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haseebuddins   13 May 2015

Axis bank personal load

Dear Sir,

I have settled my personal loan with Axis bank in 2009 and uponn mutual agreement. Now the Axis bank is calling and threatning me asking for payment as they dont see there records are updatted. I have hard copy of settlement letter and reciept. This seems to be a big fraud made by Axis bank employees where they have taken money and not updated there records. This was agreed by Axis bank representative however she is threatning to make payment which i already did. They will file a case against me if i do not do the payment. This is very wrong, i made the payment years back however its there mistake.  Kindly help on this


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bsrao   13 May 2015

Send them all proof you have with a detailed letter. Still if they insist, let them make a case and you can sue for damages for filing a false case.

haseebuddins   13 May 2015

Thanks for the Advise, i have schedule a meeting with their Manager this saturday. Will keep posted on the progress


Many thanks



no need to go behind the bank managers for this.
file a complaint with banking ombudsman and also with RBI on this incident with all the proofs - (trust me ,they work much better than what we think..) to  make them know the lethargic attitude of these private banks and harrassinng the customers for the same -
and keep records of all the harrassment being caused to you - and earn a easy money in way of damages from civil suit settlement from the bank ..take them or harrass them  to an extent so that they think twice before harrassing anyone further due to their faults in future-



haseebuddins   14 May 2015

Thanks for motivating me, i was really dipressed and been asked to pay the money which i already paid 6 years back. I got an email ID from Axis bank website for Nodal officer and sent an email with detailed explaination.


It will be great if you can help me with contact information for Ombudsman & RBI.


Many thanks

Syed MD Haseebuddin

hemanth (farmer)     22 May 2015

Hello syed, as mentioned by the knowledgeable members, please file complaint at https://www.rbi.org.in/commonman/English/Scripts/AgainstBank.aspx# or the given email id,

also attach copies of the settlement letter with the complaint, also forward a copy to the bank.

please record all conversations with these agents with time and date and complaint to the police.

,we need to stand up against such illiegal activities of the bank.and up hold the law.

Meha Harish (Proprietor)     07 August 2015

Most probably, it is not the bank that has been calling him. There are some active goons who obtain OTS cases and time barred case details from various private banks and therefater chase the borrowers for extortions. It is a very common phenomenan in every major city and town. Upon resistance they will call other family members, mostly at their work place in avery agressive and abusive langiage to put pressure. They never part with their mobile nos or give email ID's or address for correspondence when demanded. They would call from AIRtel or Tataindicom landline numbers so that they cannot be traced by search on internet. In this case it is difficult to file complaint with Ombudsman or the concerned bank directly.


Remedy is to file a police complaint and block their numbers from mobile / true caller apps.

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