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kiran kumar (Employee)     16 May 2017

Case against a cheating girl on promise of marriage

Am looking for help under tough situation am going through.

I want to know if I can file a case against a girl who has been in relationship with me for 4 years now.

It happened that, I registered on a matrimonial website, and later going through her profile, and I requested to contact her via the matrimony. Further, We met in another city where she stayed and we liked each other after a meeting and we started the relationship. She was working but later on she wanted to do her education after our one year of meeting, all of a sudden she decided do to a educational course and she asked me for financial help, as her family had financial problems, as since she had promised on marriage, and that she will be my future wife, i agreed for pursuing education. Travelled to meet her to another city, purchased what she asked for, in these 4 years, it was a distance relationship. She promised on marriage with me all these years, and kept on saying i will convince my parents. Her parents and her brother did know about our relationship.

Now in middle of her educational course, all of a sudden without giving any proper reason, she said i cannot continue the relationship. Till date she kept saying my parents will agree and now she says parents did not agree for our marriage, but i never met their parents till now. She only kept saying she has spoken to her mother and father and kept pushing things saying they will agree for our relationship and we will get married and kept postponing it, but now she said i cannot continue the relationship. Now this doesn't make sense at all as i personally have not met her parents, i did meet her brother, and he said he will talk to the parents, but later on there was no reply from him. And the reason i could not meet her parents all these years is because, i wanted to meet them with my uncle and aunts to further proceed on marriage also I was awaiting for her call for the parents’ permission to meet them, all this time.

I stay single at my city in south india, but my relatives, uncle and aunts are in another town, to whom i had spoken about this relationship. I was very serious about this relationship and marriage, but now it turned out that i got cheated, betrayed and back stabbed. She used me only for the financial support and only to get education so that she can settle in her life. There was no physical intimacy with her at all, as she would only agree to get physical only after marriage, which i agreed for. We had gone out for shopping,  movies., etc., when i met her in another city, so to know more about her.

After all this even after speaking to her brother, he is supporting her in all ways, ignoring what she has done. And now both of them are not letting me meet their parents inspite of all this, as both are telling parents already know the matter and no use of talking now. She did said about paying me back all the money she took for the education and all others, but now it is 2 months since break up, she has changed her number and her brother is not responding properly. Recently i came to know that they are looking for another guy for her.

There was trust and commitment, and now she has just used me, to get only what she needed and to settle in her life. Now, i would like to know how to approach this issue via the law? Now, if law is equal for both male or female, on this basis could i please know, if I can file a cheating case against this girl and subjecting me to mental agony? Or is it that the laws are only made to protect girls?

I would really appreciate if anyone here would be kind enough to advise me on this issue/matter. And by the way, Since am a working professional, and i keep records of all my transactions to track my financial expenses, due to this records, I have all the money transcations details which was done to her via my bank account to her bank account.

There might be men who faced such situation meeting a girl from matrimony and end up being cheated, and make us leave our everyday life in misery and in a very disturbing state of mind, and later it turns out the girl goes out free, ending the men to suffer, while taking the advantage of the law, as the law is 'for' the women on these matters. I would want to stop all this so that any girl, wouldn't dare don't take advantage of men, and be honest and committed in a relationship and not play with us.



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Raveena Kataria (Advocate )     08 June 2017

Sorry to let you know, but there's no possible remedy in your situation. There are a few situations however, where, if the consent of a women for s*xual intercourse has been obtained under the misconception of marriage, she may file a rape complaint against the perpetrator. However, rape laws in India currently do not entertain the notion of man-rape.

The Madras High Court had a few years ago ruled that the situation should rather be deemed as 'cheating' under IPC instead of contemplating it under the consent clause of rape. That judgement, again, was ruled in the favor of the female party. Your case lacks precendent which poses a serious problem.

FAKHRUDDIN   14 February 2018

You should very well file criminal case on her via private complaint and book FIR against her and her Family.You said about money and you contain if so go to magistrate U/S 156(3) and book an FIR

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