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Dear esteemed forum, 

My question is on filing details and logistics of Provisional application. Kindly correct my assumptions and provide any details I'm missing. 

Have drafted a provisional application; which includes detailed descripttion and drawings. So I' filling Form-1, Form-2 and Form-3,  as individual.  I'm resident of Bangalore so my patent office must be Chennai. I'm not filing electronically (as I don't want to buy a Class III Digital Certificate just for this)

1.      So, can I post (snail mail) the application to the Chennai Patent office?  If so, Is there any mandatory requirement for posting to be a normal post/Courier/ Registered post only.

2.       I'm assuming these things to be posted. ( correct me if required) 

·        2 Copies of Form-1, Form 2,  Form 3 printed on A4 and signed as required. 

·        2 copies of specifications

·        2 copies of drawings

·        Demand draft for Rs. 1000 in the name of 'The controller of patents'  payable at Chennai

3.      For provisional applications, is it ok for the drawings to be part of descripttion section of Form-2? Or is it mandatory to explicitly separate the drawing sheets? If so, drawing sheets per the template needs to have Name of Applicant, Application No, etc.  What will this the application number be? Will it be filled by office or what I should be filing it? 

4.       If I post it, when/how will I receive acknowledgement of proper receipt of the application or any correspondence of issues. ? 

Any checklists to verify the provisional filing is very much appreciated. 

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Dear Srinivas, It is not mandatory to file the drawings along with the provisional. Provisional cannot be filed for conventional, divisional or an application filed under PCT. So Form 3 is not required for Provisional filing. All the above documents can be sent through courier and the filing receipt will be sent through Post to the address for correspondence mentioned in Form 1.

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