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Jasvinder Singh (Security)     04 November 2009

Defamation Of Judiciary

Dear Friends,

There is a serial on SAB TV regarding the judiciary and it is called "Ye Chanda Kanoon Hai" This serial is extremely offensive and shows a judge having a soft corner towards a lady advocate and try to get friendly with her at every given opportunity and visitng her chamber at every opportunity.  This serial also shows how the lady advocate tries to use her charm with the judge to get favors from him.

We people living in the city can undertsand that such serials are madein good humour but the cable telivision reaches millions of homes in India and mostly remote villages where thepoor villagers dont know how the judiciary works and may get the wrong perception about the judiciary in our country.

I tried lodging a police complaint at Bangalore where I live, but the SHO refused to register my complaint saying that if judges and advocates ahd any problem, they would take action themselves. On my insistence, the SHO mad e aidary entry in the station register an d received my complaint.

I tried approaching a few advocate friends in Bangalore to file a PIL in Bangalore but they refised very shamelessly becaus this was a PIL which would not get them any financial returns.

I am still waiting for some advocate who can file a PIL in The karnataka High court immediately. I am willing to bear some expenses also. 

Advocates must understand that no one frommy family is an advocate or judge and yet I am figitng  for their honour and they also should cooperate with me. Any advocate in Bangalore interested inhelping me can contact me on my mobile number 8050790904. 

Please try to protect your honor brfore its too late. 


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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     04 November 2009

Sir,  We have been seeing many films and serials whrein they show many things that wont take place in courts during their proceedigns. And one cannot complain about the personal life of any person. If it affects the judicial actions of a judge,  then, it is bad.  But then, do you really think people have faith in judiciary anymore, especially after Justice Dinakaran's case or after resort scam near Mysore  and so many like episodes? Media nowadays is unfolding so many facets of atrocities taking place to the public which were not known by them since long.  But they too need some regulations as they try to break the solidarity of the country by telecasting items which create hatred.

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Jasvinder Singh (Security)     04 November 2009

Good or bad. this is the law enforcement machinery of our country and we must protect its dignity so that we can hope for better times. One dinakarn does not constitute the entire judiciary and weh we talk of judges, I can quote example of many judges who were exrmely committed to the cause of the comon man like Justice sldhana etc.

I am not against the media highlighting the inadequacies of the judiciary and lawyers but macking mockery of the system is not acceptable. As far as films are concerned, we se them once in a while and this serial is broadcasted every wednesday nigh and watched by millions of people every night.

From your name, I asume you are  a lady and how will you react that if some client of yours asks you to seduce the judge to get a favorable verdict or aks you if you have some connection with the judge.

This kind of nonsense is not at all acceptable and some one must stand up for it.

Manasi Save (Legal Practioner)     04 November 2009



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Hemant Agarwal ( Mumbai : 9820174108)     04 November 2009



Please read the following link where the Supreme Court themselves have remarked in the Media that the  "judiciary is rotting".


1.  It is best to be worried and be bothered about the general people, who lose their moral, their dignity and money and their chappals, by making thousands of visits to the Judiciary in hope of Justice, which is seldom imparted to the righteous person.


2.  It is not false that the Judiciary is not corrupt.  There are several instances available since independence.  Scout around on the Internet.  Every Indian & non-indian, by default knows the corrupt, shameless & apathatic functioning of all the Indian Govt. departs, the judiciary and police departments.  There is nothing to hide anything, behind the garb of  "false dignity and false pride or false honour".


3.  The Judiciary has over 3 crore cases pending in India, since more than 20 years.  This pendency is not due to advocates or petitioners,  but due to the apathy of the judiciary themselves, for obvious reasons.  Billions of public money goes down the drain, BUT the pending cases remain pending, forever.  Litigants die, BUT the judiciary remains apathically alive, thus mocking the public.


4.  There would have been no need to mock or criticise the Judiciary, IF such instances will not take place.   A spark is known to create a fire.  What's wrong in criticising the Judiciary, in the light of the fact pertaining to prelevant corruption and apathy towards the public.


5.  Nature has designed the spark to create a Fire.  To start something called "Natural Justice", for the purpose of Jungle Law.  No sentiments or emotions involved in this.  Just pure Natural Justice.  We evolved from non-corrupt  "jungle law"  to  "apathy & corrupt law".


6.  The media is largely for the public and the media is not expected to hide the corruption in judiciary,  just to safe guard a false dignity.  Dignity is created by work and not by name.  There is no point in getting emotional or sentimental about such corrupt apathy.  Dignity & Honour (whether true or false) get erased with time, but work or say "karma" remains forever.  Look at the sufferings, sweat and tears of the common man and not the dignity & honour of the judiciary.


7.  As a co-citizen, It is better to be emotional and sentimental towards the conditions of the public, for the harrassment being caused by such corrupt govt. departments.  Fight for the public and not for the judiciary, which is managed by the corrupt govt. 
Cooperate with & Use the media to create sting operations on such corruptions and keep on highlighting on Television, repeatedly and endlessly.  Maybe such things MIGHT help the public.




Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal


Jasvender Singh ji,

I appreciate your move. Go ahead do not leave media with bare hands. They think this is democratic country and they can make TV serials as they like. Please file a case against serial producer and director for defaming indian judiciary and misguiding the people. When you fight please do not step back.

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Hemant Agarwal ( Mumbai : 9820174108)     05 November 2009

First & Fore-most,  few righteous practising lawyers should volunter to help  Jasvender Singh'ji,  in filing such PIL's.

Please print the name of such lawyers over here,  BUT  "AFTER"  HELPING to file the above PIL, for Jasvender Singh'ji.

Jasvender Singh'ji,   I request you to keep undating all of us, on your endeavour to file such PIL, as and when you do it.

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal



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Jasvinder Singh (Security)     05 November 2009

Dear Friends,

Like I said before, I am ready to go ahead and have the PIL filed and ow even willing to pay for it if lawyers think that its below their dignity to fight a case for free. What the lawyers dont undertand that its this dont care attitude which will eventually sink the ship.

Every second lawyer I meet tells me how bad the judiciary and judges are but are we doing anything to change this situation? No not at all. Lawyers who think that the Indian judiciary is on its death bed should stop figiting cases since no justuce can be got for any one. But no one will do this because, justice or no justice, the pawyer will get his fees, the judiciary and justice be dammed.

This should change and this is what i am rying to do by showing that no one has the liberty to fool around with our system, no matter how it is and eventually we can and will change the state of affairs in our country.

There was a time when typewriters were imported in to India and today India is the number one software supplier round the globe. Lets not understimate our potential and  adopt a negative attitude.

India can be come a super power evenin the next five or ten yers if we Indians change our attitude about our country. This is our country lets look after it  like our own home.

I am still waiting for some interested lawyer friend to contact me and my mobile number is 8050790904.



Jasvender Ji,

Our country need like you. If no lawyer come forward in your location, Please collect all evidence either in C.D or tape, Write statements of your own send directly to the Chief Justice of India. He has power to take action. It will be treated as PIL also. If you depend upon others you can not do anything. Any legal opinions please post to the forum. We will assist you.

Jasvinder Singh (Security)     06 November 2009

Till now no one has come forward. only lip sympathy will not help.

Kamal Grover (Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005     06 November 2009

You may engage any lawyer for PIL over there and he will file this case else you have also right to file PIL in any court so no need for any advocate. You may take servises of any lawyer to draft your case and file the same your self.

Dont worry dear, if you r so much sure then go ahead.

If need any of my assistance i can rectify your draft of PIL.


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Jasvinder Singh (Security)     06 November 2009

Kamali Ji,


I have mailed you the details.

Jasvinder Singh (Security)     06 November 2009

I am sorry I am not a lawyer and hence darfting a PIL is not my expertise.

Jasvinder Singh (Security)     06 November 2009

Hi ,
This is the transcript of the police complaint I filed at Adugodi Police station today.


The Station House Officer,
Adugodi Police Station,

Sub Complaint Against SAB TV Channel and Others

Dear Sir,
Today at 0930 hrs, SAB TV channel has telecast a serial called "YE CHANDA KANOON HAI". This serial has shown the judges and advocated in very bad light and casts a question mark on their character and integrity.

This is not the first time that this channel has portrayed the law enforcement system in bad light. This channel also telecasts a serial called "FIR" which shows the police officers in very bad light and shows one lady police officer always trying to seduce a male police officer.

From the two examples quoted in this complaint, it is evident that the SAB TV channel is deliberately and habitually portraying the police and judicial officers in a derogatory manner and thus creating a loss of confidence in the law enforcement system of India.

I therefore request you to kindly register an FIR against:

1. SAB TV channel
2. Producers and directors of the serials " YE CHANDA KANOON HAI" and "FIR".
3. All the actors who have acted in the serials "YE CHANDA KANOON HAI" and  "FOR"

With Best Regards,

Jasvinder Singh
no 8, 2nd Cross Munikrishnappa Layout,
Adugodi, Bangalore 560030

I was extremely shocked by these two serials and in Chanda kanoon, The judge is accused of having an illegitimate child from his maid servant and also being extremely s*xually attracted to a lady advocate called Chanda and favouring her all time.

The serial FIR is also very offensive as its hows a lady police officer having no other work but to seduce her male officer and other police personnel as incompetent fools. Singing and dancing in the police station is also shown most of the time in this serial.

No coming to the police complaint, I elt extremely hurt and offended that the judicial and police officers of my country are being maligned by this TV channel and hence decided to file a police complaint with the  Adugodi Police Station . When I met the  SHO of Adugodi, POlice Station, Mr SS Reddy, I was in for a very rude shock as he was not at all interested in my complaint and mentioned that the police has better work to do than lodge FIRs in such cases and waste time investigating them. Thigh shocked. I tried reasoning with Mr. Reddy about the seriousness of the matter as it involved Judges and Police Officers, Mr Reddy mention that the judicial officers were capable of looking after themselves and would take suo moto notice if they felt offended with the system. As far as the police officers were concerned, the had no time to watch TV and hence not bothered about what was shown on TV with respect to police officers and people could say and show whatever they wanted to. I insisted om my complaint being registered and the outcome was that  a copy of my coplaint was acknowledged with the satmp of the police station and a diary entry might have made. I felt very insulted by the behaviour of MR Reddy and felt that I had committed some crime by trying to have an FIR registered in the matter and was actually interfering in police work.

After this happened I met you and handed over the acknowledged copy of the complaint to you. With the attitude of such responsible officers. I am not at all surprised at the general public perception of police officers, police personnel killing each other and children of police officers being involved in various crimes all over the country.

Jasvinder Singh

Jasvinder Singh (Security)     06 November 2009

Now can some one darft a PIL please?

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