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Defamation Of Judiciary

Page no : 2


Jasvender Singh ji,

I understand your agony but actually a PIL requires lot of research work and supporting evidence. Even a court judge watch that TV Channal he will not complaint or speak because he doesn't want keep headache with this. Daily electronic media, print media, magzines broadcast or publish obscene pictures why our judiciary is keeping calm? There is law for that. Who is taking action? No one. In your PIL also evidence is required otherwise initailly it will be rejected. Befrankly I tell you If we want file PIL first we have to file 

1.Ministry of Broadcasting 

2.TV Channal

3.Producer and Director

 This is India. ALready you experienced with police in this case. If our Government Heads discharge their duties dedicatly today we can not see this situation.

I also suggest you without any evidence with you filing PIL may not get positive results.  

After reading your posting I find no strong evidence (either recorded scene CD or tape) with you.  

Hemant Agarwal ( Mumbai : 9820174108)     06 November 2009

Jasvender Singh'ji,

1.  Make a covering letter addressed to The Registrar, Supreme Court of India, Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110 001,  and enclose the copy of the complaint with it.

2.  In the covering letter, simply request the registrar to take suo-motto action on your complaint and register it as a PIL.

3.  If your destiny favours you, then the registrar would take cognizance and register the PIL, and appoint an counsel, at the cost of the court.

4.  The rest will be done by the registrar and you need not do anything.


If you wish to file an online grievance (PIL),  you may prefer to visit the SC website and do the needful at the following link :


Further, Adv. P.Satya Prakash, has rightly given his thoughts on the affairs of such PILs.  The censor board should also be roped in on this one.  How successful, it will be, would be difficult to project.


Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal


Jasvinder Singh (Security)     07 November 2009

I can record one episode each of these programs and save them on a CD anad attach them with my complaint to the supreme court registrar.


Can some one darft the complaint for me please?

Jasvinder Singh (Security)     07 November 2009

I have already downloaded clips of bothe serials

Jasvinder Singh (Security)     09 November 2009

I also have a laoptop, an ovehead projector and a foldable screen so that the clippings can be played in the open court if necesary.

Hemant Agarwal ( Mumbai : 9820174108)     09 November 2009

Mr. J.Singh,
As suggested earlier,  you need to send a copy of your police complaint to the SC registrar's office with a covering letter pleading to take suo motto action and convert your letter into a PIL.  The rest will be done by the SC registrar's office.

There is no need for you to sent clips of the episode etc... to anybody.  The SC registrar will issue notices to respective channels, the censor board and other authorities and summon all the documents, serial scripts, clips, etc....  THAT IS IF YOU LETTER GETS CONVERTED INTO A "PIL".

The above is the most simple thing you can do, without having to spend any money or energy etc...  You need not draft out any PIL,  the counsel appointed by the SC registrar will do the needful,  if merit is found in your letter.

The SC registrar is not going to consider your recording of Clips etc..., since it can be doctored by a road-side movie editor studio, that too very easily and that cannot be taken as an evidence.

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal

Jasvinder Singh (Security)     16 November 2009

This is the complaint I sent by Regisered Post to the SC registrar




17th November 2009

The Registrar,

Supreme Court of India,

Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110 001




Dear Sir,


My NAME IS JASVINDER SINGH, SON OF Dalip Singh Obhan (Late) aged 48 years and a resident of Bangalore.


From August 2009, a television channel called SAB TV has been broadcasting a program called “YE CHANDA KANOON HAI” on every Wednesday night. This program is extremely derogative to the judiciary and judicial officers and aimed at high court judges, as is evident from the dress of the advocates, judges and the building displayed at the beginning of the program.  


This program depicts a judge who is generally clumsy in his behavior and language and is constantly trying to impress a lady advocate and trying to give rulings in her favor. The judge also visits the chambers of the lady advocate at every given opportunity and tries impressing her and giving her suggestions on how to win the case.


This is not the first instance that the TV channel called SAB TV has made fun of the law enforcement machinery of the land. This channel has been regularly telecasting a serial called FIR five days a week, in which the police officers are shown in very poor light.


The opening sequence of this serial shows lady police officers dancing to a western tune in a very obscene and suggestive manner. The central character of this serial is a lady police officer called Chandramukhi Chautala who believes that her primary duty is to seduce her male officer boss into marry her. This serial does away with all discipline associated with a police force and leas people to believe that   a police station is a circus.


You will appreciate that television is a medium which reaches of homes all over the country and the majority of our citizens live in rural areas where television is the only medium of information and entertainment. Such serials when regularly shown to poor and uneducated villagers leads to believe them that this how the judiciary and police of the country behaves and the next time a villager needs to file case in the court of law, he will try to engage a lady lawyer who is beautiful and can impress the judge with her beauty and advances. The villager will go on to believe that a police station is place where the police officers have a lot of personal work and it necessary to learn to dance and sing if justice is to be expected.


These types of serials are very disturbing and damaging to all concerned. I tried filing a police complaint at Adugodi Police station Bangalore but they laughed away my complaint saying that they were not bothered about how they were portrayed in a serial and if the judges had any problem with any serial, it was their problem and they would take Suo Moto notice of the matter and take action.


The police authorities went on to comment that they were sure that even some judicial officers would have seen this program and if they did not feel bad about it, why was I getting concerned for no rhyme or reason. I was told to stop thinking such nonsense and concentrate on my work.


I have been wondering what to do as I am a law abiding citizen of this country and can not tolerate such humiliation of the judiciary of this country. I am writing to you to request you to take Suo moto action based on this, my letter and have action initiated accordingly in the interest of the Judiciary and public of India. I have absolutely no personal interest in this matter except that I believe this country is mine as much as any one else’s and it is my duty to protect the honor of our Judiciary.


I have nothing else to add in this matter but earnestly hope that this plea of mine is heard in the highest court of the land and this country is a great country where the voice of a common man is also heard.


Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,


Jasvinder Singh

8, 2nd Cross Munikrishnappa Layout,

Koramangala Road, Adugodi,

Bangalore 560030






Attached File : 37 37 supre court letter.pdf downloaded: 59 times

Manav Sony   15 May 2020

The explaination given by you is just excellent!

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