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Vidya (na)     04 December 2014

Can the divorce petition extract be attached with rti appeal

Husband who filed divorce petition after deserting me is a central govt. employee.

He has bipolar disorder which he did not disclose to his employer.

I filed RTI for Service book copy which was denied, stating that the husband did not give consent.

I want to file  the first appeal with the immediate appellate which is his institute director.

For this appeal, I want to be heard before they decide it.

My question is whether I can attach the counter petition of divorce proceedings where my husband himself agrees that he is a bipolar patient.

Please advise as to how to make this first appeal effective and the legal implications of the extract of divorce petition attachment to the first appeal.

Thank you.





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AJAY SINGH (XYZ)     04 December 2014

As far as I know, your hubby can very well deny his personal details like his service sheet and it does not come under purview of RTI. You have only right to know his salary details through RTI.. Secondly what point you want to prove regarding BIPOLAR disorder.. It is a disease and can happen to anybody.. and a person with this disorder can work with proper treatment. and I do not think he must not have informed as Treatment expenses are reimbursible to him. and even he did not informed, you can not question him or anybody... Just concentrate on your cases..

Vidya (na)     04 December 2014


Let the legal experts answer this question.

Please do not offer your amateur ideas or opinions........

And definitely don't offer unnecessary advice for questions not related to you.

Thank you.




Hi Vidya:

What connection between bipolar disorder of husband, his service book copy, and divorce?  What are you up to?

If you want to save marriage, jot down points which you want to tell why you need your husband and why you want to work it out, how you want to give another chance to this marriage.  That will form the basis of your WS ie reply to your husbands WS.

If you want alimony, give his employment address to court, as he is central govt employee, he cannot escape from paying alimony to you.  If you have deserted him out of your own will and wish without any rhyme or reason, then you wont get any maintenance.


If you have some malafide intention of trying to show your husband as a villain in the eyes of his employer, it may backfire in the long run.

Be advised that your husband wont get divorce based on his own medical problem ie bipolar disorder.  Bipolar disorder can very much be treated.

But I still could not get my head around why you asked service book copy that too through RTI, what you want to prove? 

AJAY SINGH (XYZ)     06 December 2014

@Vidya... I can understand... It happens.. Well do not puke your anger on me and keep some of it to use on your hubby in court... I advised based on my experience... It is not obligatory on you to understand it...  

Vidya (na)     07 December 2014

Ajay Singh Sir,

You are like my brother. And every time women are not always wrong.......nor men in divorce cases....

Therefore it would not be fair to blindly support someone just because they are of our same gender.

Sorry sir to have written the previous reply. But in these forums, I expected some experts to answer these queries.

Thanks to every legal expert who answered my questions on this forum and this website till date.



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