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cm jain sir (ccc)     01 May 2012

End result of husband-wife conflicts!


Woman sets herself on fire in Delhi

New Delhi, April 30 (IANS) A 26-year-old woman set herself on fire after an argument with a man who was harassing her with obscene phone calls, police said Monday.


Rajwati, a resident of Bawana, suffered 90 percent burn injuries and was admitted to Lok Nayak hospital.

According to police, the son of her former landlord Shakti was troubling her with obscene phone calls despite her objections.

Rajwati went to Shakti's mother Sunday and complained about him. A heated argument took place between Rajwati and Shakti and his mother.

"Suddenly Rajwati poured kerosene oil and lit herself," said police. Villagers rushed to save her and took her to hospital.

Rajwati was living with her two sons. She took care of her children by doing some labour job after her husband deserted her.


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Ranee....... (NA)     01 May 2012

it happened inspite of so many women favoured law in the country..

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sri (ceo)     01 May 2012

illiteracy... she can always go to police...

are there any weapons less for a woman to harass anyone...

498a dowry harass rape attempt etc...

could be police did not help as they might have a different story of hers...this could be tricky story... media news cannot be genuine... unless detailed investigations take up we cannot comment...

but sad she took that step...

sanjeev pawar (service)     01 May 2012

yes i agree with sri............this is just one side of the coin, unless the total story with the other side statements, no one can comment on this matter, it is incomplete information.............and a baised view by ranee........

Ranee....... (NA)     01 May 2012

@dlf, how can you say my comment as biased only?Actually the news is presented here in a biased way.The lady was harrassed by landlord's son- is this the result of husband -wife conflict?......she was deserted by husband ...does it give extra right to other males to harrass her?This news is mockery on women favoured laws in India..

cm jain sir (ccc)     01 May 2012


My intention of this post was for giving awareness about the value and sensitivity of husband wife relationship. If there is some problem comes in it then how the lady has to suffer from all the corners of the society.

But here also u r smelling biased approach. I think you should widen your horizon of thinking.

Husband-wife rift is the main cause for this teerrific step by the poor lady.

If you have undrstood something else then its your way of thinking.

Ranee....... (NA)     01 May 2012

If there is some problem comes in it then how the lady has to suffer from all the corners of the society.


this is what I wanted to say in my first post.The lady did it inspite of so many laws in her favour.Because lack of knowledge or awareness..what is the use of such lawspecial measures are to b taken to make such needy women aware of laws.otherwise laws will remain as a luxury item for rich and educated women.


It means a woman should try to save his marriage in initial days to gain trust and man should not treat his wife as an servant/animal.


Ranee ....... Not every lady is sufferring and those who are sufferring are becoz of their own KARMA !!


Agree Sam,

But all five fingers are not same.

A girl will get little money but loose his joy of life in long run.

satya (Manager)     01 May 2012

Females in past days were very adjustive and aware that life is not possible without husband. Now a days due to 498(a) and DV Act females have forgotten the importance of husband. The above harrasment is not due to husband and wife relations but this problem is due to oversmartness. We may face sometimes bad behaviour of husband but whenever we leave that husband we may save ours from blunt behaviour?

dr.pawan rajyan (member and secretory)     01 May 2012

cm jain sir,................very true...!!!!!

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rajiv_lodha (zz)     01 May 2012

If u really want to help women in need, GIVE THEM EDUCATION............ SO THAT THEY CAN FIGHT FOR THEIR DUES............. SO THAT THEY CAN EARN N NOT BEG 4 MAINTENENCE!

Mear TILTING THE LAWS n pulling matrimonial matters into CRIMINAL MACHINARY wont help!

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