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hye all,

i am in a big trouble, plz. help me.

i was in relationship with a married man since last 5 years,
now his wife knows everything, and came to my house with her family,
the man accepts that he wants to marry me in front of my family and his family, earlier his wife was telling to all that she will get divorced mutualy but now ahe does'nt want that.
he is having two childrens,
he commited me that he will never leave me and marry me, he alwaz told me that he dont want to live with his wife any more,

suddenly one day his wife tried to threaten him like she was in her brothers home for a whole day without telling any one and we all got worried that might she harmed herself , but no she planned everything.

now the man is on his wifes side and i am left behind , he ruined my whole life.

what should i do???

You can give a police complaint against the person for having had intercourse with you promising you to get married and later cheated you.


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Who cheated whom?  Who was the victim and lost mental peace and marital bliss for more than 5 years?  Who perpetrated all these knowing that such a relationship is not proper and ethical?

Have introspection and never cross the "Rekha", Maybe God has reserved much blissful life to you in the future and you have been spared as the wife belongs to a decent and respectable family and there was a realization in husband's conduct.  In some cases, where wife relatives are influential and powerful, you might have faced some other situation.

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"Rekha," I mean a boundary line for decency and conduct (Lakshman Rekha) not to intrude into others' marital lives.


IT is better to forget about that bad part of life and move ahead. Since the man is already married and he is taking side of his wife now you will spoil your time money and energy. Just think of better life within the perimeters of society and culture.



i am not pretending to be a victim, i m suffering from depression ,its been 4 mnths, he even married to me in temple ,but i dnt have any proof what i have is only a photograph, i dnt want to blackmail him or any one , but i just want to punish him for what he did to me so that he or anyone cant do this to any girl and ran away from such situation.

It is better to forget it as a bad dream ,though it is very easy for anyone to say but difficult for those who suffer. But it will spoil your presant time and life if you keep the venegeance live. Time is best healer and you need to find ways to soothen your wounds.

However if you wish you can write your compliant and submit in the police station they can suggest you some steps.

If you were not knowing he is married and he just pretend unmaried then that is cheating and would amount to penal action 


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