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munni (house wife)     01 May 2013

My husband harassed me and now filed rcr

I am in a great problem...My husband files RCR... We got married before 1 year 10 months. After that  I joined with my husband for 4 month at abroad. During that time I got pregnant, and some how it got miscarriage. For that my husband many time tell to his family that I am the responsible for that...

After that for his peculiar behavior now I am staying for more than 1 year 2 months at my parents house, due to following reason..

Ø  One time he hit me at my head (I don't have any proof) and he scold me many time..

Ø  He suspect me for unnecessary reason, that I have past boyfriends..He is raising many time these issues..for that I am not feeling safe to join with him..

Ø  At that country I did not get any job.. so I refused to join with him..Although he has handsome salary and he want family planning but I want to stand in my own.  For that I am now I am searching job at India, and I told to my husband that I don't want to join at abroad (even he do many restriction to me in normal day to ay life) ..


a) As he had some record of our conversation, with my boy friend, can is it against conjugal rule?

b) Apart from that I had a study loan, which although my father told that he will repay.. But now my family in problems, so for that I asked to my husband to that I want to do job so that I can repay to bank..But as he is now allowing to go for job, rather due to his age he want baby first .. But I don't want..I want to know that, whether a Daughter can take care for his parent? As I have no brother, so who will take care of my father and sister? Can a wife will take responsibility for his parents?

c) Actually during our quarrel I got angry and I told following thing, which he amicably recorded my voice and keeping for future..My voice was that """" I want to know that wife can take responsibility of her parents? Why shall I join in his family? I want to job and I will stay anywhere, it is not necessary to stay together..""" Does all these recorded pinots will be in favour if he will take any action against me..

 d) He was paying monthly money, but I think as he is playing with me, so last month I returned that money...

e) His intention to take care for his family only, then who will take care for my family? what is the opinion in the eye of law?

 f) I guess that, his intention to harass me by multiple case in my name and my family name..So it may effect to father's govt job? If he will put multiple case then can we apply to transfer all these case to my home town?

g) If he will file case then from my side, we have to pay all advocate fees, or we can claim from him?

h) I want that he should get punished for spoiling my life and career..


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Supratim Paul (E)     01 May 2013

My basic observation is "Girls main family is their own family, they even don;t consider the boys family as part of it" They just want the boy to work for her and her family and want all the money from the husband.


Most of the girls are dependent on their parents voice and do what ever they say and this is the first point of problem. Lot of times girl have diffrent relation pre marriage and since they were forced into marrige just to save their familt title and name and hence after that create problem then if the girl doesn;t want to live with the husband then they file cases like DV,498a etc which will give them money and save them and inturn blame the other party. 


I feel strong laws are required for person who is required abt most of the time its is misused by womens in India.

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Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     01 May 2013

Whatever evidence he has is insufficient to prove any case against you.  In India laws favor women.  If you speak one word against him, he will be behind bars.  So be brave.  Continue your efforts to find a job and stand on your feet.  You do not know that men fear women that they will file S.498A against them.  Men are harrassed by women filing 498A, there are forums like working for saving men from the threat of women filing 498A.  It is strange you are fearing your husband when this is the situation.  Yours is the first case I had seen woman fearing that husband would use law against her.

Gaurav (consultant)     01 May 2013

munni badnaam hui, darling kiske liye?

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munni (house wife)     01 May 2013

Dear Chandrashekhar Sir,

  Thank you for yor message.. As he filed RCR.. I am planning to pray to highcourt to transfer case to my juristigation..then it will be easier to me to attend..

  Then he may try to transfer to highcourt, will it be possible for him to transfer?

  If I will file 498 and DV then as he is staying baroad, then how much can I take revenge according to IPC.. basically I want to see, how he can spoil a life of a girl with turture..

 I want to see him and his family in bar.. How can I put as long time in side the jail.. In such case how I can get help in moneytary case? As I don't have any job and my father is only source of income for our 5 members, with another two younger sister at my home..

 Hope all advocate fees will born by govy or how it help from my side?? In case he will transfer case to highcourt can I seek for my expances from my husband salary?

 Can I file for maintenance from him? he is with handsoem salary, around Rs.2 lakhs per month..

Please suggest me in this regards.


Thank you..




ADV S PATHAK (lawyer)     02 May 2013

all the facts given by u show your adament behaviour which is destroying ur matrimonial life. 

think about "MY FAMILY". which is ur family after marriage???????

he has done right thing by filing RCR.

if u don't want to live with him GO FOR MCD and live with "YOUR FAMILY"

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ha haha hahaha!!

This comedy character again approached LCI. lol!!! I can see her fate.

Heyy Lady!! Mark my words, You will suffer and suffer to the MAXIMUM.

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Read and replied to same query sometime back.

Ranee....... (NA)     04 May 2013

You can do job abroad and send money to your parents to maintain themselves.In this way you can save both your family and and parent's family.

discuss the matter with husband.What is the meaniung of not staying together?Do you really have a serious affair outside marriage?If so you are to blame for the whole mess.In my view respond to the RCR and join husband.




Don't get afraid of curse of Swami Stalkeranand.:P

Ranee....... (NA)     04 May 2013

She did not join her husband due to differnces and she joined her husband after 4months of marriage.

have you skipped these points?, Mr shamei?

ragz hyder (PM)     05 May 2013

You have a boyfriend after marriage and talking to him

you are denying him baby

You want to see his family behind bars.

...What a female canine you are.

Natural justice is violated in India.

munni (house wife)     05 May 2013

Dear Madam Ranee,

 Actually I tried job at that country, but as I was in dependent pass, so some time if was bit difficult to get job.. This matter I raised to my husband, he say that as I am with good salary and it will sufficient even if I will  work for 4 to 5 year for whole life for a middle class family and he is interested in family planning (as he is 35+)..But I am not ready right now, when my family need support from me..

He made condition with my father before marriage that as he want to take care to his family (His mom) after marriage..

But although my father is in govt. job but the money is not enough for my study loan and for my sisters..then who will take care for my parents and my sister, if I don't have job..

I Know if I will get job near to him then he will ask to make home with him.. He is so money minded that, he may not allow to give money to my family.. But how this will possible.. Now laws given equal priority to both gender.. so I a want to stand my own.. Just I talked over phone with my past boy friend, where in joke he told some thing that "today I am realizing and missing you a lot, and now I am repenting that I did not able to marry you""..for this joke talking he make a big fire with my father too, that I had a relation in past..this things he recorded..

  • Is he has right to record my personnel voice? Is it legally allowed?This was just in phone after marriage.. was it a great mistake that he is making so much history.. For such of his character today I am at my parents house..
  • If he will open this record in-front of counselor or in-front of judge, then whether it will be strong points from his side?
  • Can a girl is not responsible for his parents? then who will take care for my parents?How does this things will go further infront of eye of laws..

In such case what shall do?

Please suggest me in this..

Ranee....... (NA)     05 May 2013

How did he recorded your voice?Is it video recording while you were talking of your phone tapping?Phone tapping is an illegal act.

Yes, you have duty for your family.If he is not supporting you then do whatever you think fit for your situation.

Don't talk to your boyfriend until you are in this marriage.

munni (house wife)     05 May 2013

Madam Ranee,

  I sent an PM to you.. Please help me in fo rmy situation..

Here many peoples simply give comments, instead of giving advice when some body is in really trouble..



Dear Munni

Don't take any hard step at once.

make your mind cool and try to understand each othe. Talk to him personlly and try to know what he want actul.

After mutual discussion take needful step.