Does computer generated bank statements do not need sign ?

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These days banks do not put any signs or stamp on the computer generated statements and entries in the passbooks which are just printed by an ordinary printer.before computer/printer era they used to do all the entries by hand,thus customer had an adequete proof of all the transaction and other details on the passbooks.

HSBC bank gives only a printout to the depositers(without any sign or stamp of the bank official) which can be printed very easily by anyone whosoever has some basic knowledge of Paint or Adobe photoshop etc.

I wonder,should not they be challenged for playing with Public's trust ?

Are not they doing all this because none could claim if gets cheated ?

Please suggest.


After the recent amendments of the Indian Evidence Act and coming of the Information Technology Act , the original print outs from the system of any organisation or the individual is treated as a valid piece of evidene unless it is proved to be the one which is forged or tampered with.

Hence the banks do not feel the necessity to authenticate its computer generated statements further.


Properties and Finances

Sir,what if I enter a deposit of Rs. Five lakhs in my passbook with my printer,though I have not deposited that amount ever?


Law is just common sense.Since every thing can not be provided in law so assumptions are made. In your case suppose you have made entry for any amount why five lack only. After putting the entry it should be of some use to you. So the moment you want to utilise this entry you have to answer and there you will be trapped., because there will not be corresponding entry in bank records and no other proof of slips deposits etc.

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Shashi,what if I have printed a deposit slip of Rs. five lakhs also as I have cited an example of HSBC bank ?


In my case any entry I will put that can be questioned but only when it is proved that I have made that entry myself until then every entry is valid and useful for me otherwise why it is in the passbook .

Basic question is such entries without any signs or stamps of banks can be very problematic,public can not prove anything if some thing mischievous happens and even for banks it will become difficult to prove that someone has done these entries without actual transactions as they themselves are using this method of not putting any sign or stamp on the receipts.

Not only law but every science(even rocket science) is common sense but this common sense is not found in human beings commonly--sorry to say.


Dear Member:

A bank statement is not an authenticated one if it is not signed.  For general purpose,  for the purpose of  knowlege  statement can be relied upon since you know the source and it can be read with other documents of authentication.

As far as making entry/alterations in the pass book and claiming it as a genuine you must have heard about cheating, forgery etc. So jail is not far away from you.


AAR krishnan

Asst, Manager-Legal

yes i agree with mem


hello everyboby

in such case the person can avail any loans in any other branches by producing the fake deposit certificate..

what is the legal status of that .....

Advocate, Chennai

Mr.Madhu, I just now read your other thread advocating Thumb Impression instead of Hand Signature on Cheques. But in this thread you are strongly canvassing for Hand Signature of the banker on the Statements. I like your strange thinking but I don't understand your strange thinking.


A certificate is requiered as to truthfulness of such document under sect 65A Evi Act.




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