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Roshan (Technician)     31 March 2014

Do they have right to ask for salary slip?

Hi everyone, I am looking for some thoughts and unbiased opinions on my situation.

Before marriage:

The girl's family wanted to see my salary slips before marriage. Do they have right to ask for it?

I did not mind showing them where I worked, and my IDs, but they were bent on salary slip, later on they said fine, we dont want to see,

Do you think they have legal right to see this before getting marriage fixed?

At marriage :

 I got married just a month ago.  The girl's family wanted to register our marriage, on the wedding day BEFORE ceremony- which I came to know only after we landed at the venue on our big day.Before the main ceremony began- we were told to sign papers, infront of few lawyers and witnesses who were invited by her parents, at the marriage hall.But since we were prepared for our marriage, that did not concern me that time.

Everyone was shocked / surprised because why before, normally it is after ceremony if I am correct?

My question is : Did her parents arrange this to avoid long queuing hassle of paper work? Or I could be naive and there could be other motives? Don't get me wrong, I am just looking for unbiased views, so please do not judge too quickly on this situation.

I am based in India, work in Bangalore, and no way settling abroad in just near future, so what was the whole point in this legal paper work? So why this rush ?

After marriage :

Now the girl's family have started talking very rudely with our family and do not take any interest in communication, my family calls them but they are not interested in being in touch with us much, after 'handling' their daughter to us.

We have recently, in just few days came to know they have no good relations even with each other. Now my family are closely bonded, we have very good family relations with everyone and have reputation in society etc. but they are just the opposite.


Am I anyway being trapped?

Many thanks for  having patience to read all this,



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Saurav (Engineer)     31 March 2014

I am NOT A LAWYER and cannot offer you legal advice. 


I am just a normal person with normal opinions.


On your questions point by point:

1. The girls family is morally and ethically wrong in asking your salary slip. Please consult a lawyer on the legality of this.


2. Don't suspect anything wrong in this. The girls family basically wanted the marriage to be registered.


3. Explain Rudeness. If Girls family uses Harsh words/Abusive language/Ignores phone calls etc then it is being Rude. But sometimes Indian families have high expectations like in-laws should attend their every event any if they do not do so then they are Rude etc. This does not come under being Rude.


On the bright side, It is good that the girls family are not interfering in your married life. Most Indian families I know are worried by the excessive interference of the girls family in the girls married life.


As of now from your statements I think that you are being unnecessarily worried or paranoid. However if you are suspicious I would suggest start RECORDING/TRACKING every conversation with your Wife and her family to keep an evidence IF the Girl or the family could trap you in future.

Roshan (Technician)     31 March 2014

Thanks Saurav for your reply. Yes, I am just a bit worried, as things didnt turn out as I had expected. We have attended tens of marriages and in none of them did this scenarios had appeared so was a bit shocking for me. Especially on the big day when I was asked to sign papers before ceremony.


I dont think I will record any conversations or so, I believe in trust and want to work it out before any paranoia strikes in me I just wanted to hear comments about this situation so I get general idea if things like this are common such as-  asking salary slips or signing papers when you have just got dressed up for your big day for ceremony.

And you are right, about rudeness, it wasnt that bad as abusive words, but just the tone of the language, ignoring calls, no calls or messages  to me or my family unless we do. We dont expect them to call or visit on every ocassion but atleast have a basic relation of hi / hello as in marriage two families unit and also considering we have just married a month ago

Thanks again,


Roshan (Technician)     02 April 2014

So any lawyers our here who can answer about the legality of asking for someone's salary slip?


Nishant (BDE)     02 April 2014

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savemen (Software Eng)     03 April 2014

Roshan - Are you not clear really.! No one advised you.  IT's very simple yaar - Who will afraid of seeing police - a thief or a saint.

Check her previous history - am 99% sure their family will have backlogs somehow.

Roshan (Technician)     03 April 2014

No one is able to reply if its legal to ask someone his salary. That's all

Saurav (Engineer)     03 April 2014

Roshan I would rather focus on trying to improve relationship with your wife rather than on why did they as you the salary slip?. You are already married you cannot have one more wife instead of your current wife......With your only wife give plenty of love, attention and respect to her.

Roshan (Technician)     03 April 2014

So once again my question remains if its legal to ask someone's salary slip, in India?

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