Daughter-in-law severe tortures husband and his old parents

Hi All,

I am posting on behalf of my brother and I am pretty new to the legal world and does not know what to do in our family situation.

It’s a long post . Here is the family and case history :


My brother ( only son) is a very calm, sober and down to earth person and is a software professional.

His first marriage got  mutual divorced- as we got to know soon after marriage ( specifically on 4th  day) the girl was cheating in spite her parents knew the truth, they didn’t inform us . Also she didn’t want to marry but forcefully her parents did her marriage to my brother ( we have no clue at all before marriage ), So no alimony taken and it’s a plain mutual understanding divorce case which resolved in  1.5 years.


Now after that we  did  my brother’s 2nd marriage  where we informed all the truth to girls family and all agreed upon .

She is the only girl after 7 brothers  .so she came to our family and  the root of problem started. She is very adamant, selfish, don’t listen to any body , never get mingled with our family

Initially she is okay   for couple of days ( 1 moth /2 )  and then she started showing her actual nature. 

She continuously started harassing my brother  mentally ( when they lived separately in Bangalore) , giving threats that she will put him and his parents in  jail with dowry demands and DV  case.  And she did whatever she wanted  till they are in Bangalore.

My brother came from office late night and doing stuffs like cleaning house/ sometimes cooking / taking care of child etc.

Sometimes they had fights whose caused my brother to take unnecessary leaves from office and stay home and do house hold work.

Am not saying doing house hold work is a wrong thing but one person is doing every thing and other one just sits and enjoys and on top of that using abusive language  to parents and  to husband .


Now it’s been 6 years of their marriage and they have a 4.5 years of girl child .      

Now my brother shifted to  home town  as my parents are literally old and my mother falling sick more often as she is  high diabetic- insulin injected level / heart patient,   father also suffered from skin diseases and is a  old  bud.

In spite of all these sick ness , my parents almost did every house hold work starting from  cooking , cleaning , other house hold stuffs. They built a new home with all their retirement money  expecting all will be good and live happily .

But daughter in law started abusive language to parents / husband , threats to jail,  court case threats, dowry case threats, Dv case threats. , though my brother never even touched to slap her . they had fights but every time my brother surrenders as thinking some day she will change and things will move smoothly .

She now started  literally using slangs / saying  to husband as b*st*rd, saying MIL as slut who sleeps  with her son  and saying Mil & FIL  to die ..

All she wanted is our money and no one should say a single word whatever she does is fine but no one else should say a bit to her. Also she wanted not to stay with in laws so that whatever she will do , my brother does not say anything.


The child is a sweet one and loves her grandparents a lot and vice versa and does not want to live them at all. My parents too love the kid a lot , but now she left our home  taking kid without any notice  when my brother is out at office .

My brother is only  son  and  knows he has to  take care of  old & sick parents . so he does not want to live separately  but  he loves his child as well .

We are all so much in tense/ pain  and utter depression  that we almost cursing our fate why we did a second marriage. also how difficult for a child to see such things early in her life . thinking of that my parents tried to convince her ,but she is not ready to adjst .

Recently she went to Mahila Commission  and filed a case against my mother/ father and brother stating  Dowry and domestic violence. When asked for proofs of Dowry , she does not appear with any list ( which is obvious as they never gave any dowry and this is a false acquisition ) . She does not want to give Divorce  and wanted 20K / month  for  her living .( She started  working now in a school) 

She used  abusive language in front of Mahila commission  and they just told to keep her quiet and no actions taken for her abusve nature .  And now asked us to give 20 K  every month with 2 days getting kid to home .it seems good people are not meant to  live in this society where  it’s  considered as a  crime for a lonely son to stay and take care of his  elderly  parents.   We are thinking to put a court case for Old parents torture  & defamation case against her.

Question is –

  1. What  my brother should do now ? is it good idea to file a divorce case ?
  2. Can my brother get the child custody ? what are the chances to win for this ?
  3. Can we file custody for child without divorce case as they live separately now ?
  4. Is it good to file a case against her for Defamation  Case  for abusive language & Old parents exploitation / torture case  ?
  5. I persoanlly feel to  go for a private detective . any thoughts on that ?
  6. And lastly any suggestion from the expert group in this situation ., will be really appreciated . 


Thanks !


One daughter in a family of 7 brotthers..... that girl should be over pampered by her parents. She was expecting the same pamper from her husband and in-laws which she didnt get, hence she has been using the weapons of women laws. Your brother is not the only one suffering .....

The problem seems to have started after ur brother went back to parents place. Nowadays girls want independence from in-laws...anyways !

If ur planing for Divorce then be ready for a long legal battle which would last for anywhere between 6-10yrs+. Divorces are expensive. Getting Girls cusdody again is very difficult. Your bro's wife wants freedom from in-laws, failing which these issues will only multiply.

Let ur brother weigh the pros/cons and take a firm decision , then it would be advisable to take legal steps.

In case there is no hope then go for MCD and move on !!


Yes My parents also wanted and told my brother to live separately not because of her but for the child  , but the behaviour and the attitude of the girl  is unbearable for him and day by days its going crazy , So he does not wantany more to live separately with her , She treated  my bro as her slave/ dog/ not even human,   and as this is 2nd marriage so she thought whatever she will do/ say that everybody should  follow , which definitely not going to happen as she stays with my parents . earlier many times we forced my brother to  live separately when they did not shifted to our house  and he convinced and went many times to live separately  , but the result always comes negative .

adding to that Her family members supported her in this behaviour and even tempting more on this which is pathetic. Seems its our fault to do the 2nd marriage . we are kind of hope less . I am also a woman, someone's /Mother/ wife/ sister/ daughter/ DIL , but  I feel this is totally unfair to   Men in our society/ Law system. Why there is no rules/ Regulation for this type of torture to them. if some woman  cheated/ made false statement / made false allegation  , then why no evidence needed for that ?  why Law  blindly beleives what woman said ?  I am sorry but this leads me to say - one of many reason for heart attack and suicide in men. 

Even MIL is also a woman, the torture of DIL to MIL  - why can not MIL file DV  against  DIL ? 

We are sad, frustrated, hope less and in  severe mental torture. brother is totally colapsed  and not in state to continue with his work.  This torture is life threating , my mother/ father  are falling more sick these days due to this tensions @ home.. 




Please post the simple facts.


No time for such a long story, be brief if you want some help FREE of cost on this platform, otherwise, it would be better and appropriate to engage a local lawyer for proper guidance and proceeding.


1) if your brother has evidence of her cruelty then he can file divorce. 2)child is girl and below 5 years so chances of getting custody are very very less. 3)filling custody case is only wastage of time and money with zero result.4) if her case is dismissed or quash , you can file defamation. 5) you can hire if you want to prove her job. Your brother has to pay maintenance if she is jobless and he has to pay his child.6) my suggestion- start recording her threats you can use it as evidence against her. Be tension free. She can't do anything . court need evidence to prove allegations. Without evidence her case will be dismissed. Your brother can file divorce. Meanwhile try negotiation and go MCD. One day she will definitely come for MCD.



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