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Rahul T (Engineer)     10 July 2011

Equality /no-maintenance/no dowry


Girls are always claims for equality, they why they are asking for maintenance, they should claim for “Equality /no-maintenance/no dowry”. Unfortunately no one talks in that way. They are talking “Equality /Full-maintenance/no dowry”. Is it justifiable???



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Rahul dear, when god did not make us equal then who the hell are we to ask for equal.

However famales ask the equal rights when its in their favour otherwise they are abala naari.

I've been to countries,,,america to africa.....I've seen disparity...but in India..its entirely different... ;-)

Adv. Vaishali Karloopia (lawyer)     11 July 2011

@ Rahul T

Sir, We girls claim for our rights i.e. equality(provided by constitution of India under article 14).

Article 15 says no there should be no discrimination on the basis of religion, race, cast, s*x and creed of a person. But in some states women gets less salary & wages as compared to men.

As far as maintainence is concerned, after marriage the husband becomes the guardian of a women, it's his moral obligation to maintain his wife after divorce.

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     11 July 2011

For the purpose of the post and knowledge of all above members::


Maintenance is the moral duty of a man but only when the wife has performed her duties in-line with the morals. Any wife who herself abandones her husband and take away his conjugal rights is not entitled for maitnenance.



You have very rightly mentioned that, a man becomes the guardian of the woman after marriage but I think you failed to understand that when she becomes dependant why does she behaves like a guardian herself. This is the basic reason why there lies issues in a matrimonial life. When a girl is dependant then she should behave like that. But she tries to drive herself upward and try to show superiority over man.


Constitution of India contains special provision in Art.15(3) for women and children. But can we say that a full grown adult woman of 25yr of age is equivalent to a 15yr old boy? Could same provision be applicable for both? Answer is unequivocal NO.


Girls were given special status and provision were made because they used to do be special. They used to sacrifice their life for their family and children. But time has changed and women denies to be what they used to be. So provisions should also change. When they claim equality, they should be treated equal in every aspect.




zimmerzapper (student)     11 July 2011

when women want equality, why do they want a guardian? be independent like a man

Rahul T (Engineer)     11 July 2011

@ My dear friend shally

       Based on your comment “after marriage the husband becomes the guardian of a women”. If this concept remain same, then all guys will be happy to pay maintained…. Unfortunately that never happens.

After mirage girls tries to become guardian for whole family, they tries to though elders out of the home, and wants to administrate husband.  If all girls would have thought in the same way there wouldn’t be any problem (bad creatures of human society are aside)….

“it's his moral obligation to maintain his wife after divorce” what about wife’s moral obligation ???? Doesn’t she have any thing to do???

About wages??? I work 16-18 hours a day for my company/ organization, I could be fool. Tell me how many girls can do the same? I have a collogue who is a girl, Almost every day she has a common excuse  “Rahul bhai, can you please do XYZ work of mine, as I have ABC work & need to go home early ”………. Not only with me its same for most of the ppl…

Krishna Kumar (Business)     12 July 2011

Just wanted to say addition to Rahul T replies, I got a good team member who was worked one year before.

She was a girl after completion my team work, she joined another team. There it was heavey work, she was asked to sit after 6:00 till 7:30 in some days. But she says some execuse and left the office. Boys will sit till 9:00 PM (even 10:00 in some days) to complete their job and others job like her.

After this continues one month, team leader gone and reported to manager saying she comes by 10:30 and leave by 6:00 and she did not work properly. On the next day that lady gone and reported that guys are s*xually harrasing her and asking her to sit after 6:00 PM.

What to do in this suituation. Where to find mistake?

Not only in home, in office also Men has to provide all of needs to girls/ladies/women. This is the reallity now.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 July 2011

@ krishna


i agree that in a workplace females have the habit of handing over additional work of their own.they continue asking for favours unless you stand up and assert that it's not ur job...



however in some cases(not all)some men also invite such troubles..if they see a weak person who is ready to do her work,they make it a habit to "use" him for finishing their owrk also.


then in other cases,some men invite such females to dance on their heads by having flings in offices,whether they are married or not.


even they die to have company of a smart,extrovert woman whom they can show off as a trophy GF to their who do not have such trophy GFs develop an i.complex,as if they are lacking in something.



here i am not saying that u have flings or affairs.i am talking of general situations.kindly do not take my statements personally.



the solution to all this is to become a no-nonsense male.even females dread asking favours from such me.i am also a female and have seen such matters with my own eyes.

but some men,in their need to create a good impression from females,first try to become good,nice,helpful boys.for example-they will buy movie tickets for the costliest cinema hall in town,when going for outing in a group,or try gifting the female colleagues the costliest gift on their birthdays,or throw a lavish party on any occassion,such as a females also try to take advantage of the one who has so much money to squander.


later when these females start dancing on their heads,men complain.


it's best to be a simple person,get married to a simple lady & not to a showy woman,and stay away from trying to please or woo smart dashing females in office.

that's the best policy.



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Do you have any female colleague or female senior who has some kind of "cold war" with that irritating female who uses you?


Just try to find out.


If you have,you are lucky.


Usually female bosses are less sympathtic to female emplyees,but more sympathtic to male employees.Woman-woman jealousy,you know!


Try taking such females into confidence and share your problem with them.Ask them to become a party to your plight and report those silly females' deeds.

If they support you in reporting such deeds,she can't accuse you of s*xual harassment.Because another female is complaining against her.And usually a female's complaints are taken seriously.

anant (others)     12 July 2011

fully agree with Roshni's view but same time such type of girls needs to be punished, otherwise she will find someone else and spoil his life

Rahul T (Engineer)     12 July 2011

Dear Friends,


 Let me share one of my experience, normally I am bit straight-forward with all my collage, because I always want them to work like me. Since I am bit straight-forward, & never prefer to go out for TEA/Coffer by leaving work, therefore some of my collogue (Girls) complained against me, stating that my behavior is not friendly (rude). & her manager’s comment was to handle girls delicately, so my question for her was what about work? & then her answer was “Enjoy Life outside family life”……


This is our society….who should be Blamed…..



NOTE: Theft is the biggest Art, Till you are not caught….






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I know it happens.


Typical Indian mentality.


If possible,record the conv. where you are saying that you have work to do,while females are irritating you to "enjoy life outside family."


In case matters become serious play the recording in front of people to whom this "bunking from office" matters.Not to those chamcha managers of females.


Also there's no harm going out for relaxing.But don't spend money like a rich guy.But like a mid. class guy.


Let them also spend.Let each person in the group spend 1 by 1.


Lastly,your manager cannot force you to be friends with them.You have the right to choose caring friends.

Being reserved is no reason to fire someone.

Krishna Kumar (Business)     13 July 2011



Men, Women created by God (or nature) and as both have opposit s*x, it is difficult to stop anyone's mind having affection, love on opposit s*x person. Hope is also for girls. So dont say that, guys are inviting the trouble on their own.

I accept the guys are taking costly movie ticket and showing they are handsome, rich etc., etc. But how many of them are like that. atlease 10%, but for that you can't take other 90% peoples are puting under that bar.

Take that girl, after 6:00 she will be in office campus only roaming with her boy friend (she already got married is another information). Let her do whatever she need, but she should atleast work 8.5 hours properly. She come by 10:30, Tea break (45 + 45 min), lunch break more then one & half hour. Whenever I go to her seat to ask status, she will be in call. There is no seriousness at all in job.

After all, she gone and reported she is s*xually harrased. If the guy does not have proper evidence to prove that girl is telling false statement, his life will be crude up. All guys are not come with the mentality what you say. They are born and brought up with a aim, fighting with the competitive world. There are soo many guys are getting house with a loan and paying for that, settling their life. 

There are many person I seen they are sleeping by filling up only water with no food whan I was searching job. But after all with a false complain our life became a question mark is difficult to digest. 

I dont know why no law contains misuse clause. Because of that the person who really getting harrased is not getting justice or delayed. I also dont know how money is the one will equalize the crime done by some one.

Everything is in Question mark? No one will have answer. 

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Rahul T (Engineer)     13 July 2011

I completely agree with Mr, Krishna, My life is almost in same situation, what he has explained. I have to think about my Car Loan EMI, House loan EMI, need to think about house hold expenses, And the most important part, is I need to make sure my job is safe.

So that I can fulfill all my liabilities, after all this, if I can finish my work, then thinking to coming back home, so that I can sleep, slightly more, As I am sleeping +-5 hours daily. Friendship??? That I hardly dream, because for that I need to have at list some time…if I perform less & thrown out of the org, then, who will take care of my liabilities? I don’t have any Husband, so that I can Ask for maintenance………..




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Krishna Kumar (Business)     15 July 2011


The only possible solution for us is to stay away from females as much as possible.

After seen such incidents I refused to take any girls in my team whether they are genius to genius also no matter. My life is more important than my workJ.

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