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Shaji Joseph (Lawyer)     01 August 2007

Deposit of title deeds

[font=""comic sans ms""]Hai pals,[/font]

[font=""comic sans ms""]I understand that today even banks have to register the document of deposit of title deeds. [/font]

[font=""comic sans ms""]I just need a copy of the format. What is the stamp duty and registration fees.[/font]


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Prakash Yedhula (Lawyer)     03 August 2007

[align=center][font=""Times New Roman""]AGREEMENT RELATING TO DEPOSIT OF TITLE DEEDS[/font][/align]
[align=center][font=""Times New Roman""] [/font][/align]
[font=""Times New Roman""]This Agreement of   Deposit of Title deeds executed at      this      day of                                  by                                         son of                                                                                      [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""]residing at                                                                                                                       [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""] [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""]hereinafter called the Mortgagor which term shall wherever the context mean and include his   heirs, executors, administrators, legal representative and assigns of the one part;[/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""] [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""] [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""]In favour of                                                            w/o                                                [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""]residing at[/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""] [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""]hereinafter called the Mortgage which term shall wherever the context admits, mean and include his heirs, executors, administrators, legal representative and assigns of the other part;[/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""] [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""]Whereas the Mortgagor applied to the Mortgagee for a loan of Rs.                  for the purpose of rice business that he is carrying on at                     . And Whereas the Morgagee is willing to advance the loan if the Mortgagor would execute a promissory note for the said amount and also deposit the title deeds of his immovable property as collateral security for the due repayment of the principal and interest thereby creating an equitable mortgage over the same;  And whereas the Mortgagor has, this day, executed a promissory note for Rs.       Carrying an interest at       % per annum in favour of the Mortgagee.[/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""] [/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""]Now this Agreement of Deposit of Title Deeds witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of Rs.        received by the Mortgagor from the Morgagee this day on the promissory note of Rs.                carrying interest at      per annum executed this day by the Mortgagor in favour of the Mortgage and as security for the payment of the said sum of Rs.      with interest due thereon, the Mortgagor has, this day, deposited with the Morgagee, the Title Deeds more fuly described in Schedule B in respect of his property more fully described in the Schedule  A hereunder as collateral security thereby intending to create an equitable mortgage over the same in favour of the Morgagee.  The Mortgagor, hereby, covenants that the said property is not subject to any mortgages, lien, charge or any other kind of encumbrance whatsoever and that he, the Mortgagor, is the absolute owner of the same and is well and truly seized of the property.  The Mortgagor further agrees to keep the Morggagee indemnified against all claims and demand whatsoever by any person lawfully or equitably claiming under him and by any other person whatsoever.[/font]

[font=""Times New Roman""] [/font]

[align=center][font=""Times New Roman""]Schedule ΓÇ£AΓÇ¥[/font][/align]
[align=center][font=""Times New Roman""]( Description of Property )[/font][/align]

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