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Sushanta (student)     20 June 2010

Difference between Judgment and a news article

Hello All,

I am a computer science engineering graduate analysing legal judgments for my research work.  Being an outsider to the legal domain I need inputs from legal experts / students like you.

Could you please tell me what is the difference between a news article and a legal judgment ?

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




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B.S MANJUNATH (ADVOCATES)     20 June 2010

That sounds interesting. I am lawyer with 24 years of practice and continuing. Your doubt is self descripttive news articles are news articles and donot represent judicial prononcements unles exactly reproduced.

I would like to inform you judiciary is one of the pillars of democracy. I am conerned that your interest must be sustained. For that porper exposure  for better comprehension is necessary.  May be your starting may not be  correct, but you may feel free to seek assistance from me.

G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     20 June 2010

Judgments are pronounced by Judges/ Judicial/ Quasi Judicial officers in Court of Law/ Authorities and they forms part of Court records. One can prefer appeal/revision/ review of the said judgment and can also executes the Judgement by way of Accompanying Decree. It devolves around the right of the person

News article is a thing which can be given by any person and it is just an information

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     20 June 2010

Only judgements reported in the law journals are authentic and can be relied.  News Paper reports cannot be believed, they attract the readers with emotional wordings, they do not represent the courts.  News in papers regarding judgments are only to read not to rely.

 good luck

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     20 June 2010

you must know that, there is law - on numarous matters, like family, information technology, penal offence etc. these laws are made by parliament, state legislature and some other bodies.if anyone breaks the law by which one party is adversely effected, then the effected party may go to the court against the party who breaks the law. court after hearing both the parties, pronounced it's judgement according to law.

gudgement means after hearing both the parties give a decission, by the judge, who represents a court, - as per law. legal gudjement means - a judgement pronounced by a court of law.

news article is an article written by an editor or someone else on the basis of some current news. a little judgement may also there, but it is not a legal gudgement.

petitioner; & respondent; shall be minimum two or may be more in numbers, but a small group in comparison to the readers of news article.

where a legal judgement has a binding nature to both the perties, the parties  are under compulsion to obey it. news article do not have such compulsion.

for a legal judgement, there must be at least two, or more parties, ie, petitioner; & respondent; and there shall be a court consist with at least one judge or may more in number as the case may be. but in news article there is no petitioner or respondent and there is no court.

for news article though there is no petitioner & respondent, but it has numorous readers. the purpose of news article is mainly to construct the public opinion. it tergets the greatest benifit of the people, whereas legal judgement tergets the existing law. based only on law.

news article not limited by law whereas it may based on law, ethics, political idiology, religious idology, social matter, and so on.


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