Women cancer patient need justice from husband

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Wanted to share the tragic incident.and legal support. My sister age 44 and have a 8 year girl child and working on Dena bank (now its Bank of Baroda from Nov 2019) She had deducted stage 3 brain tumor cancer December 2017, later surgery, radio therapy & chemo therapy had given. After cancer got deducted husband started treating unhumanly, behavior changed, physical affair with other women, neglience, no financial support to treatment.  

So my sister got upset and started fighting for minimum care and humanity. So she fighted with husband almost everyday. Number of times Women support organisation, Police inspector, Deputy Commissioner of Police, family have tried to solve this, but again & again husband is going rude in behivor after concelling. He ready to take care of girl child, not ready to take of the wife (my sister). In Jan 2018 husband left the home by vacating the house, he has taken out all household products. He did not cared girl child and wife. So my sister started living alone on separate house till now.

Now he has approached the family court for divorce and twice family court has directed him to takecare her in all aspects and all reasons are silly. still not cared. Because of frastration and again brain tumor relapsed, had surgery on 12th August 2019 at Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Before the surgery I have called his husband and also Dr told the situation. So he said he would take care including financial support and after surgery. After surgery my sister got left leg and hand got paralyzed and she need women support for daily needs. Based on his wording i have admitted my sister, had surgery, going to get chemo therapy after 20 days. Yday again he started playing dirty game and now he is saying he will admit her in day care center or women hostel, he can't take care her, Surgery expense are born by my sister;s insurance company and past 2 days he is visiting hospital and sleeping in hospital in the night, no financially supported till now. verbally accepted his duty, but morally and practically he did not did. 

Also weekly once girl child going with father, Always girl child cry for mother. late night father drops her back to mother.  he is so careless and idiot. during the monsoon rain, he sent 8 girl child to cold water swimming pool. after that serious lung infection happend, breathing problem happend. Admitted in ICU for 7 days. He buys and eat food on foot path hotels and nonveg hotel, the same unhygenic food given to girl child also. Twice had stomach infection and given treatment. Still girl child has cough.

Dr said my sister life is less then year even after surgery and chemo therapy.  

1. Now my sister need a legal support to stay with her husband, quality of life after surgery from her husband, financial support for current and future treatment and 8 year girl child should stay with mother till the last breath. 

2. my sister wanted to change PF nominee to her daughter, Daughter should enjoy only the interest amount for living, eduction, medical expense and her expenditure. Daughter should not have any rights to withdraw the lumsum money for any circumstance except her medical emegency and marriage. 

3. Daughter should live with father with strict condition 1. hygenic location, hygenic food, hygenic care, more securely socially, physically & protected from all aspects.

4. My sister wanted a  Will / testament before she die to make sure her PF, gratuity and other benefits should go to her daughter.

Please help and guide us.




Retired employee.

1.& 3.You can only take the horse to the water tub and can not make her to drink.  You have already stated several efforts through women organisations, police and court.  One can not expect better treatment from her husband after all these.

2 & 4 .Any solicitor or advocate can help in marking such will and nomination through proper legally valid deeds.



Any good advocate in Bangalore, who can assist her.



Retired employee.

She is entitled for free legal aid through District Legal Services Authority, she may approach them through any women's' support organization.


Where is your sister employed? How long?




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