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Monika (CA Student)     04 February 2009

Documents Required - Registration of purchase of Property

Hi all

Can anyone plz tell me what are the Documents Required for the Registration of purchase of Property and the procedure for the same and about stamp Duty and how to get ahome loan? Kindly help me out. you can reply me by sending mail to



 13 Replies

BK Bhargava (Business and consultancy)     04 February 2009

Dear Monika,

To buy a property common documents in all states of India required are:

1. PAN CARD of Buyer and seller both (Not required in case not an assessee)

2. Any documents for address proof such as PAN/Voter ID Card/ Ration Card etc/Electric Bill

3. You need a document writer help. He will examine and  evaluate the registry docuemts and see the prima-facie admissibility and get it confirm from registrar office  and advise you to buy stamp duty  payable on registry as per rates fixed by that State. For female buyer the registry  rates are subsidised .

4. Please ensure before purchasing property that title is free from all dispute and marketable. Bank loans are availble on clean tille's property only. There is home loan department in alomost every bank who provide all sort of assistance. Bank people will get it searched through their lawyer and get it evaluated through their authorised valuer then you can proceed for home loan. See that interest rate and other terms such EMI fixation is fair and reasonable. There is no other hidden exps. or cost in bank loan .

5  As regards value of property, It is always advisable to pay by A/c payye draft/cheque and get it endorsed in registry documents.


BK Bhargava, Katni

M. PIRAVI PERUMAL (Advocate & Consumer Rights)     04 February 2009

Get legal opinion from a lawyer and if there is no encumbrance you can get it registered through the same lawyer himself.  While choosing a lawyer you can prefer a one who in the panel of Banks so that obtaining loans will be hassle free.

ravikumarbcombl (advocate)     05 February 2009

Ms.monika, for registration purpose no documents are required apart from the parties I.D. proof and Address Proof,  D.D. or cash for the Stamp duty and registration fee and the passport size photograph of the parties along with the Sale Deed to be registered in favour of a Purchaser........ that's all for the purpose of registration... but before that you have to make sure on the title of the vendor through an advocate  by vetting their title documents and verify the originals and revenue records and Encumbrance Certificate in order to proceed with the bank for home loan along with your advocate's legal opinion..... for speedy process anyway the bank also getting opinion from their panel advocate... ok

A V Vishal (Advocate)     06 February 2009

Ms Monika:

The documents for registration include the sale deed, you require the link document from the vendor showing the flow of title unto him and any specified docs to prove the identity and residence of both the vendor and vendee for the purpose of registration. In some states the PAN card serves both the puposes.

As for the home loan you need to visit your bank to check your eligibility of the loan amount. Different banks consider different parameters. Basically all banks insist on a valuation report & legal opinion in case of constructed property and in case you wish to construct then you need to project the cost of the construction. However, the banks have their own norms of valuation. An important point I wish to make here is it's immaterial what the worth of the property is they check in terms of your repaying capacity. Now a days due to economic slowdown the banks have reduced their funding in the asset. Previously banks used to fund upto 90% in some cases now the funding is restricted to 70-75% of the property value. Subject to fulfillment of the above criteria the loan is sanctioned and necessary papers have to be executed for further action.

All the best

sanjeev gupta (Advocate)     06 February 2009


When u purchase a property, there is main thing property is freehold or leasehold, if property is free hold than u have registered Sale deed in ur favour from the purchaser, on that case u can get the bank loan.

If the property is lease hold, on that case u have registered the IGPA, Agreement to Sell, WILL, SPA, and Possession letter etc;, it may be dout, bank may be refuse loan on that property.

Buyer or Seller should have Address proof and Pan Card and two Witness, who have address proof I.D

All the document can be made with the help of Advocate, who deals in the Property document Registration.

for further enquiry u have contact me through email

With Regards

Sanjeev Gupta



sanjay singh thakur (advocate)     10 April 2009

Dear Monika

You should have made clear about the type of property which you intend to purchase. However if you want to purchase a flat in a multistorey building then few things need to be verified are:

1. Whether it is constructed on proper land i.e. with written consent of the land Lord.

2. There should be development agreement between land lord and Developer.

3. The map should have been approved from the concerned authority.

4. Lastly it should be insured that the flat which you are going to purchase is of the person from whom you are purchasing the same.

Do take help of local lawyer especially of bank. Though I am a panel Advocate of several banks so if have any further query do mail me on my email:


Sunny Bhat (Manager)     22 April 2012


You can check out following link with comprehensive list of documents reqd for purchase

SATISH KUMAR (Internal Auditor)     03 August 2012

Hi All,

Any one can tell me. If Old sale deed not taken from the previous owner at the time of purchase of property before 5 yrs. Now owner is not tracerable at this time. Then what to do in legal opinion for the purpose of a bank CC limit. Kindly help me. 

Thanks & Regards

Satish Kumar

Sh S. Kumar (Other)     05 September 2012

You can contact us for the registration of your property documents in Delhi such as Sale Deed, Lease Agreement, Gift Deed, General Power of Attorney, Agreement to Sell, etc.

Mr. SK Gupta


Property Documents Drafting & Registration in Delhi

Manmohan Mehta (Chief Engineer)     02 April 2013

Sir I have purchased property in Paldi Area of Ahmedabad which is declared as Communal disturbed area. Whether I require legal clearance for Ashant Dhara Act before registration All the formalities are over . Clearance will take one month I have taken loan from Bank which is also approved Please clarify and give me answer on my email address -

Himanshu sharma   02 May 2016

Hi I am buying a house and want to know what is the benifit of putting spouse name in registry..also she doent have pan card but only aadhar card as id proof...will it be acceptable

Himanshu sharma   02 May 2016

Hi I want to know that what is the benefit of adding spouse name is registry of house....also she doesnt have pan card and only aadhar card as will thia be enough for joint registration as her id..thanks

Himanshu sharma   02 May 2016

Hi I want to know that what is the benefit of adding spouse name is registry of house....also she doesnt have pan card and only aadhar card as will thia be enough for joint registration as her id..thanks

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