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court rate of intrest%

Respected sir
I filled a case/petition (original suit) in the year 2014 and I got judgement in the favour of me in the year 2018.
Again I filled Execution petition in the year 2019 for the above related case/petition and this judgement also got in the favour of me in the year 2020 Feb 28th.

Business:In the result this petition is allowed in favor of the DHr.the JDrs are
directed to execute the registered
sale deed in favour of the DHr.

Now how much can I expect the rate of intrest?

Note:The mode of the case is civil case and the case is on a house which the ex-party agreed to register the property and took money but he haven't registered the property. so I filled a petition on him. and the judgement is in the favour of me.

My concerned lawyer is not available right now. so do me the kind needy sir

Hello can anyone answer/assist me?


rate of interest for what ? It was suppoused to be decided by court,otherwise you have to pay at banking rate.


Dear querist,

You can find interest rate in judgment. If it is not there you will not get it.




It depnds on the contractual rate of interest agreed upon betwen the parties, and court usually does not alter the contractual rate of interest,  based on agreement between the parties. 


see the deree -it spells all.




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