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sc ... slp & appeal procedure


i filed HMP - my marriage was declared null & void u/s 5(i) + 11 

ground : she was already married & failed to prove her customary divorce by the way of divorce deed.

her 1st husband was also a party to this case


she filed 1st appeal - & application for additional evidence (41 - 27) ... both dismissed.


she filed 2nd appeal - & requested to remand the case ... both dismissed.

her 1st husband was also a party to this case


now she has approached the SC.

i have already filed caveat in SC




pl. suggest the ways to expediate the case.


she & her husband are adopting all the delay tactics till now


in trial court as well as 1st appellate court, my case was made time bound by HC as per sec. 21b.

as per my belief, if 21b application is filed in SC, it will give the opponants an opportunity to delay the case.


pl. suggest


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    Counsult a good Lawyer at SC

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    @ Jurycon Incorporation, 

    thanx sir, 


    till now i have received excellent solutions from LCI ... & only because of LCI, i got my cases over in stipulated time. 

    most of the times, the suggestions from LCI are such that gound level ppl. cant even digest ... 21b was one of them ... even the hon. courts stumbled when i gave 21b application.



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    Brother, u met a woman from hell. She doesn't seem to want to leave u alone. Wish u good luck. Wear bullet proof clothes when all the cases r over because she may not be satisfied with the final outcome.


    she says - play litigation / pay me !! i will fight - wont pay.

    anyways, the marriage is declared null & void. 3 courts have given concurrent findings.


    she has also filed

    1. HAMA 18

    2. DV

    3. 125

    4. 498a

    5. 1 more complaing under IPC


    let her keep playing


    i just want to finalize the nullity decree in SC ... at the earliest.


    i wonder why majority of ppl. ask me ... WHY R U IN A HURRY !! ... 


    I am lawyer practicing mainly in SC and i can tell you that if you have won it from all levels and now in SC there is no interim stay against you and you are not getting re-married any soon then SC will not see any urgency in this matter. So I suggest let the matter come in due Course.

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