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prem (self)     11 July 2012

Cheated by a girl

Hi i was in love with my sister in law(father's sister 's daughter) and we are in love for six years and both of our parents agreed for marriage two years back. But due to some financial problems we postponed the marriage for some time now when we are about to start marriage proposal she is not accepting it and stating that she won't marry me, even their parents are opposing me to marry her. I had photos and friends and family withnesses that we are in love with eachother. we had a phsical contact too

Please advise how i need to proceed to get back my girl and marry me. can i approach police as all the laws are are in favour of girls. Please advise can i file a cheating case and anyohet case so that it should be a lesson for every girl who cheats a boy.

Please consider this as an big issue where every boy suffers and unable to come to public because of fear.


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HK_Jain... (498a Fighter)     11 July 2012

its a prohibited relationship. forget her move on with life.

prem (self)     11 July 2012

Hi Ashish,

I was unaware that marrying her is a crime the fact is that we see many people marry Sister in law's. However can't i find any scope of marrying her or atleast try to stop cheating other guys by fake love.

Please also give me other solutions as it would help the people who read this forum if she is not my Cousin sister and she is an outside girl. Then how can a boy get back her. Why am i asking this is i see many people who had same issues so that they can find some solution from this Forum.

prem (self)     11 July 2012

i also fing its legal as i mae a search it states as below. as my fater's sister daughter is my sister in law. Here no where it was mentioned that a person shouldn't marry his sister in law.


Consanguinity – blood relationships

A man may not marry his:

  • Grandmother
  • Mother
  • Father’s sister (aunt)
  • Mother’s sister (aunt)
  • Sister
  • Father’s Daughter (half sister)
  • Mother’s Daughter (half sister)
  • Daughter
  • Son’s Daughter (granddaughter)
  • Daughter’s Daughter (granddaughter)
  • Brother’s Daughter (niece)
  • Sister’s Daughter (niece)

Ranee....... (NA)     11 July 2012

she is your sister, not sister in law.

Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (     11 July 2012

She is your sister - first cousin - normally such marriage is prohibited. However if custom in your community (in many it does) then there is no bar on your relationship and you' wont be punished even if you do the marriage. As regards breaking of promise - you can at maximum sue them for breach of promise of marriage and not cheating. 

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prem (self)     11 July 2012

Hi Bharath,

any how i don't have any withness showing that they arrange a marriage with me previously also please tell me if i go breach of promise of marriage will it work and if i do it is there any chances that she might file any counter case on me.

because of her i faced mental tension my parents health got worsened because of mental tensions. I want Justice

padmakumarp (engineer )     12 July 2012

i don't understnad why people are telling marrying father's sister daughter is prohibited relationship, as per my knowledge it was a tradition , from the old years to marrying father's sister daughter is (sister in law)  socillay accpeted in hindu religion  , whare as mother's sister daughter is( sister ) , which is not socially accpted .

i am not very good in law terms , pls correct me if i am wrong.



Hindu Marriage act not allow this marriage.

Is this rules in your custom or caste or samaj ? Is your samaj allow this marriage ? 

If yes than disclose for better advice.


Hindu marriage act not allow this marriage.

If your custom allow this marriage than disclose for better advice.

HK_Jain... (498a Fighter)     13 July 2012


you can not marry her under hindu law and special marriage act too
due to

Degree of Prohibited Relationship

1. Mother
2. Father's widow (step-mother)
3. Mother's mother
4. Mother's father's widow (step grand-mother)
5. Mother's mother's mother
6. Mother's mother's father's widow (step-great-grandmother)
7. Mother's father's mother
8. Mother's father's father's widow (step-great-grandmother)
9. Father's mother
10. Father's father's widow (step-grandmother)
11. Father's mother's mother
12. Father's mother's father's widow (step-great-grandmother)
13. Father's father's mother
14. Father's father's father's widow (step-great-grandmother)
15. Daughter
16. Son's widow
17. Daughter's daughter
18. Daughter's son's widow
19. Son's daughter
20. Son's son's widow
21. Daughter's daughter's daughter
22. Daughter's daughter's son's widow
23. Daughter's son's daughter
24. Daughter's son's son's widow
25. Son's daughter's daughter
26. Son's daughter's son's widow
27. Son's son's daughter
28. Son's son's son's widow
29. Sister
30. Sister's daughter
31. Brother's daughter
32. Mother's sister
33.Father's sister
34. Father's brother's daughter
35. Father's sister's daughter
36. Mother's sister's-daughter
37. Mother's brother's daughter

Rajesh (SWE)     19 July 2012

Hii prem,

Which state do you belong to?In our state(Andhra pradesh) marrying father's sister's daughter is socially and culturally acceptable.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     19 July 2012

@ Sh. Ashish

What @ Rajesh says about AP customs is 100% right and same is customary in many other Southern States in
India and even in 1-2 Northern States till today also.

Further, I read in one of your above postings in this thread saying “there is no practical solution“

I say yes there is a legal solution forget practicality for a moment;

1. Both can marry after converting to Christianity as per S. 3 of Indian Christian Marriage Act and many HC's have given such couples blessings. Recent highlighted case being that of Sh. Vishal Gogne (Hindu), Metropolitan Magistrate,
Delhi's trial Court own marriage who married his maternal uncle's daughter after conversion though his father himself a rtd. Judge was against it and filed Appeal followed by Writ before D HC all to loose his own case thus his son came out winner. In one of my old posts I have annexed full text of D HC Judgment of 2011 too.

However, it is possible only when both boy and girl agree to marry.

dhirendra pateria (law officer)     20 July 2012

why are u interested in marrying with someone not interested in u??????????????????????

Yogesh Pagare (Student)     21 July 2012

As far as i know padmakumarp is absolutely correct. Father's sister daughter (means buwa's daughter) with her marriage can be arranged if both families are agreed for marriage. But as of in your story Mr. Prem i would suggest forget her and move on in life. Time doesn't stop for anyone, keep it in mind. Those people are your relatives and if your other relatives know their this behaviour with you and your family than your other relatives will treat them properly for that. Forgot about filing cheating case, on which grounds you wanna file thsi case... So i will suggest forget her, search for a good girl marry her and move in your life.

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