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Attractive part of lci...


44 Members Online as on 29/11/2011 15:06:01

Member Name Duration Module Page Title
Shonee Kapoor 165 mins Unknown Experts : Online Daily Digest
tom.advocate 117 mins Unknown Help related to dv case - Criminal Law Experts Queries
sameer 101 mins Forum Can decree of ''nullity of marriage'' be obtained ? - Forum
Never Give up 58 mins Forum Forum : Family Law
vish 47 mins Forum Share of second wife in inherent property - Forum
Rishabh Agarwal 40 mins Articles One lokpal bill for Centre, states? - Others Articles
QuilabegeSine 38 mins Forum Law firm registration - Forum
ankur 33 mins Unknown Electricity vigilance raid - Others Experts Queries
ABHIJEET PARIKH 32 mins Profile View Shraddha Wase's Profile / Recent Activities
siri 25 mins Unknown Experts : MY QUERY
Chary Vs 21 mins News CA News Category : Legal Documents
gajraj chandel 20 mins Unknown Pil - Constitutional Law Experts Queries
amit shrimalii 19 mins Forum Re:SC - women can be respondents in Domestic Violence cases - Forum 18 mins Forum evidences by the way of affidavit - Forum
P.K.Murali 17 mins Articles Indian Laws on Plea-bargaining - Criminal Law Articles
Dilawar Singh 17 mins Forum M.krishnan Vs General Telecom District Consumer court Order - Forum
stanley 15 mins Lawyersclub Homepage Unknown
RVMHSS 15 mins User Verification Account Activation
jagdish m barambhatt 15 mins News News Popular, Most Viewd News, News Hits
Dnyaneshwar Vaidya 14 mins Share Files Share Files : No Files found for keyword : pre emption
goldsilverads 14 mins User Profile Update Profile Update : About Me
V. VASUDEVAN 13 mins Unknown Motor accident - Others Experts Queries
Debanjan Ray 13 mins Forum DTCP approval - Forum
Biplab Swain 13 mins Site Search Search Results for : Intrest on Security in Electricity
Rohit Nanda 12 mins Unknown Consumer forum - payment of claim amount - Business Law Experts Querie
Charudutta R. Mhalgi 12 mins Share Files Share Files : Download : Excel for professionals
Deepak Nair 11 mins Unknown Stamp duty on bank guarantee - Legal Documents Experts Queries
Ishani 11 mins User PM My Private Messages
Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE 8 mins Forum Share of second wife in inherent property - Forum
JAI MATADI.. 8 mins Forum Blackmailing by girlfriend - Forum
pervez 7 mins Articles How to read an agreement - Property Law Articles
Meghna 6 mins Profile View ajay sethi's Profile / Recent Activities
unique horn 6 mins Forum Supreme Court judgment on how to calculate reasonable rent - Forum
Siddharth Jain 5 mins Unknown whether by hand notice given to the accused u/s. 138 of n.i. act is tr
AMAR RANU 5 mins Articles FAQs for Acquisition of a Flat in a Co-operative Society - Property La
Ranjit 5 mins Share Files Share Files : Download : DVAT 31
DR.SANAT KUMAR DASH 5 mins Unknown Gratuity eligibility - Labour & Service Law Experts Queries
kailash 4 mins Share Files Precautions while purchaisng property.doc - Property Law Free Files Do
pershant kumar jha 4 mins Coaching LAWYERS COACHING INSTITUTE LIST  INDIA , DELHI , MUMBAI , BOMBAY 4 mins Forum (us) harvard law review (125) – “i couldn&
Zeeshan 3 mins Forum Re:Re Married life precautions sarcastic - Forum
ankit.mrcool 3 mins User Password Password Reset and Send
HIMANSHU SHEKHAR 1 mins Share Files Share Files : Download : Compare 2 Excel files VVI



I find this so interesting..!!!


 7 Replies



Just a doubt!!!

LCI is a platform where people exchange knowledge and interact with other professionals!!! Say knowledge sharing is the base!!!! 


But amazed to find that a senior member like you find what other members did online interesting!!!!

Isnt it high time people stop these and focus more on professional issues????

May be what you wanted to convey is that you find that partcular feature interesting. If that was the case, you could have specifed that in the title. 

Simple stating Attractive part of LCI and posting the online activties feature rips off the professionalism.


@Anamika. In other site(may be but i dont know) than this i never saw this feature..I know this forum is for legal knowledge exchange..

There are so many members in this forum who surf different topics and different forum..I was amazed to know that..

Anyway your another thread Drafting skill you have mentioned that you could learn from only one advocate here..Are other all worthless?

I do agree that tajobsindia is great but there are many other such personalities are there!So kindly dont write biased reply body is forced to read or reply here...So you could skip my therad like other 35 online person are skipping my thread!

Originally posted by : Zeeshan
 What you get out of this ? 

Searching for BIG BOSS  in LCI ?

1 Can see many other members who never write family forum but are active in many other important things.

2.That there are many issues are to be known beside family law/DV/shared household etc...:P


@Jaimata di




LCI is a  professional platform where persons interact to share knowledge. The range of resources vary from business to taxation, from corporate aspects to family laws, from cyber laws to income tax. It is like, you name it, we have it. This site is having experts  in each field.


In fact when you click on the forum link, it will take you to forum home where the topics are arranged in such a way that you can easily go to the topic of your interest.


With my limited knowledge of the English language, I could never find where I said that all others are worthless.


 And as far as drafting skills are concerned, I am not differing with my voice  which I raised earlier.


 But please don’t try to read in between the lines.


 I know that there are lots of gems in this platform. But whatever be the field of expertise, the way in which a matter is drafted and presented makes it more appealing and when it is so foolproof that you will appreciate it.


 It is as simple and professional as that. No question about biased reply or something like that.


 Peace out!!!!

PS: I make it clear that am not being paid by LCI and Mr Tajobs for pointing out the postive aspects. I am adding this post scriptt here lest you come up with another reply.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     29 November 2011

yes utpala..i also find this feature interesting.rather,i visit this section very often too;)


 it's perfectly alright to express this likeness of yours in OTHERS section of LCI.


don't bother about all the above people who are overreacting over you you posting this thread.just forgive them,because these court cases have made them critical and pessimistic.So they cant appreciate even the smallest of things,in which you and i will find beauty..


Kudos to LCI for including this interesting feature

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zimmerzapper (student)     29 November 2011

something fishy about this thread.


Actually this feature is important for those who wants to know about their lci friend activity,their time ,what are they doing ,how much time they spent in lci,their tests etc.

Thus,,we can get the information like what our friend like are  doing in lci ,when she/he  login in lci ,in which time person  login in lci etc.sometimes a person becomes curious to know what their friend did in lci etc,sometimes a person waiting for reply as he/she can watch  the persons activity.


you said that , In other site(may be but i dont know) than this i never saw this feature..I know this forum is for legal knowledge exchange..

In most of the forum sites like computer forum ,kindle forum, ebooks forum,mobile forum etx ,these feature is available but you dont know that feature thats why you said,"may be but i dont know"  In other site like this   you can see that you are accessing this site and this sites tells your country  location ,very interesting and this site you can make your own your map by putting your site address or blog address  ,thereafter you know your visitors there are lots of information in the sites but we only knows 2 to 5 %..Anway its beginning, good. 


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