376 (2) IPC

girl made allegiation against her boyfriend that before two years ago he s*x with her and he also promise that he will marry and now the boy denied to marry. is it rape ????

i think i read somewhere that concent s*x is not rape, specially boy girlfriend boyfriend relationship

this is not rape.

it's depends

i want the latest judgment of supreme court i read the contents but name forgot

It's neither rape nor adultery nor cheating.

Not fulfillng an oral promise is not an offence.

I wonder why people, the police and the judiciary are particu;ar about the promise of exclusively the boy.


Hi bro, Yes it is rape. For further assistance plz call me at 9811455868, o250905868.

This is travesty of law and foolishness perpetuated in the name of justice. The mylords have a screwed up notion of simple English word called "consent". By no stretch of imagination this is rape, but it is rape because the girl says that I offered myself because the boy promised to marry, but since he is now refusing to marry so it is rape. The criminal law must be deterministic, it must not be conditional.

Shri R. Trivedi

Dear Sir

Your notion about rape is not acceptable in terms of The Indian Penal code.


TGK Reddi Sir, yes I know, the law has certain open and very vague definition of consent in the matters of rape. The interpretation of word consent is so twisted that refusal to marry, failed live in relationship, failed deal vis a vis consensual relationship, all are chargeable rapes depending on how the girl puts it. Ideally consent should be determined depending on the mental stage at the time of act. After enjoying a fruitful relationship for months or years, if the boy says no to marriage because of any reason whatsoever, the girl goes to police and says he raped me under the promise of marriage. This is no rape, but this is taken as rape to start with.

Though law is vague, one must abide by it.       One is not allowed to interprete it according to one's whims and fancies.     

Engagement is stronger than promise.     But one needn't abide by engagement.

It's not advisible to allow s*x on a mere promise.       Unfortunately committing s*x is deplored while allowing it is not. 

Coercive s*x by man is rape; coercive s*x by woman is valour.




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