


Now case is again gone in court for next date.

Now she is threating in phone that she will enter forcefully in my room and she will attend her cases from my room only.


1.since 498a,125 are going on so can she enter forcefully being as ex-wife since my marriage is annuled already.


2.If yes,then can i take any legel action on her.


3.what if she is residing in my home and start developing physical relation with me.

Conclusion is that if she enters forcefully in my home then what precations i need to take from her because i need to do my next marrige but i have no girl ready for marriage because of pending cases. 


Please advice.......


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Aishwarya (Teacher)     13 January 2012

@ author.

1. Since your marriage has been nullified, first of all she cannot file 498A and 125 on you.


           And since she is no longer your wife, she cannot enter your house.

2. You can take legal action if she forcefully enters.

3. OMG ! don't u know there is existence of basic "self control" if it be so though not likely to be..

Chetan Singh (SE)     14 January 2012

Hi Aishwaraya ji,

She did cases 498a,125 before , and I got judgement after 2 years of mine case of null and void.
My question about third point is that since she is saying that my null and void is exparty so she will enter my room and attend all cases from my room untill all cases will be finished.

So I am feeling fear that what needs to done in advance if she enters forcefully. Is there should be any legal documents which I needs to undersign from her ?


When the cases are going on like 498a and 125 then she should not be allowed to enter in home.

BTW if she come then keep your room lock from inside.

Chetan Singh (SE)     14 January 2012

Thanks but what , if she take help of lady police since she was earlier residing in some Gurudwara.Now they people are not allowing her to continue in gurudwara. So she is forcefully and peacefully asking me shelter. 


If yours is rented house please you go to some other rented house or Gurudwara.

**Victim** (job)     14 January 2012

One simple answer to ur question "KEEP UR DOOR AND ZIP LOCKED" no one can forcefully enter ur house and no one can forcefully have physical relation with you.

Chetan Singh (SE)     14 January 2012

Ok thanks,

But last question in terms of open law.

1. If marriage is null and void from court and wife repents her fault although she has no recorads for her first marriage divorce and no else where shelter also have a son  .

2. Since we have spend 5-6 months together and we have emotional attachments for each other so if she will enter , I know i will not let her stop. So Is this crime if she stays with me as a ex-wife. 
3. Would I do my second marriage in future ,if i get nice nature girl, if both girls have no problem as per my relative wish and our all parents wish. since as per law my first marriage is anuuled.


Do not be emotional Chetan ji. Now your marriage is void and you are against the court verdict.

If you want to keep her with you then you know better her than anyone else.

In my opinion better way is to leave her and search for some other girl .

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     14 January 2012

she filed criminal cases.

u got marriage annulled. 

u can still not forget her.

u want to remarry.

u wish both the ladies be with u.


Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     14 January 2012

Get injunction (restraining) order against her.

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Chetan Singh (SE)     14 January 2012

I dont want to remarry her. But she has no-other option like from her home every one is so poor to manage they are requesting me to take her.

I want to marry other girl whom i love and care. so please open my eye as what law say these all?

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     14 January 2012

Think logically !

r u minor ?

Chetan Singh (SE)     14 January 2012

Emotionally I am not mature, since I am not able to forget her completely even since she booked me jail too for 498a case in past.

Love is blind, but my parents dont want to accept her in any cost now. They clearly said to me now your marriage is annuled and forget her completely and we will search good match for you. If i dont agree with them they will leave me and they are giving sucide threat. 

Here my ex-wife is also saying, now she has no one in her present  and future so she dont want to continue with any other guy so she will do sucide if i will leave her completely.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     14 January 2012

I am not mature


Pay the cost for urself.

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