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Adv. Subhadeep Saha (Lawyer.)     21 May 2011

Contract Act

How many amendments have so far been made in the Indian Contract Act, 1872 till date ?


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PALNITKAR V.V. (Lawyer)     21 May 2011

You are advocate. I think you can easily find out the answer.

Adv. Subhadeep Saha (Lawyer.)     22 May 2011

I think you could have answered this question sir. I know the answer & I just wanted to tally it with yours.

PALNITKAR V.V. (Lawyer)     22 May 2011

I think this forum is not to test knowledge of each others.

Adv. Subhadeep Saha (Lawyer.)     22 May 2011

this is not testing sir. this is called sharing of knowledge or exchange of knowledge.from discussion many a times we know many new things which we either didn't know or not correctly know. you leave it. you don't know the answer. otherwise you would have answered instead of posting useless replies.

PALNITKAR V.V. (Lawyer)     23 May 2011

Yes I am leaving it. I do not want to indulge in such things. Thanks.

PALNITKAR V.V. (Lawyer)     23 May 2011

I just want to add for your information that I have assisted my sister Nilima Bhadbhade in editing Mulla's Contract Act. She has acknowledged it. Let it be!

Adv. Subhadeep Saha (Lawyer.)     23 May 2011

may be you have assisted her. I congratulate you for that. very good way to use this forum for advertisement. but still I would say the time you are wasting in writing those posts could be spent on answering my query. a single post would have worked. for your information I also tell you that in this forum once a guy(a lawyer to be precise!) asked whether a confession can be treated as an 'evidence' as per sec.3 of evidence act. at that time I didn't told him that "u r an advocate...u can find this ans etc. etc". rather I searched for the ans and provided it to him within 2 days. might be he knew the ans or not. but what I lose by answering his query. i was satisfied that at least I learnt something by helping that guy.

Saibal Sen (Student)     26 May 2011

Dear Sir 

I have signed a BOND AGREEMENT with a Co in a A4 SIZE WHITE PAPPER ( NO STAMP PAPER ) to continue for 3 ys in the co the Agrrement is on two parts - 1.First Part Indicates myself as a Retainer 2. Second Part indicates as a Employee . But the agreement clearly does not spoke anything about my Employment benefits and moreover the Co used to send me to KOLKATA after every month so I decided to quit the Co but they are seeking to sue against me


My question is that by signing on a white paper ( No stamp paper ) can a Co Suceed .

  PLease help   , I m in tension

 Thanking You All


Saibal Sen



Adv. Subhadeep Saha (Lawyer.)     27 May 2011

To mr. saibal sen:-


First of all in your case you have signed an employment contract. so without perusing the terms & conditions of the contract itself nothing can be advised to you. Secondly, the agreement which you signed,is it a bond or an unilateral contract? Thirdly, does the contract contain any specific provision about the procedure if an employee wants to leave the company, what are his rights & duties? Fourthly, was there any witness when you executed the contract who has seen you signing the agreement with your free will? all these things need to be cleared first.

Success of company may not be dependent upon signing an agreement on white paper if the company otherwise able to prove that a valid contract was entered into between you and company with free consent of both the parties.

So I suggest you to seek advice of a local advocate alongwith a copy of the contract in question. 

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