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domestic violence

What is Domestic Violence act? How much it effects / harms family members like husband, father, mother, brother-in-law and his wife.

Can it be filed against parents although they are staying away (alone) at another city?




It depand upon facts and circumstances, Further who staying away (alone) at another city should not be implead as respondents however it depand whether the person staying away interfer through some sources like telephone and other mean, in that case they be impleaded as respondent on the application of the applicant.



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DV Act is essentially for protection of women from the violence by husband and those other male members of the family who involved in violence in some way or the other.  Husband's mother can also be charged for her involvement along with  or besides her son in the violence.  There is no bar.  Even her own father can also be proceeded against in terms of the DV Act.  It all depends on the facts of events.  As Kapoor Deepak sir said even a far off place resident can also subject the aggrieved woman to violence indirectly and there need not be immediate physical presence.   If violence proceeds from the charged it is encough.

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Thanks to Mr. Kapoor Deepak and Mr. Kishtaiah for their response.

1. How can one protect from false allegations of DV act.

2. Can it be charged twice.

3. How does Videos or Audio recording helps as evidence to fight against false DV Act.

4. Is threatning of life is a crime?






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